For the all Chinese people, "Spring Festival" means a busy year, the desire for home; it means looking forward to the future. This means that the auspicious festival was officially in Canada in 2017.

On the Feb. 23th and 27th 2018, the Spring Festival performance entitled "Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings and Happy Dag Year" and the performance of at the Princess Elizabeth School and assembly of Harbor View High School were held in Saint John, both performances were given School principals and responsible teachers attach great importance. Also, it’s a periodic presentation of the traditional Chinese culture and Chinese martial arts course held by CINB teacher Yuqi Guan since September 2017.

The opening ceremony of the New Year's Day 2018 Spring Festival video was kicked off by the new Provincial Academy of Culture. After that, the lion dance performed by Teacher Yuqi Guan and teachers and students brought another feeling of happiness. The Demonstration gathered their eyes ; and interactives of martial arts with all the teachers and students ,promoted the Kung Fu spirit once more. In the end of events, all the teachers and students wishing each other“guo nian hao” in Mandarin, brought the whole event to the climax!

Two Successful performances gave the two teachers a better understanding of CINB. In the interaction and happiness, they experienced  a variety of Chinese culture, which made them truly love Chinese culture.