On March 7th, Ms. Teng Jing, the dean and the foreign language director of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick made a report entitled “The International Perspective of Foreign Language Teachers”at the the Public Foreign Languages Department. Dean Teng introduced the teaching situation of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick in detail and highly praised the excellent performance of Chinese volunteer teachers from Qufu Normal University. With her personal experience, Dean Teng interpreted Canadian culture and made valuable suggestions on Sino-Canadian cultural exchanges and Chinese language teaching. At the same time, Dean Teng encouraged all teachers to actively participate in Chinese teaching and cultural communication in the Confucius Institute. After the meeting, the teachers conducted further exchanges with Dean Teng on the subjects such as Chinese teaching, how to apply for the international Chinese teacher and Canadian culture.
The Chinese teachers demonstrated excellent demeanor. Chinese and Canadian culture had great exchanges . During the visit to Qufu Normal University, Teng Jing, foreign dean of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, Canada, and an excellent international Chinese volunteer and the members of the Canadian delegation to China made a speech entitled “Listen to the world and tell The Chinese story well at he International Chinese Teacher Volunteer Story Sharing Conference. They shared their story of teaching in New Brunswick with all the teachers and students. Vice President of Qufu Normal University, Xin Jie ,attended the meeting and made a welcome speech. Liang Meiling, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division hosted the sharing session. The sharing session was popular and attracted more than 500 university students in the conference hall. They had shown their warmest welcome to the Canadian delegation, listened to their speeches and interacted with the Canadian student groups.