During Mar 3th to Mar 13th, 2016, 12 students from CINB visited China led by Mrs. Jing Teng, the foreign director of CINB. Four of this group are from CINB evening class in University de Moncton, including a 70 years old who used to work as a high-level administer in a local company, a guidance teacher from Francophone school district, and a civil servant with Haitian descent. The rest of the group consists of students from high schools in Saint John and Moncton.  

The trip was busy yet pleasant. Upon on their arrival in Beijing, the students visited the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the great wall. They also paid visits to the Olympic Park, Headquarters of Confucius Institute and Sino-Canada School during their three days stay in Beijing.

Visiting the Headquarters of Confucius Institute was a very exciting experience for all the students. They were greeted by Mr. Qu Songming, a young officer who had been working in Mexico for a year. Everyone was amazed by Mr. Quˊs fluent oral Spanish. Mr. Qu encouraged the group to use Mandarin Chinese as often as possible to enhance their language skills and to make good use of this trip in order to experience the rich and profound Chinese culture.

On their way to the Sino Canada School, Emma, one of the high school students mentioned that she had a cousin that was teaching English there. Coincidentally, the two cousins ran into each other in the school library. What a small world! Mrs. Teng met with the principles of the school, who worked as principles in Moncton before moving to China. We believe that in the 21st century, incorporating both the Chinese and Canadian methods of teaching and learning, we could take education to a new level.   

On Mar 7th, the students went to Qufu by the bullet train. The 298km/h speed fascinated everyone. The staff in Qufu Normal University was very friendly and supportive during the three days in Qufu. The students leant Chinese songs, calligraphy, Taiji together with a group of Japanese visiting students. They also experienced traditional Chinese medicine in Qufu Hospital, had Canada-themed English class with local high school students. All these great experience added up to precious memories for everyone. Leaning how Chinese people speak and communicating with Chinese people in real life was an eye-opener for the group.

On Mar 10th, the students visited Shandong University. It was dream-like for them to appreciate Chinese folk music and the treasury painting by Fan Zeng, a renowned Chinese artist, and to join a few rehearsals in the School of Arts.  

Back in Beijing on the 10th, they paid a visit to the zoo. They got the chance to take pictures with pandas, a symbolic treasure of China, as well as a group of local kids, the future of Chinese society.

Everyone in this group had realized their dream to travel to China. The three students from Saint John had been videotaping their trip as soon as they landed in Beijing Airport. The 70 year old gentleman posted his pictures to share with his friends back home. One girl sent her little sister special birthday wishes on top of the Great Wall of China. Some parents sent appreciation letters to CINB. Narnia from the francophone school district had been negotiating with the French schools to open mandarin class as a. Mandarin credit course is a unique innovation to New Brunswick, as well as a bridge into average Canadian citizens.

In the aftermath of this trip, Ada from  Saint John High School handed out gifts she bought in China to everyone in her Mandarin class. Her beloved teacher Jiang Jie also got a gift. Teachers of CINB has made outstanding contribution to introducing Chinese culture in Canada.

Language is the media for communication and a key to friendship. The 12 students represents 12 families which are willing to learn about China. The impact of this trip is beyond numbers.

Trip to China will be an iconic project of CINB and we believe that a growing number of students will be attracted by it. 



From: Daehoon Song [songdaehoon65]

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 10:53 PM

To: Jing, Teng (EECD/EDPE)

Subject: from: Minjung Song's father


 I appreciate that you took a good care of Sarah and others.

She had lots of enjoyable and pleasure time in China also she learned a lot through this trip.

She will cherish the moments. it is really regretful that I couldn't find you at the airport.

I just want to thank you for everything you've done.


Daehoon Song






      访问汉办是学员们非常难忘的经历之一,当大家见到了负责我们加拿大孔院的年轻官员——瞿松明老师,并了解到他在墨西哥做汉语志愿者一年后, 就可以说出一口流利纯正的西班牙语时纷纷表示惊叹。瞿老师鼓励大家更加积极地运用汉语,也要充分利用这次游学的机会多感受博大精深的中国文化。







      访学归来,圣约翰高中学生Ada给每位同学都精选了礼品,也给最爱的汉语蒋洁老师带了礼物。ADA 还接受了CBC广播电台的采访,我们汉办派来的对外汉语教师在全省的中国文化推广功不可没。