It is the first time that Chinese program has been introduced to north area of the province, which indicates a bright future of Chinese teaching. On March 12th, Chinese volunteer teacher Bai Qian and Kung Fu teacher Guan Yuqi arrived in Bathurst. A local school posted the two Chinese teachers’ pictures on the school’s Facebook page and expressed warm welcome and great expectations for Chinese course from all the teachers as well as students. This is the first time for Bathurst to cooperate with CINB and have Chinese course. Until now, four local schools have initiated Chinese course, including Chinese language, culture and Kung Fu. The Chinese course is widely accepted and welcomed by local schools, which lays a solid foundation for developing Chinese program in north educational area.


      北部学区开疆拓土,汉语教学未来可期。3月12日,汉语教师志愿者白倩与功夫老师官玉琦一同到达北部教育学区城市Bathurst,当地一所小学在校网Facebook 发表两位教师的照片,并表达了该校师生对汉语教师们的热烈欢迎和对新课程的期待。该市首次与新省孔院开展合作项目,广受欢迎和好评,相继在4所学校开设了汉语语言、文化及功夫课程,为北部教育学区发展汉语教学合作项目打下了坚实的基础。