Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese transitional festival. Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB) participated in a series of celebrations in three major cities around New Brunswick, which attracted more than 2000 people to join in and created a festival atmosphere all over the province.

On  Feb 6,2016(Saturday), Ms. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, Premier Minister of New Brunswick, and Mr L’hon, Stephen Horsman, Deputy Premier Minister attended the Chinese New Year Gala in Fredericton and addressed the audience respectively. 20 local students and teachers from four schools which open Chinese and Chinese course and host Chinese teachers of CINB  brought audience a refreshing Chinese song The Rhymes Enlightenment. . All the solo and chorus and reciting were in standard Mandarin Chinese, which wowed the audience.

On Sunday, Feb 7th, Ms Ginette Taylor, mayor of Moncton attended the New Year gala and delivered a speech, and 16 principals and officials from the local school district attended this event. CINB students performed a play adapted from the ancient Chinese story from Soushenji, which won a warm applaud from audience for its creativeness and exoticness. Professor. Roger Lord, local pianist and also a student from CINB, joined the lucky draw section with Ms Teng Jing, saying that he had been to China for 25 times and appreciating CINB for arranging his next trip to China in May, which would be his 26th trip to China.

On Saturday, Feb 13th, Chinese New Year Gala was held in Saint John, and Ms. Jiang Jie from CINB was the MC. Master Fei Fazhou led high school students to perform authentic Chinese martial arts which is one of the highlights during the whole event. Students even got the chance to receive their certificates for participating in the Chinese program on the stage, which would be a significant New Year gift for each of them. 

CINB had joined three major Chinese New Year celebrations in New Brunswick and the students who performed on the stage are delegates for all the 3000 students in CINB. We firmly believed that they will carry on and deliver what they have learnt and experienced in and out of classroom to many more locals in the years to come. These series of celebrations not only enhanced CINB’s reputation and broadcast Chinese traditional cultures,but also  improved cultural communication between China and Canada. 

 新省迎来金猴年 孔院齐聚贺新春


    2月6日,在省会福莱,新布伦瑞克省总督Jocelyne Roy Vienneau女士和副省长L’hon, Stephen Horsman先生应邀出席了春节联欢晚会并分别致辞。孔子学院的师生们也献上了一首充分体现中华民族的诗词风韵歌曲——《声律启蒙》,20名学生来自4所开设汉语及中国文化课程的学校。学生中18名都是当地加拿大人,节目中有独唱、合唱和朗诵环节,从头至尾,都是用熟练的汉语来演绎完成的。博得了在场观众的喝彩与掌声。

    2月7日,在蒙克顿举办的春节庆祝晚会上,议员Ginette Taylor应邀出席并致辞,16位当地教育局官员和校长们也积极参与,共同体验中国春节文化,并欣赏了由孔子学院师生们改编自中国经典神话《搜神记》中的话剧片段。这些金发碧眼的洋学生们身着中国特色民族服饰,吟唱着中国传统韵律之声,为我们诠释了他们眼中别具一格的中国传奇。著名钢琴家Roger Lord教授应孔子学院滕菁院长邀请为大家抽取幸运奖项——国家汉办的年历。他表示出访中国已经25次了, 感谢孔子学院为他安排的5月中国行,这将是他人生的第26次。


    孔子学院的老朋友,副省长L’hon, Stephen Horsman及市长议员们也出席了当晚的活动并对此高度赞赏,同时表示愿意成为孔子学院大家庭中的一员,这是对孔院工作最大的肯定及支持。