From January 5th to 7th 2019 the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB) held the fifth seminar on Chinese teaching in Fredericton. All the teachers of CINB attended the meeting. Chris Treadwell, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education of NB, Dawn Weatherbie, Vice President of Atlantic International Education (AEI) and CINB Executive Director, Jennifer Graham, AEI's Director of Policy and Public Relations, Dean Mutch, Deputy Director of ASD-North, Joanne Williams, International Program Officer of ASD-W, and Lilian Ketch, secretary of the AEI office, attended the meeting. Lynn MacDonald, Superintendent of ASD-South joined the meeting by phone. Prof. Yang Jian, a prestigious artist of Jinghu, and Pei Yan, a first-class actor of Yue Opera, were also invited to the meeting.

The meeting from the 5th to 6th was hosted by Teng Jing, Director and Superintendent of CINB. Each Chinese teacher made a 30-minute report on the theme “Me in Cross-Cultural Communication”. They shared the setbacks and growth in their work and life using vivid pictures and lively stories. They also made in-depth exchanges on the three teaching topics, “teaching Chinese effectively”, “making the most of the teacher’s strengths” and “choosing the teaching materials for different grades”. Li Yanmei set the chess promotion as a typical example in the Chinese lessons, and also summed up her experience to help promote chess teaching in NB. Liang Jiayi shared her stories happened in her homestay family. Teng Jing used her own cross-cultural experiences to explain the meaning of “the loss is a blessing”. She pointed out, “Everyone in the Confucius Institute is a window for the local people to understand China. All CINB teachers should be the most convincing representatives of the contemporary China. You need to treat issues from a higher perspective and deal with them in a more inclusive and intelligent way. It is your duty and glory. You are involved in the world of internationalization. As we all know no culture refuses open heartfelt communication. So by the principal of ‘the loss is a blessing and heart-to-heart communication', we are not only cultivating the future of the NB province, but also learning and growing here. We should strive to become an outstanding person with an international vision.” These speeches brought everyone’s tearful resonance.
On the morning of January 6th, professor Yang Jian compared the unique singing, recital, acting and fighting of Peking Opera with the world music, dancing, acrobatics and even makeup. Ms. Pei Yan trained all Chinese teachers with physique exercise through a "Cheongsam Show". Liang Jiayi popularized the knowledge of martial arts and taught the "martial arts exercises" which were easy to learn and promote.

On the 7th, the representatives of CINB teachers from different school districts reported their work and experience to the provincial school districts and AEI. Volunteer teacher Chen Zhisheng played the traditional Canadian folk song Red River Valley with Erhu, and all the people sang the song in both Chinese and English to express the beautiful and lasting friendship between China and Canada, which pushed the atmosphere of the meeting to a climax. Liang Jiayi performed martial arts, which not only showed the daily teaching process, but also conveyed the unique characteristics of martial arts compared with other fighting sports. After the meeting, Yang Jian played traditional Chinese music Galloping Steed on Jinghu having all the audience on their feet. Pei Yan performed Huangmei, Beijing, Yue three kinds of operas with splendid appearance. The two professors were appointed as art advisers to guide future cultural activities in CINB. Dawn Weatherbie issued the letter of appointment for them on the spot.

Chinese teacher, Li Nannan has been working for CINB for 4 years.
Joanne Williams affirmed the work of the Confucius Institute teachers and pointed out that they were well received and praised by local teachers and students. Dean Mutch pointed out that the 17 schools he was responsible for needed more Chinese teachers and sent a sincere invitation. In her speech, Dawn Weatherbie expressed her gratitude to all Confucius Institute teachers who brought internationalization to the cause of education in New Brunswick. She pointed out that their contribution had set a good example for the students, and New Brunswick had learned more about the world because of their efforts. Jennifer Graham announced on the scene that the Chinese curriculum made by CINB had been approved by PCEAC, which means that Chinese will become an official elective course for all schools and be included in New Brunswick’s education system, Chinese teaching is embarking a new journey. Chris Treadwell, Assistant of the Deputy Minister of Education, made a special visit after finishing another conference. He congratulated on the adoption of the Chinese curriculum and thanked all CINB members for their contributions to New Brunswick.

