On Friday, April 8th, 2016, CINB held a teaching conference in Moncton High School. At the beginning of the conference, Ms. Teng Jing conveyed the acknowledgement of CINBS efforts in introducing Chinese culture in New Brunswick from Mr. Xiong Sheng, Counselor of the Chinese embassy in Canada. Mr. Xiong Sheng encouraged CINB to keep cultivating more Chinese language and culture learners in the Canadian educational system, and to emphasize on the credit course at high school level so as to assure the consistency of teaching Mandarin Chinese. Ms. Teng Jing also made a detailed reflection on the March Break Trip to China of the 12 CINB students. We believe that China trip is going to be an iconic project for CINB and more students will be attracted by it. Ms Teng Jing introduced the seminar with students from Qufu Normal University on tips for being a qualified Chinese teacher in the Confucius Institute, citing Ms Jiang Jie relationship with her students and that of other teachers as a role model. 

 We agreed on collecting and filing all the teaching material, including PowerPoint Slide, photos and videotapes of teaching and cultural events and such, to keep track of our work and to ensure sufficient work handover for new teachers. 

Moreover, we discussed on hosting the delegates from Qufu Normal University on April 18th, attending the Chinese Teaching Conference in America on April 28th- ---30th, and the preparation for the coming cultural events. 

 During the two days, CINB teachers exchanges ideas on teaching Chinese and adapting to local culture. We are all motivated to bring our teaching to the next level and are looking forward to another meeting like this.