With different culture combining each other together, Chinese civilization got a wonderful show. On March 28th, Park Street Elementary School, also the first trilingual school of the province and the Confucius Classroom, held the 9th Multicultural Night, attracting different immigrants and social organizations to show their unique culture. Different culture from different countries gathering together, thus providing good opportunities to show extensive and profound Chinese culture and spirits. In this year, due to the specialty and novelty of itself, Chinese cultural exhibition stand still attracted a lot of people from local families.


      3月28日,新布伦瑞克省弗雷德里克顿市首个三语学校、孔子课堂Park Street 小学举办了第九届“多元文化夜”, 吸引了诸多来自不同国家的移民或社会组织来此展示各自的独特文化,丰富多彩的各国文化齐聚一堂,是新省孔院一年一度展示中国文化魅力的好机会。独特新颖的中国文化展台依然是今年的亮点,吸引着当地家庭围观驻足。