On the February 16th, Oromocto High School held Chinese delicacy experience activity to celebrate the Chinese New Year of 2018. All kinds of Chinese cuisine with a long history and unique flavor, especially dumplings and Tangyuan, have brought them a feast of visual and taste. The students did it personally - make dumplings, performed tea art, experienced tea ceremony. In practice, we should further appreciate the charm of the spring festival culture, the food culture and the tea culture. The Chinese teacher, Li Yanmei, explained the cultural connotation of the Spring Festival and the Chinese traditional culture. The scene of the activity was filled with a strong new year's atmosphere. All kinds of food were favored by teachers and students. They had expressed that by savoring these delicious Chinese food, they deeply felt the Chinese New Year's festival atmosphere and the extensive and profound diet culture. 


      当地时间2月16日,奥罗莫科托高中(Oromocto High School)举办了中华美食体验活动庆祝2018年新年。各种历史悠久、风味独特的中华美食,特别是饺子和汤圆为他们带来了一场视觉和味觉盛宴。同学们亲自动手---包水饺、包汤圆,表演茶艺,体验茶道。在实践中进一步领略春节文化、美食文化和茶文化的魅力。汉语教师李艳梅边指导边讲解春节的文化内涵和中国传统文化故事。活动现场洋溢着浓厚的新年氛围,各种美食获得老师和同学们的青睐。他们纷纷表示,通过品尝这些让人回味无穷的中华美食,他们深刻感受了中国新年的喜庆气氛以及饮食文化的博大精深。