On Feburary 17th, the Chinese spring festival gala was held in the playhouse of Fredericton. The Park Street Elementary School, which is the first three-language school in New Brunswick,gathered teacher and students and brought us an amazing show. Vice president of AEI, Executive Director of Confucius Institute Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie, Assistant Deputy Minister of Department of Education and Early Childhood Development arrived at the gala, and celebrated the spring festival with us.

The violin teacher,also a famous violinist Katherine Moller player the song The Red River Valley,which deeply moved everyone.After the song, kids went to the stage and recited the famous paragraph in Three-Character Classics.They have done an excellent job, after reciting the classic, everyone felt deeply motivated and clapped their hands to show their love for the children.

Inheriting culture is an important task for everyone.When preparing for the show,teachers and students provided efficient support for actors.When inviting the violin teacher, she showed her willingness to join the show, and participated in the dress rehearsal with others.As for kids, they made great effort in practicing the dancing and reciting the classics.And when talking about their parents,they sent their kids to the playhouse and waited for there for many hours.These are all the reason why this show can be so successful. When Mrs. Weatherbie was interviewed, she almost cried, she said she was deeply moved by the kids and their show, that was really a big gift for her.She didn’t imagine that they can speak Chinese so fluently, and she was so proud of them.

When teaching Chinese abroad, it’s necessary to understand each other and cooperate in harmony. Only when we  treat others honestly,we can receive others’ respect. And he friendship between Chinese and Canadian will last long forever.


2月17日晚,福莱地区华人新年晚会拉开帷幕。全省首家孔子学院三语学校,师生同台,带来精彩演出。大西洋教育集团总裁,CINB执行理事Dawn Weatherbie,新布伦瑞克省教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell到达现场,与师生共度佳节。

本次节目由教师与学生同台演出,三语学校小提琴老师、也是福莱地区著名小提琴演奏家Kathrine Moller女士带来名曲《红河谷》,孩子们踏歌而上,琴音刚落,童音嘹亮,“人之初,性本善……贵以专”,发音清晰悦耳,古老的经文在遥远的加国焕发生机与活力。