I. “Folk songs are sung like spring rivers flow;Golden pigs bring their blessings and ring out the old year”
On February 2nd, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala was held in Playhouse. Ms. Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, Mr. Mike O’Brien, Mayor of Fredericton, Mr. Chris Treadwell, Assistant of the Deputy Minister of Education of New Brunswick, Ms. Dawn Weatherbie, Vice President of Atlantic Education International and Executive Director of CINB, Ms. Teng Jing, Superintendent of CINB, arrived at the scene to celebrate the festival with teachers and students.

Under the guidance of Chen Junfeng, a Chinese teacher, three girls from the Chinese class of Leo Hayes High School and students from the dance club of the trilingual school completed the circular fan dance and recited the ancient Chinese poem “Jianjia”. Children's dance was lively and lovely, high school students articulated clearly and accurately. They won unanimous praise from the audience. Sara Benson, a music teacher in the trilingual school, and Chen Zhisheng, a volunteer Chinese teacher, played the Chinese classic music “Song Of Homebound Fishman” with flute and Erhu respectively. The conception of the combination of Chinese and the Western factors was picturesque. The applause from the audience kept going.

Before the evening party, Teng Jing, Chris Treadwell and Li Yanmei, a Chinese teacher of CI, were invited to attend the thank-you dinner of the Chinese Association. Mr. Mike O’Brien thanked CI for its contributions to the education of NB over the years and the cultivation of the children’s international perspective.

II. “Chinese and Westerners get together to welcome the Chinese New Year; Canadian kids perform Wushu to celebrate the Year of Pig”
On February 2nd, CINB sponsored and participated in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Moncton. Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health of the Federal Government, Ernie Steeves, Minister of Finance of NB Government, principals of program participating schools and parents of the students, together with the local Chinese, celebrated the Chinese New Year. Gregg Ingersoll, Superintendent of East School District, also attended the Gala and made a speech.
The gala included two parts: first a carnival and then a party. The exhibition booth of CINB displayed tea art, papercut, Chinese chess and so on. The special photo wall area reviewed and displayed the achievements of teaching and activities of Confucius Institute in 2018.

During the performance, 20 students from Rexton Elementary School and Eleanor W. Graham Middle School in North School District and Riverview East School and Riverview High School in East School District, under the guide of Liang Jiayi and Wang Jingli, presented a wonderful program Huo Yuanjia. The program took Jay Chou’s homonymous repertoire as the background music and martial arts performance as the main line and combined popular hip-hop dance, cheerleading and Peking Opera singing, which creatively showed the charm of martial arts, the tolerance and intercommunication of Canadian multiculturalism. The excellent performances of the students conquered the audience and pushed the atmosphere of the Gala to a climax.

III. “Exquisite handicraft, rich implication; sports and garden party for the New Year”
On the 4th, Wang Jingli, the Chinese teacher and Liang Jiayi, a volunteer martial arts teacher of CINB, held a Spring Festival garden party at Rexton Elementary School.
As an art teacher, Wang Jingli led more than 260 students to produce paintings and handicraft works with New Year's theme, such as “New Year's greetings”, “fish pattern every year” meaning surplus every year, “Spring Festival cotton jacket”, “A?timely?snow?promises?a?good?harvest”, “Everything goes smoothly” and so on. These works were classified and exhibited in Campus gymnasium.

Liang Jiayi, the marshal art teacher, led the whole school students to participate in seven activities, including handkerchief rotating, sandbag throwing, long sleeve dance, table tennis playing and so on. During the 30-minute experience, each class “moved” with the Chinese New Year.

Virginia Richard, the vice principal, came to the event and watched the video of the students' performance at the Moncton Spring Festival Gala. She was very excited and thanked the two teachers. “It’s really interesting that the students like Chinese cultural activities so much. I hope they can carry out more in the future,” said the PE teacher of Rexton Elementary School, a volunteer for the event.

VI. “Dragon and lion dance together to celebrate the Spring Festival”
On the 5th, the Trilingual School where the Confucius Classroom lies held the school assembly with the Spring Festival Gala programs, which started with the Chinese dragon dance. Mr. Rein Meesters, the principal of the Trilingual school, danced the lion following the dragon dance and won applause from all teachers and students.

The school meeting was brilliant. In addition to dragon dance and lion dance, there were also dance “JianJia”, poetry recitation “Spring Dawn”, Taiji fan performance, Chinese Kungfu performance, instrumental ensemble of piano, flute and Erhu “Song Of Homebound Fishman”, song “Insect Flying”, guessing riddles pasted on lanterns, poster display of Chinese New Year paintings, 12 zodiac New Year greetings, trilingual chorus “Happy New Year” and other wonderful programs.