 Teng Jing showed the participants the certificate of “Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award” issued to John McLaughlin, Deputy Minister of Education. “I would like to thank all the members of CINB for their hard work and thanks to the support of Hanban, the New Brunswick Provincial Department of Education, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Qufu Normal University. The achievements of the 11 years of hard work are the cornerstone of the coming days. Each of the 6245 Chinese learners is the seed of the future of China-Canada friendship.”
During the three-day seminar on Chinese teaching, everyone shared their learning in good faith, and they were rewarded and moved. In the report on the 7th, Liu Xiaowei was grateful for the help and growth she received in the big family. She was awarded the title of “Canadian Excellent Chinese Teacher Volunteer” on behalf of the Confucius Institute. As the first Chinese teacher of the Confucius Institute who was transferred from a volunteer to a qualified teacher, Li Nannan’s last report before leaving was difficult to conceal the emotions and shed a tear because of the coming departure. Her footprint has been to almost all the cities in New Brunswick for the past three and a half years. She is a teacher, an editor, and a big sister in the CINB family. In such a positive and inspiring group, everyone will hold the seeds of the Chinese teaching flower, take a better self, organize the luggage and start the journey again.


      2019年1月5日-7日,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院在省会弗莱市(Fredericton)举行了第五届汉语教学工作研讨会。孔院全体教师出席会议,新省教育部副部长助理克里斯·特雷德韦尔(Chris Treadwell),大西洋国际教育集团(AEI)副总裁、CINB执行理事道恩·韦瑟比(Dawn Weatherbie),AEI政策和公共关系主管珍妮弗·格雷厄姆(Jennifer Graham),北部学区教育局副局长德安·穆奇(Dean Mutch),西部学区教育局国际项目官员乔安妮·威廉姆斯(Joanne Williams),AEI办公室秘书莉莲.凯奇(Lilian Ketch)列席会议,南部学区林·麦克唐纳(Lynn MacDonald)电话参会。京胡表演艺术家杨健教授和国家越剧一级演员裴燕老师也应邀参加了会议。
      7日,不同学区的新省孔院教师代表向省教育部及AEI官员汇报工作情况,志愿者教师陈志圣用二胡演奏加拿大传统民歌《红河谷》,全体人员中英文合唱,表达了中加友谊地久天长的美好寄寓,将会议气氛推向了高潮。梁嘉怡现场进行武术表演,既展示了日常的教学过程,又传达了武术与其他搏击运动相比的独特之处。会后,杨健一曲《骏马奔腾》震撼全场,裴燕黄梅、京、越三种戏曲精彩亮相。二人被聘为新省孔院首批艺术顾问,今后的教学及文化传播活动有了更为专业的指导,道恩.韦瑟比(Dawn Weatherbie)现场为其颁发聘书。
      西部学区乔安妮·威廉姆斯(Joanne Williams)肯定了孔院教师的工作成绩,指出他们得到了当地师生们的一致好评与赞赏。北部学区德安·穆奇(Dean Mutch)提出自己所负责的17个学校需要更多的汉语教师,现场发出了真诚的邀请。道恩.韦瑟比(Dawn Weatherbie)在发言中对所有为新省教育事业带来国际化的孔院教师表示感谢。她指出一线教师的付出为学生们树立了良好的榜样,新省也因教师们的努力而更多的了解了世界。珍妮弗·格雷厄姆(Jennifer Graham) 现场宣布孔院汉语教学大纲已获得新省教育大纲委员会通过,全体孔院教师为之欢呼,这意味着汉语将成为各学校开设的正式选修课,全面进入新省国民教育序列,汉语教学正在开启全新的征程。教育部副部长助理克里斯·特      雷德韦尔(Chris Treadwell)结束其他会议后专程赶来与大家见面,祝贺汉语教学大纲通过并感谢CINB全体成员为新省做出的贡献,与大家合影留念。
      滕菁向与会人员展示新省教育部副部长约翰·麦克劳克林(John McLaughlin)所获“孔子学院先进个人”证书。感谢CINB全体成员的辛勤付出,感谢汉办、新省教育厅、山东省厅与曲阜师范大学的大力支持,十一载耕耘所得成就是来日之基石,6245名汉语学习者每一位都是播向中加友谊未来的种子。