On November 26th, Chinese teacher, Jingli Wang with volunteer teacher, Jiayi Liang were invited to hold a Chinese Food Experience Activity for cooking club students in Eleanor W.Graham Middle School by the Community School Coordinator, Ms. Chery Warman. Chinese fry rice and dumplings gave an amazing experience to students.
Firstly, Jingli Wang introduced the culture of Chinese dumplings with an important meaning of the reunion of a whole families, and Jiayi presented the process of making dumplings. Especially in making dumplings, they learned how to make dumplings step by step, like to knead the dough, make the wrapper and seal it. These students really enjoyed the process of making dumplings and most of them tried the dumplings at the first time. After tasting it, they found that Chinese dumplings looked like a traditional local food, the Perogies, which are their favorites. A student of Grade 6, Ethen said that dumplings were so good, I liked dumplings. And I also found that they have something in common between Chinese and Canadian food. I wanted to try much more Chinese food. After activity, Ms. Chery Warman posted this news to Facebook, Community families and principal left favorable comments for it.


      11月26日下午,汉语教师王静丽,志愿者梁嘉怡受社区学校协调员Cheryl Warman 女士邀请,在Eleanor W.Graham 中学为烹饪俱乐部学生举办了一场中华美食体验活动。饺子宴、中式炒饭给学生们带来了不同的美食文化体验。王静丽向学生介绍了中国的饺子文化,嘉怡展示了饺子的准备材料和做法。就这样,学生们在汉语教师的引导下一步一步地做饺子皮、包饺子和煮饺子,最后一起品尝、享受了自己的烹饪成果。这是他们第一次尝到中国饺子,品尝后纷纷表示,像极了当地Perogies(传统馅饼),那是他们的最爱。一名六年级学生Ethen说,现在尝到了中国的饺子,很美味,我很喜欢。还发现了中加美食是有相通的,以后我想尝试更多的中国美食。”活动当晚,Cheryl Warman 女士把此次活动消息发表到了Facebook,社区家长和学校校长们纷纷点赞留言。