(Triplet sisters won the Second Prize in last year's Chinese Poetry Recitation Competition in Canada. Mr. Rein Meesters, the principal, awarded them the certificate and prize.)
V. “Summerhill and Hubbard celebrated Chinese New Year with some Chinese-Canadian performers”
On Feb. 2nd and 6th, 2019, Summerhill Street Elementary School and Hubbard Avenue Elementary School held the Spring Festival Cultural Exhibitions around the whole schools respectively. Li Yanmei, the Chinese teacher, organized activities with Chinese characteristics, such as brush writing and Chinese dances. Dancers and martial art performers from the Chinese Association in Fredericton were also invited to present the following programs such as splendid classical dance Caiwei of Han and Tang Dynasties, Tibetan dance Tianyu and Wushu Bajiquan to Canadian teachers and students.

Bev Loker-French, the principal, thanked Li Yanmei by sending her the flowers and gifts. Student Olivia said. “This is the first time I’ve tried to write brush strokes, I especially like the touch of the brush and the character “福” meaning “blessing” which symbolizes good wishes. I like the unique feeling brought by different cultures.”

VI. “The performance of Spring Festival Gala is highly praised”
Saint John’s Spring Festival Gala was highly praised by the President of Chinese Association and received a warm response. CBC’s official website reported on the event.

VII. “Lantern Riddles and Character “Fu” appear together; Dumplings Play Leading Role in Celebrating the New Year”
On February 11th, Chinese teacher Liu Xiaowei and volunteer teacher Xu Mengke held a Chinese New Year celebration event at Riverview East School. Hundreds of “福” (Chinese character meaning good luck) hang in the cafeteria, Golden Pig welcomed everyone. Calligraphy Zone, Dumpling Zone and Game Zone were arranged in sequence. Nearly 700 students from 34 classes in eight grades of the school experienced a Chinese New Year in a lively way.

This celebration set different projects for different grades. Students of higher grades wrote Character “福” in Calligraphy Zone; students of lower grades painted pandas; in Game Zone, the higher grades guessed riddles, and the lower grades did chopstick games. In Dumpling Zone, they all made dumplings with their own hands and tasted their works in front of the steaming pot.

In Calligraphy Zone, after listening to the basic knowledge of pen and ink, the students followed the teacher to draw cute pandas. The character “福” written by the senior grades were good as well. When they finished writing the characters, they compared with the ones hung over their heads. Each time a student completed a project, he would put a seal on his ticket. After finishing the three activities, they’d vote for their favorite activities.

The event received strong support from the school. The principal, teachers and parents fully affirmed the significance of this activity, which broadened students’ horizons and offered a chance for students to experience rich and colorful culture. Students of eighth grade served as small assistants in front of each booth. Parents were invited to volunteer actively on the spot. After the event, they also praised the wonderful Chinese experience and hoped that there would be more opportunities to experience Chinese culture in the future.

VIII. “Exchange and Consultation, Study and Exploration”
From 15th to 16th, Chinese teacher Chen Junfeng and volunteer Sun Xiaohao participated in the “Alberta Chinese Teachers Seminar 2019” held in Edmonton.

On the afternoon of the 15th, accompanied by a teacher from Edmonton Confucius Institute, Chen Junfeng visited the local bilingual primary school and benefited a lot. During the discussion, Chen Junfeng introduced “Needs and Development of Chinese Learning for Learners of Different Backgrounds” by combining her teaching practice. Sun Xiaohao put forward several effective ways and measures by describing “Creating Effective Classroom Teaching and Communication Environment for Chinese in Cross-cultural Communication”.

IX. “Young children experience Chinese culture and keep the seeds of friendship in mind”
From 21st to 22nd, Chinese teacher Li Shanshan held a two-day Chinese cultural experience at Evergreen Park School. All volunteers and teachers in Moncton participated in it. This activity was centered on the Sino-Canadian cultural blending and the friendly relationship between teachers and students between the two countries. Six zones of the activity were combined dynamically and statically. More than 400 teachers and students in the school felt the charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture together.

(The homeroom teacher was dressed in traditional Chinese costumes to participate in the event and said: “I am honored to wear Chinese costume in this activity.”)

