On February 2nd, 2019, the Chinese New Year Gala, sponsored by Confucius Institute, begins in Playhouse, the largest theatre in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. More than 700 seats are totally occupied. Ms. Julie Payette, governor of Canada, Mr. Mike O'Brien, mayor of Fredericton, Mr. Chris Treadwell, Assistant of the vice Minister of Education of New Brunswick, Ms. Dawn Weatherbie, vice president of Atlantic Education International and executive director of CINB, Ms. Teng Jing, foreign director of CINB and chief teaching supervisor, arrive at the scene to celebrate the festival with teachers and students.

The theme of the evening party is "A Wide River". Under the guidance of Chen Junfeng, a Chinese teacher, three girls from the Chinese class of Leo Hayes High School and students from the dance club of the trilingual school complete the circular fan dance and recite the ancient Chinese poem "Jianjia".

Sara Benson, a music teacher in the trilingual school, and Chen Zhisheng, a volunteer Chinese teacher, played the Chinese classic music "Fishing Junks at Sunset" with flute and Erhu respectively. The sounds of Erhu and flute are melodious, the melody resounds through the performance hall, the artistic conception is picturesque, the audience seems to be indulged in it. The combination of Chinese and the Western factors produces a brilliant melody spark. At the end of the music, the applause keeps going, the audience seems lost in the scene.

In the initial stage of the preparation, the trilingual school strongly supports it. Two music teachers joined the performance happily and spent time rehearsing with the performance team. The children practiced actively. Every Thursday and Friday, children could always be seen rehearsing their dances in the dance club. As soon as the senior high school students got the poem "Jianjia", they read it repeatedly with the teacher. Therefore, they were able to recite it in the Playhouse stage and won burst of applause from the audience. Meanwhile, on that evening, Li Nannan, a Chinese teacher, and Sun Xiaojiao, a volunteer Chinese teacher, rushed from St. John and Moncton respectively to help organize students. All the people work together to provide a strong guarantee for the performance.
Before the evening party, Teng Jing, the director, Chris Treadwell, the assistant of the vice Minister of education and Li Yanmei, the Chinese teacher of CI, were invited to attend the thank-you dinner of the Chinese Association. Teng Jing had a cordial conversation with Mr. Mike O'Brien, mayor of Fredericton. The mayor said that he thanked the CI for its contributions to the education of NB over the years, bringing a new cultural experience to the children of the provincial capital and promoting the cultivation of their international perspective and for providing high-quality teachers. And his memory of Ambassador Lu Shaye's visit to NB in June last year was still fresh.

After the party, Ms. Julie Payette, governor of Canada, comes to thank us and congratulate us on the success of the performance. Mr. Chris Treadwell, the assistant of vice Minister of Education, says, “As the first Confucius classroom in the province, Park Street School has played a very good leading role. The Ministry of Education will continue to support and encourage more schools to carry out Chinese teaching and cultural promotion.” Ms. Dawn, executive director of CINB, says emotionally, “The children's performances are so wonderful, their Chinese is getting better and better. I’m proud of them.” Behind this are the endless efforts and selfless dedication of the acting staff and the trilingual school. The program of CI not only fits the theme of the New Year Gala, but also involves students from different grades and local teachers. It shows the elegant demeanor of CI teachers and students. The parents cooperate with the rehearsal work, they shuttle student for the rehearsal performances on time, and actively buy tickets to watch the performance. They also express their gratitude to CI for not only providing students with the opportunity to demonstrate themselves, but also increasing their enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese. At this moment, Chinese culture flourishes in Canada after spanning thousands of mountains and rivers. Through the Confucius Institute, the children have learned more about Chinese culture, obtained more international perspectives, which deepens the local people's love of Chinese culture.


      当地时间2019年2月2日,在加拿大新布伦瑞克省弗莱德里克顿市最大的剧院Playhouse中,2019年孔子学院赞助的华人春节联欢晚会拉开帷幕,700多个座位座无虚席。加拿大总督Julie Payette女士,弗莱德里克顿市市长Mike O`Brien先生、新布伦瑞克省教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell先生、大西洋教育集团副总裁、CINB执行理事Dawn Weatherbie女士、孔院外方院长兼教学总督导滕菁女士到达现场,与师生共度佳节。
      晚会主题为“一条大河”。三语学校舞蹈俱乐部的学生们和Leo Hayes High School的汉语班的三位女生在汉语教师陈俊锋的指导下共同完成了表演团扇舞加朗诵《蒹葭》,小朋友的舞蹈活泼可爱,高中学生吐字清晰发音准确。表演赢得了在场观众的阵阵掌声。
      三语学校音乐老师Sara Benson和汉语志愿者教师陈志圣分别用长笛和二胡共同演奏中国经典名曲《渔舟唱晚》。琴声悠扬,旋律响彻演奏大厅,意境如画,在场观众仿佛置身其中,中西结合,碰撞出精彩的旋律火花,曲终之时,掌声不断,意犹未尽。
      晚会前,滕菁院长同教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell先生和孔院汉语教师李艳梅一同受邀参加了华人协会的答谢晚宴。滕菁院长并同福莱市市长Mike O`Brien先生进行了亲切交谈,市长表示:感谢孔院多年来对新省教育做出的贡献,为首府的孩子们带来了全新的文化体验,促进了孩子们的国际化视野培养。感谢孔子学院提供高素质的教师。并对去年六月卢沙野大使到访新省,中加亲切会晤记忆犹新。
      晚会后,加拿大总督Julie Payette女士来到我们中间表示感谢,并祝贺演出取得成功。教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell先生说:“Park Street School作为全省第一个孔子课堂起到了很好的带头示范作用,教育部将继续支持和鼓励更多的学校来开展汉语教学和文化推广。” CINB执行理事Dawn女士动情地说道:“孩子们的表演如此精彩,孩子们的汉语越来越好,为孩子们感到骄傲与自豪。”在这背后,是演职人员与三语学校无尽地努力和无私的奉献。孔院节目既切合春晚的主题又有不同年级的学生和当地老师的加入,展示了孔子学院师生的风采,学生家长都配合孔院老师的排练工作,按时接送学生排练演出,并积极购票观看演出。学生家长也纷纷表示,感谢孔院不仅仅给学生提供的展示机会,并增加了孩子学习汉语的热情和兴趣。这一刻,中华文化跨越了千山万水,在加拿大蓬勃生长。孩子们通过孔子学院了解了更多的中国文化,也获得了更多的国际化视角,这也加深了当地民众对中国文化的喜爱。