For carrying forward the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and respecting the Chinese nation and to raise awareness of social responsibility and devotion, Confucius Institute In New Brunswick combined with Jasmine Art Troupe performers went to Saint John Loch Villa, Parkland Saint John Retirement Living and Kennebec Manor Nursing homes to give a series amazing performances entitled ‘Celebrating the Chinese New Year’ on Feb. 6th, Feb. 20th, Feb. 27th 2018, for sending Chinese-style care and warmth to the local elderly.

The lion dance kicked off these events; Jasmine art troupes performed Chinese folk dances accompanied by beautiful Chinese music, twin sisters played the piano together, and the music made everyone joyful; CINB teacher Yuqi Guan had a KungFu show, which got a round of applause from the elderly; the singer sang a song which expressed the care and love for the elderly; at the end of events, everyone spoke perfectly "Guo Nian Hao" in mandarin.

The activities brought happiness to the elderly, expanded the local influence of the NB hospital and enhanced the teachers' social responsibility and the ability of cooperation with local social teams.


      为弘扬中华民族尊老敬老的传统美德,提升社会责任意识与奉献意识,加拿大新省孔院携手圣约翰茉莉花艺术团分别于2018年2月6日、2月20日、2月27日,走进圣约翰市的Saint John Loch Villa、Parkland Saint John Retirement Living、Kennebec Manor Nursing三所敬老院开展名为“庆新春”的慰问活动,为本地老人送去了中国式的关怀和温暖。