In the process of learning and writing Chinese characters, an artistic font combining the Chinese character “love” with the English expression “I love you” replaced the traditional writing of Chinese characters “春” (spring) and “福” (blessing). In the paper-cut zone, the children cut maple leaves, then stuck them to the maple tree on the wall. They also pasted their Chinese names to the dragons on the wall implying that people could “Cheng Long”, which meant that they could become powerful dragons after they united.

(Iranian-Canadian Sinologist said in Chinese she was glad to have the opportunity to let the children continue to learn Chinese.)
The success of the event could not be separated from the support of the parents. In addition to assisting Chinese teachers to work, they also affirmed and cherished the opportunities of learning Chinese brought by CI for New Brunswick. Teachers and students in Evergreen Park School unanimously praised this event, even the principal said “Ms. Li, Good job!”
X. “Chinese tradition displayed in various ways; Wushu enjoyed high popularity”
On February 27th, volunteer Sun Xiaojiao was invited to participate in the multi-cultural festival of Queen Elisabeth School. She designed and arranged the China exhibition together with the grade-one teacher Ms. Sweezey and the students. Teachers and students drew national flags, made lanterns and cut Chinese dragons together to decorate the classroom with Chinese characteristics.

The most popular one was the writing area. Many students chose to write "中国" (China), “加拿大” (Canada), “朋友” (friends), “爱” (love) and so on to express their love for Chinese character culture. The children pasted “Chinese character wall” with carefully written Chinese characters.

In the afternoon, martial art teacher Liang Jiayi from brought a wonderful performance to the teachers and students of grade 3-8 and taught them some basic martial arts movements. The students were very excited and regarded Jiayi as “star”. The martial art performances that they only saw in the movies now really appeared in front of them, so they all stared and clapped their hands in amazement. They saluted the martial art teacher with their newly learned fist gesture and expressed their heartfelt thanks. Ms. Weir, the principal, recorded the whole martial arts performance and praised the richness and variety of Chinese culture.

XI. “New semester, new school and new journey in the new year”
In the new school year, CINB gains two additional teaching spots. Ms. Weir, Principal of Queen Elisabeth School, was once Vice Principal of Edith Cavell School, where Chinese courses had been offered. She was familiar with the project. When she arrived at QE, she asked the school district for Chinese teachers to set up Chinese language programs. Teachers of in the school were also expecting for cooperation with Chinese teachers.
Li Nannan, a Chinese teacher of St. John, offered Chinese language and culture courses in Beaconsfield Middle School, which was warmly welcomed by teachers and students. During the staff appreciation week, the students made and posted posters for the Chinese teacher. The words “loving” and “intelligent” on the posters were the students’ comments on Li Nannan one week after the beginning of the class.

In addition to public schools, the two teachers Li Nannan and Liu Shujie were invited to Touchstone Academy, a private primary school in St. John, to discuss offering Chinese language courses. Angela Campbell, the principal, said, “The introduction of the Chinese language program of Confucius Institute is in line with the school’s idea of supporting students to grow up in a multi-cultural context.”

XII. “Visiting China and Harvesting Friendship”
From March 2nd to 12th, a group of nine students from the evening Chinese class of Moncton University visited Beijing and Qufu accompanied by Dai Zunfeng. In addition to attractions and historic sites, students also visited Hanban, Canadian International School and Funnybean Technology Company to experience Chinese culture and learn about the vigorous development of Canadian-style education in China and Chinese learning with advanced technical support.

Later, they went to Qufu Normal University for an exchange visit. Vice-president Xin Jie held a welcome dinner for the delegation. At the dinner, president Xin expressed the hope that the students would take this opportunity to learn more about China’s local conditions and customs, experience the profound Chinese culture, tell the true Chinese stories to their relatives and friends after returning to Canada. He also hoped that they would become the goodwill ambassadors of Sino-Canadian civil friendship.

During the four-day trip, the delegation experienced such colorful activities as a series of courses including Chinese language, calligraphy, Tai Chi and folk music, as well as on-site teaching in the “Three Kongs” scenic spot, visits to China Teachers’ Museum and Gourd Museum, appreciation of seal carving art and experience of traditional Chinese medicine culture. Through approaches of teaching through lively activities and interactive experience, the members of the group experienced the charm of Chinese and traditional Chinese culture. In addition, they also entered the classes of the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Foreign Languages and Calligraphy, and acted as "a member of Qufu Normal University", which deepened the understanding and mutual trust between the young people of China and Canada.

