In time of the Spring Festival, the whole world joins in the jubilation. On Feb. 4th and 6th, 2019, Summerhill Street Elementary School and Hubbard Avenue Elementary School hold the Spring Festival Cultural Exhibitions respectively. The Chinese teacher celebrates the Chinese New Year with Canadian teachers and students with excitement. The celebrations have received strong support and assistance from local school district and school authorities. Dancers and martial art performers from the Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick present splendid classical dance Caiwei of Han and Tang Dynasties, Tibetan dance Tianyu and Wushu Bajiquan to Canadian teachers and students.

The Spring Festival Cultural Exhibitions include six booths. According to the dates of Chinese New Year celebrations, the exhibitions introduce the customs of celebrating the New Year, such as paper-cuts for window decoration, writing lucky characters, pasting couplets, making dumplings, viewing lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, taking red envelopes, etc. Meanwhile, opportunities are provided for students to fully experience Chinese culture. Everyone lingers on the following events as to jubilant New Year’s blessing music, wonderful dance performance, beautiful traditional musical instrument performance, delicious traditional Chinese food, as well as the festive cultural activities of the Spring Festival. People enjoy themselves so much that they nearly forget to leave.

Bev Loker-French, the principal, thanks Li Yanmei, the Chinese teacher, by sending her a thank-you letter, flowers and gifts. She says, “It is meaningful to hold the New Year celebration in our school. Let’s feel the splendor of Chinese traditional culture and enjoy the pleasure, satisfaction and happiness of celebrating the Chinese New Year together.” Teachers and students at Hubbard Avenue Elementary School participate in the event for the first time. They are so excited to learn to write the Chinese character “福” on red paper with brushes. “This is the first time I’ve tried to write brush strokes and I feel awesome,” Olivia said. “I especially like the touch of the brush. It’s slippery and soft.” Li Yanmei says, “Nowadays Chinese culture is really reaching out to the world. Even if people are overseas, it is not difficult for them to have a “Chinese flavor” during the Spring Festival.”


      新春佳节,普天同庆。当地时间2月4日、2月6日,新布伦瑞克孔子学院夏山街小学(Summerhill Street Elementary School)和哈伯德小学(Hubbard Avenue Elementary School)分别举办全校春节文化活动展,汉语教师跟加拿大师生一起热热闹闹过大年,共同庆祝中国新年。新年庆祝活动得到了当地教育局和学校领导的大力支持和帮助,省府华人协会的舞蹈演员和武术演员为加拿大师生献上了精彩的汉唐古典舞《采薇》、藏舞《天浴》和武术《八极拳》。
      校长贝文·洛克尔(Bev Loker-French)对汉语教师李艳梅表达了感谢,赠送了感谢信、鲜花和礼物,她说在全校举办新年庆祝活动很有意义,让我们一起感受中国传统文化的精彩,一起享受庆祝中国新年的那种快乐、满足和幸福。哈伯德小学(Hubbard Avenue Elementary School)的师生第一次参加过大年活动,他们非常兴奋,学着用毛笔在红纸上写下了一个个“福”字。奥莉维亚说,这是我第一次尝试写毛笔字,感觉非常好。我特别喜欢毛笔的触感,有点油滑、特别柔软。汉语教师李艳梅说,如今中国文化是真的走向世界了,即使人在海外,过年过出“中国味儿”也一点都不难!