Written by Fei Fazhou

Moving to Saint John from Miramichi prior to Christmas in 2015, I began to teach in three schools— Saint John High School, St. Malachy's Memorial High School and Harbor View high school. I led a group of students to perform at local Chinese Spring Festival gala. After a few rehearsals, the students actively cooperated in the show. 

After the Spring Festival Gala, Lynn from Anglophone South District introduced me to Rothesay Park School, Harry Miller middle School and Quispamsis Middle School. I started teaching in these three new schools.

These three schools had different ways of arranging classes. Core teaching content was the same in three schools, including introduction of Chinese martial arts, martial arts fitness method, basic defensive awareness, basics Chinese martial arts hand types, fundamental steps, hand types boxing, five steps boxing, kung fu fan, Tai Chi, and the incorporation of martial arts into self-cultivation.

Rothesay Park School is small school with a staff of 200. The gym can only hold one class. Therefore, after consulting with the Physical Education teachers, we decided to split the class. During the first half of a period the students would do the regular activities with their P.E. teacher and the second half learn Chinese martial arts with me. Every class had four or five learning opportunities. 

Harry Miller Middle School has around 400 students. One or two classes used the gym each period. The P.E. teacher is very friendly to me. Each period he gave me half the class. Accompanied by another teacher, I taught these students in the school library. Every time they would help me move the tables aside so as to get ready for the class. If there was only one class in the gym, I would be able to take the entire class.

Quispamsis Middle School is larger and there are more than 500 students. The gym can hold two classes at the same time. The teacher who was in charge of physical education made me a very detailed curriculum schedule. Each period I had a group of students in the cafeteria. Without any other teacher accompanying and monitoring, disciplining the students was a big challenge for me. Fortunately, most of the students were very respectful and active. Thus we had quite a satisfying outcome in a short time.

By the end of the experiencing course, I organized a martial arts presentation for the teachers and students in each school. Mrs. Teng Jing, foreign director of CINB also joined these events. 

On the afternoon of May 26, 2016, Rothesay Park school all teachers and students gathered in the playground to practice martial arts under the blue sky and white clouds, breathing the fresh air. Everyone was in the mood. It was a very successful presentation. When the students learnt that I would leave at the end of the course, they bided me farewell with affection.

on May 30th, 2016,I organized activities in the gym in Harry Miller middle school. At the beginning of the event, the principle addressed the staff in recognition of my efforts in introducing martial arts to the students, and presented me a gift. Lynn also attended the event and highly praised on my work. Then, I took the students to review the main content of the course, and led the students to practice together. After practicing, I performed Chen style Taijiquan . The P.E. teacher invited a few students to demonstrate the five step boxing with me. The students showed excellence in their moves. I was very grateful for their support and corporation.  

On the afternoon of June 1st, 2016, more than 500 people gathered in the gym in Quispamsis Middle School. The principle made an opening speech. I took the students to review the main content of their study, performed the Teens Boxing routines, Five steps Fan, Chen Style Taijiquan, explained the basic requirements of the using a sword, and demonstrated basic moves of a sword. All the teachers and students were excited! Finally, I invited all the Grade six students to practice the Chinese martial arts basic moves. I was deeply touched by the warm applause and cheers from students.

Inside schools, the students that participated in martial arts experiencing course summed up to about 1500 during my stay in St. John. The seeds of Chinese martial arts have been planted in New Brunswick schools! Outside schools, I also had the chance to perform for the elders in Saint. John's homes with the Jasmine Flower art troupe. I was invited to the karate Hall to communicate with local martial arts practitioners. Moreover, I performed at the Asian Heritage Month opening ceremony. Wish that Chinese martial arts could take root in New Brunswick and blossom everywhere. My work here has been successfully completed and I believe that it will be the most glorious page in my memoir.


      2015年圣诞节前夕,我从Miramichi来到了Saint John(圣约翰),开始在圣约翰的Saint John High School, St. Malachy’s Memorial High School, Harbour View High School三个高中上课,准备当地的华人春晚表演。经过多次辛苦的排练,学生们积极配合,春晚表演非常成功!

      春晚过后,经过当地教育局负责人Lynn引荐,到Rothesay Park School、Harry Miller Middle School 和 Quispamsis Middle School 三个学校上课。


Rothesay Park School 学校相对较小,师生一共二百多人。体育馆只能容纳一个班上课,所以经过和体育教师协商,上课时由体育老师上前半节课,后半节课上中国武术。每个班都有四五次的体验机会。学生们都积极参与,对中国武术有极大的兴趣。

      Harry Miller Middle School 学校师生四百人左右,体育馆内有时两个班一起上,有时一个班。体育老师对我很友好,每次上课给我半班的学生,由一个老师陪着到图书馆上课,搬桌子腾地方,下课时再复位。如果体育馆只有一个班上课时,我可以带领整个班在体育馆上课。

      Quispamsis Middle School 这个学校相对较大,师生五百多人,体育馆可以容纳两个老师同时上课。负责体育的老师给我制定了详细的课程表。每次上课给我一个小组到cafeteria上课,学校对我很信任,没有其他老师陪着,纪律上对我也是个挑战,还好每次课学生都很积极,课堂效果很好。


      2016年5月26日下午,Rothesay Park School全体师生走到操场上,在蓝天白云之下,呼吸着新鲜的空气,一起练习中国武术,大家兴致高涨,作为一次汇报演出非常成功。当学生们听说我要结束课程离开这里时,都依依不舍,令我感动。

      2016年5月30日, Harry Miller Middle School在体育馆内组织活动,由校长主持,首先对我的工作表示肯定和感谢,并赠送了礼品,圣约翰教育局负责人Lynn出席并对我的工作表示高度赞扬。接着我领着学生回顾了一下所学的主要内容,然后领着学生们一起练习。练习过后,我又展示了陈式太极拳,让活动又一次进入高潮。表演后,本校体育老师邀请了几个同学一起展示了所学的五步拳,非常的熟练,这是对我辛勤劳动的回报。在此感谢所有支持我帮助我的老师们学生们!  

      2016年6月1日下午,Quispamsis Middle School 500多人在负责老师的组织下进入体育馆,校方按照我的要求提前布置好了场地,安放好了音响。开场时校长致开幕词,然后我将本学期学过的武术知识总结了一下,向学生展示了少年拳套路和五步扇,表演了陈式太极拳,讲解了刀剑的基本要求,演示刀剑的基本动作。全体师生齐声喝彩!最后请全体六年级同学一起练习少年拳基本动作。期间令我感动的是学生的一次次激烈的掌声和欢呼声,校长和体育同事的热情!在这次活动中,再一次让中国武术在加拿大新布伦瑞克省的学校里生根发芽!


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