(Vice President Hu Qingxue told the delegation about the gourd culture in Chinese folk culture)
At the farewell banquet, the students expressed their gratitude, reluctance to leave and hope to come to China again. Ai Lei, a member of the delegation, said that China’s traditional culture and long history deeply attracted him. He was deeply impressed by Qufu Normal University’s profound cultural heritage. He hoped that he would come to Qufu Normal University for exchange and study in the near future. After returning home, members of the delegation wrote long letters of thanks. Food, Tai Chi, gourd and traditional Chinese medicine are not only experiences, but also broaden their horizon. The deep feeling established in a short period makes the flower of Chinese language flourish under the watering of friendship between the students of the two countries.

XIII. “Teng Jing lectures in China during March break”
From March 3rd to 8th, Teng Jing was invited to College of Language and Literature of Qufu Normal University to offer credit course for postgraduates majoring in international Chinese education. With the theme of “cross-cultural communication”, relying on the multilingual and cross-cultural communication research of CINB, she vividly brought the knowledge of cross-cultural communication to life from the perspectives of psychology, ethics, linguistics and so on in order to search for the ways of cultural identity and communication in the multicultural era so as to improve the skills of cross-cultural communication. In this way, she also brought the postgraduates into a close contact with Canadian culture.
In this series of high-end classes, Teng Jing also brought a special deck of playing cards. Fifty-four instant and precious shots were set as the background, and 54 words were used to explain them, which silently recorded trials and hardships of CINB in more than ten years.

On March 11th, Teng Jing was invited to visit North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power. From 10 a.m. to 12 a.m., Teng Jing held cordial meetings with Han Fule, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department, and Dang Lanling, president of College of Foreign Languages, on Longzihu Campus.

Han Fule presented to Teng Jing the development policies and achievements of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department. He expressed great expectation for further cooperation in the selection of volunteers for Chinese teachers, promoting the construction of overseas Chinese practice base, promoting visits of Chinese professional teachers and cooperating with Canadian side in summer camp project. Dang Lanling introduced the development and achievements of the major in Chinese as a foreign language.
Teng Jing gave a comprehensive introduction to CINB and expressed her willingness to support the development strategy of "Open to Live the University". She hoped to take this opportunity to enhance the Canadian people’s understanding of Chinese language and culture and develop friendly relations between China and Canada.
From 2:00p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Teng Jing held a lecture in the University. Teachers and students majoring in Chinese as a foreign language attended it.

At 4:30 p.m. on the 11th, Teng Jing was invited to attend the “Baijia Forum” of Henan University of Chinese Medicine to give a lecture on Internationalization of Students from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication. Nearly 200 faculty representatives, postgraduates, English majors and students majoring in Chinese as a foreign language came to listen.
In the lecture, Teng Jing introduced the development process of CINB, the work situation of Chinese teacher volunteers and the needs of foreign countries for the teachers and students on the spot. At the same time, she used a large number of vivid teaching cases to teach the key skills in cross-cultural communication and the cultivation path of internationalized vision, which provided a useful reference for the university in professional settings, personnel training and students’ career planning.

After the lecture, Teng Jing had a cordial interaction with the teachers and students present. She encouraged students to develop excellent language skills and commit themselves to promoting the development of Chinese teaching at home and abroad and the spread of Chinese medicine culture as soon as possible.
XIV. “Moving stories in beautiful songs, gorgeous beauty in elegant dances”
On the morning of March 14th, the Chinese art show at Riverview High School, where Liu Xiaowei teaches as a Chinese teacher, was held successfully. The art show, which was completed by high school teachers, students and CI teachers, set off an upsurge of Chinese style.
There were a lot of special arrangements from the cast members to the interlinks. The hosts were a combination of Canadian students and international students, which meant the inclusiveness of multiculturalism. The dragon dance started this show, and the “Green Snake” followed with a dynamic and static combination to show the Oriental beauty. Li Ke, a 12th grade student, sang “If Love Is Heaven’s Will” in Chinese, clearly pronouncing a rich voice, which gave the song a unique feeling.

The Hanfu T-stage show “Dream” was unveiled and completed by volunteer teacher Xu Mengke’s high school club and drama club members.
In addition to the Chinese style, another feature of this event was highly interactive. Liang Jiayi performed martial arts and taught them on the scene after the performance.
Liu Xiaowei and the high school teacher sang “You and me”. The lyrics “You and me, mind upon mind, meeting in Riverview” expressed the sincere exchange of the teachers and students of CI and the precious friendship between the two sides. As the stadium lights dimmed, all the audience stood up and waved their mobile phones to the music, just like a long-cherished wish under the stars. But this was not the ending. Chen Zhisheng’s “See you again” with the drummer attracted the audience to sing along, and made a curtain call in joy and affection.

