On the February 22 and 23, Confucius Institute successfully held a Chinese cultural experience activity in Evergreen Park School. More than 400 teachers and students from 21 classes participated in the event. The headmaster gave strong support to this activity. Some homeroom teachers also took part in the event dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and said “honored to wear Chinese costume in this activity”.

In the process of learning to write Chinese characters, the children imitated and wrote an artistic font by combining Chinese and English in order to avoid the confusion caused by learning to write Chinese characters. This made the children feel as if they were drawing while experiencing the structure of the Chinese character. In the paper-cut area, the children cut the maple leaves and stuck them to the maple tree drawn on the wall. Looking at the colorful maple tree they had “cultivated” with their own hands, the children felt that they had a good harvest.

In the area where Chinese names were being written, all the children had a panda name card. After being instructed by volunteers at the scene, they wrote their names on the colored “scales” and then affixed these “scales” to the dragon. The most exciting thing for the children was not only that they all had Chinese names, but also that through the joint efforts of all, a vivid dragon sprang up on the wall.

In the three other areas each child was eager to try. They learnt to use chopsticks and to grasp stones in traditional Chinese games, and took pictures in traditional Chinese costumes.

The success of the event owed much to the support of many parents. Mr. Li and another parent volunteer came to the school early to prepare for the event together with the CI teachers. They said: “The children are so cute that it’s worth the hard work. We’ll come and help again with such activities.” At the same time, they said it was a particularly pleasing thing for new immigrants and other local children to have the opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture thanks to the CI program.

The two-day event was praised by all the teachers and students of Evergreen. The principal highly appreciated it: “Ms. Li, Good job!” Students have gained a lot through this event. I was most gratified that some children who need EA teachers to accompany all the time could also devote themselves to the activities, and harvest happiness and growth. Listening to the teachers’ sincere “Thank you”, I think all the hard work was worth it. Growing up with the teachers and students here is the driving force for my constant exploration.

Evergreen Park School举办中国文化日

      2月22至23日,孔子学院在Evergreen Park School 成功举办中国文化体验活动,全校21个班级总计400余名师生参加,校长对本次活动更是给予了大力支持。学校一些homeroom教师也身着中国传统服饰参加了活动,并表示:“I am honored to wear Chinese costume in this activity” 。
      两天的活动,受到了evergreen全体师生的一致好评,一向做事严谨的校长对此大加赞赏:“Ms. Li, Good job!”通过此次活动,不同的孩子都有了不同的收获,让我最感到欣慰的是,有一些需要EA教师时刻陪伴的孩子们也能尽情的投入到活动中,并且收获了快乐和成长。听着老师们一声又一声诚挚的“Thank you.”觉得一切的辛苦都很值得。未来的路还很长,与这里的师生共同成长是我不断探索的动力。