On December 19, Harbour View high school held a Christmas charity sale. 

Paper-cut works of Miss Jiang Jie , the Chinese teacher  of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick ,took part in this Christmas sale. These paper-cut works were mounted in the book marks , Christmas cards and picture frames in Chinese style. This special Chinese style loved by the masses of teachers and students,  and has sold more than ten works. 

Paper-cut works are divided into snow flake  lotus  and zodiac series. 

These works  not only reflect the Christmas atmosphere but also show the traditional culture such as the Chinese traditional zodiac culture. To participate in the activities shows the highlights of the traditional Chinese paper-cut, promotes  the traditional Chinese cultural treasure ,Deepens  the foreign students ’cognition to traditional Chinese culture .



汉语教师剪纸作品参加 圣约翰市Harbour View高中圣诞义卖

    12月19日,Harbour View高中举行圣诞节义卖活动。

    汉语教师蒋洁的剪纸作品被在校的中国交流生罗琦垚和熊慧洁做成中国传统风格的书签 贺卡和 镜框装饰品,参加学校的圣诞接义卖。这样特殊的中国风受到广大师生的喜爱,共卖出十余幅作品。

    剪纸作品分为 雪花系列 荷花系列和 生肖系列。这些剪纸作品即配合了圣诞节的气氛又展示了中国传统的十二生肖等传统文化,参加此次活动尤其展示了中国传统剪纸的精彩之处,宣传了中国传统文化瑰宝,加深了外国学生对中国传统文化的认知。