After the party, the Chinese teachers received more than 400 feedbacks. The students said that the party deepened their understanding of Chinese culture, stimulated their interest and helped their study and life. They would consider selecting Chinese courses. In the message column, they looked forward to participating as actors next time.
XV. “Sister schools have deep friendship; videos connect Chinese and Canadian students”
On the 20th, the Experimental School Affiliated with Qufu Normal University and Park Street Primary School, the trilingual school where the Confucius Classroom lies interacted and exchanged through short videos. Chen Junfeng, a teacher of CINB, played a video of English classroom teaching and practical activities in kindergarten sent by the Experimental School Affiliated to Qufu Normal University in the class of Park Street Primary School so that Canadian students could understand their long-curious sister school and the classroom features in China. After watching the videos, the students exclaimed in surprise the good discipline in Chinese classrooms, the fluency of students’ English, the positive answers to questions, the cleverness and loveliness of kindergarten students and so on. Then the whole class recorded greetings in Chinese for the sister school. Each student introduced himself/herself in Chinese and sent an invitation to the sister school saying “Welcome to Canada”

XVI. “Cultural activities in different schools”
Nashwaaksis Middle School in Fredericton carried out a painting competition about “Monkey King in Your Mind”.

Hubbard Elementary School held paper-cut cultural activity.

Beijing Opera masks at Oromocto High School

EWG (Eleanor W. Graham Middle School) students made exhibition boards showing Chinese culture in their mind.


2日,2019弗莱华人春节联欢晚会在Playhouse拉开帷幕。加拿大总督Julie Payette女士,弗莱市市长Mike O`Brien先生、新省教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell先生、AEI副总裁、CINB执行理事Dawn Weatherbie女士、孔院教学总督导滕菁女士到达现场,与师生共度佳节。
三语学校舞蹈俱乐部的学生们和Leo Hayes High School汉语班的三位女生,在孔院教师陈俊锋的指导下表演了团扇舞和诗朗诵《蒹葭》。小朋友的舞蹈活泼可爱,高中学生吐字清晰发音准确,赢得了一致好评。三语学校音乐老师Sara Benson和汉语教师志愿者陈志圣分别用长笛和二胡合作演奏了中国经典名曲《渔舟唱晚》。中西结合,意境如画,观众掌声不断。
晚会前,滕菁院长同教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell先生和孔院教师李艳梅一同受邀参加了华人协会的答谢晚宴。弗莱市市长Mike O`Brien先生表示:感谢孔院多年来为培养孩子们的国际化视野和促进新省教育发展所做的贡献。

2、“中西同聚别样辞旧迎新 武术洋娃齐贺猪年大吉”
2日,新省孔院参加了蒙克顿市华人春节晚会。加拿大联邦卫生部长Hon.Ginette Petitpas Taylor、新省财政厅长Hon.Ernie Steeves、孔院节目参演学校校长及学生家长同当地华人一道观看演出,同庆中国新年。东部学区教育局局长 Gregg Ingersoll也出席晚会并发言。
在文艺表演中,来自北部学区雷斯顿小学(Rexton Elementary School)、伊利格莱姆中学(Eleanor W. Graham Middle School)和东部学区东河景学校(Riverview East School)、河景高中(Riverview High School)的20名学生在孔院教师梁嘉怡和王静丽的带领下,为大家献上了精彩的节目《霍元甲》。节目采用周杰伦的曲目为背景音乐,以武术表演为主线,融合了流行街舞、啦啦操和京剧唱腔等内容,展现武术的魅力及加拿大多元文化的包容与互通。学生们的精彩表演征服了全场观众,将晚会气氛推向高潮。

4日,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院汉语教师王静丽,武术教师志愿者梁嘉怡在雷斯特小学(Rexton Elementary School)举办了一场春节艺体游园会。
副校长Virginia Richard来到活动现场,观看了学生们参加蒙克顿春晚的表演视频后,非常激动,向两位老师表达了感谢。作为此次活动志愿者的雷斯特小学体育老师说:“学生们这么喜欢中国文化活动,真的太有意思了,希望以后能够多多开展。”

