From June 25th to 26th, a five-member delegation from Hanban China led by Ms. Jing Wei, Deputy Director-General of Hanban and Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters,visited Confucius Institute in New Brunswick.

After they arrived at Moncton, they met with the directors and some volunteer teachers of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB) to learn more about the development of CINB and the work and life of the volunteers. After hearing the moving stories of the volunteers and their host families, Ms. Jing hoped that they would cherish and maintain the friendship even when they go back to China.
At 10 o'clock on the morning of the 26th, the delegation came to Riverview High School. First, accompanied by Ms. Teng Jing they enjoyed the huge painting of the Chinese dragon by three students of RHS and watched the half-year work photo exhibition of CINB.

Hanban delegation watched photo exhibition of CINB events

The student representatives from some schools in Moncton did some wonderful Chinese performances.

Ms.Jing Wei met with the excellent students of CINB

The former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s niece Michèle Suzor and her husband Roderick Morin also attended this event,and participated in the "award ceremony". Mr. Roderick won an excellent award of "Confucius Institute Cup" Writing Competition.Ms. Jing Wei expressed her admiration for their insistence on learning Chinese, and thanked them for their warm reception of Chinese volunteers over the years and support for the development of CINB.

Mr.Roderick won the excellent award of "Confucius Institute Cup" Writing Competition

Group photo

During this event, she presented awards to the winners of the Confucius Institute Cup Chinese Writing Competition in Canada and certificates of completion to the students of the Chinese class at the University of Moncton.
Finally,Ms.Jing Wei had a farewell to volunteer Chinese teacher and hoped they will continue to support the development of CI.

Farewell to volunteer Chinese teacher

After leaving RHS,the delegation attended the meeting of more than 30 educational officials from different school districts in New Brunswick (NB). Jing Wei delivered a speech, singing high praise of the achievements of CINB and expressing great gratitude for the strong support from the government, AEI, the education officials and the people in New Brunswick. She said that CINB has contributed a lot to the internationalization of NB, and that at the same time the Chinese teachers have also been rewarded with good training and fast growth as well as valuable trust and friendship here. She also pointed out that the Confucius Institute helps the children in NB learn Chinese and meanwhile the Chinese children are also learning English or French, and that as a result they will know more about and understand better the world when they grow up. On behalf of the Ministry of Education of NB, Mr. Chris Treadwell, Deputy Minister Assistant of Education, thanked Hanban for sending excellent teachers who have made great contributions to the internationalization of education in NB.

Meeting with educational officials of NB

After that, Ms. Jing Wei talked to Mr. Chris Treadwell and the superintendents of the four school districts, and further exchanged views on the development of Chinese projects.

Exchange meeting

The successful visit of the Hanban delegation has strengthened the communication and understanding between NB and Hanban, and has opened up broader prospects for the future development of CINB. It also provided impetus for the upcoming five-year plan of CINB.


      11点半督导团出席了新省教育局局长、处长等三十多位官员的会议。静炜发表了讲话,充分肯定了新省孔院的成绩,并对新省各界的大力支持表示感谢。她说孔子学院为新省国际化做出了贡献,同时孔院老师也在这里得到了锻炼和成长,收获了宝贵的信任和友谊。她还指出,孔子学院帮助新省的孩子学习汉语,中国孩子也在学习英语或法语,等他们长大后一定会更加了解这个世界。教育部副部长助理Treadwell 先生代表新省教育部感谢汉办派来了优秀师资,为新省教育国际化作出了巨大贡献。之后静炜与Treadwell及四个学区教育局长单独进行了会谈,进一步交换了汉语项目发展意见。