5日,孔子课堂三语学校举办了春节联欢校会,以中国舞龙为开场,三语学校校长Rein Meesters先生的舞狮随后,大鼓激昂,龙狮同舞,赢得了全校师生的阵阵掌声。

4日与6日,新省孔院夏山街小学(Summerhill Street Elementary School)和哈伯德小学(Hubbard Avenue Elementary School)分别举办全校春节文化活动展,汉语教师李艳梅组织了写毛笔字、跳中国舞等颇具中国特色的活动,并邀请弗莱华人协会的舞蹈演员和武术演员为两校师生献上了精彩的汉唐古典舞《采薇》、藏舞《天浴》和武术《八极拳》。
校长贝文·洛克尔(Bev Loker-French)对李艳梅表达了感谢,并赠送鲜花和礼物。学生奥莉维亚说,“这是我第一次尝试写毛笔字,特别喜欢毛笔的触感和象征美好祝福的“福”字。我喜欢不同文化带来的独特感受。”


11日,汉语教师刘晓唯与志愿者教师许梦可在东河景学校(Riverview east school)举办了新春游园体验活动,礼堂内百福齐挂,金猪迎宾,书法区、饺子区、游戏区三个展台依次而列,全校八个年级34个班级近700人在一天时间内热热闹闹的体验了一把中国新年。


21日至22日,汉语教师李珊珊在常青公园小学(Evergreen Park School)举办了为期两天的中国文化体验活动,蒙克顿地区全体志愿者和教师参加。本次活动以中加文化交融和中加师生友好关系为核心,六个区域动静相宜。学校四百余名师生一同感受中国优秀传统文化的魅力。
在学写中国字环节,中国汉字“爱”和英文“I love you”结合起来的艺术字体替代了传统的春字和福字,而剪纸区,孩子们剪好枫叶后贴到墙上的枫树上,又将各自的中文名字贴到墙上的纸龙身上,寓意着众志成城就能“成龙”。
本次活动的成功举办离不开家长们的鼎力支持,除“早出晚归”协助汉语教师一起工作外,还对孔院为新省所带来的汉语学习机会表示肯定与珍惜。更是得到了Evergreen全体师生的一致好评,就连做事一向严谨的校长也不惜赞叹:“Ms.Li, Good job!”

27日志愿者孙小皎受邀参加伊丽莎白女王学校(Queen Elisabeth School)的多元文化节,与一年级的老师Ms. Sweezey和学生一起,设计布置中国展示部分,孔院团队也到场积极协助活动。老师和学生们一起画国旗、做灯笼、剪中国龙,将教室布置的独具中国特色。

新学年CINB增设两处教学点, Queen Elisabeth School学校校长Weir女士曾是开设过中文课的Edith Cavell学校的副校长,熟知孔院项目,到QE后,强烈要求教育局派中文老师来开设中文项目,学校各科目老师也纷纷要求合作。
圣约翰汉语教师李楠楠在Beaconsfield Middle School 开设中国语言与文化课程,受到广大师生们的热烈欢迎。在学校的staff appreciation week里学生们专门为汉语老师制作张贴了海报,海报上的“loving””intelligent ”两个词是开课一周后学生们对汉语老师李楠楠的评价。
除公立学校外,李楠楠、刘淑杰两位教师应邀到圣约翰私立小学塔奇斯顿学院(Touchstone Academy)探讨开设中文课程相关事宜,校长安吉拉·坎贝尔(Angela Campbell)认为:“引进孔院中文项目正是契合了学校支持学生们在多元文化背景下成长的理念”。




14日上午,汉语教师刘晓唯所在的河景高中(Riverview High School)中国艺术汇演顺利结束,这场全部由高中师生及孔院教师完成的艺术汇演掀起了一场中国风的热潮。
除中国风外,互动性极高是本场晚会的另一特点。梁嘉怡除表演外现场进行了武术教学,刘晓唯与高中教师对唱《我和你》,歌词“我和你,心连心,相约在河景”道出了孔院师生真诚交流的心声与双方珍贵的友谊。随着场馆灯光褪暗,全体观众纷纷起立随音乐挥舞手机闪光,如同在星空下的一曲夙愿。但这并不是结束,陈志圣一曲二胡与鼓手搭配的《See you again》引发全场合唱,在欢乐与感动中谢幕演出。


弗莱Nashwaaksis middle school 进行了“你心目中的孙悟空”绘画比赛。

剪纸文化活动在Hubbard Elementary School哈伯德小学举办。


EWG (Eleanor W. Graham Middle School)中学生制作文化展板展示他们眼中的中国文化