——Canadian Pianist 

From October 12 to 20, 2016, Mr. Roger Lord, who hailed as “The piano Prince of Canada”, respectively went to Beijing, Qufu, Jinan, and Xiamen hold four wonderful performances with the accompany of Foreign Director of Confucius Institute of New Brunswick (CINB), Mrs. Jing Teng, and they have achieved complete success on this meaningful trip.

 Mr. Roger Lord is the professor of piano at the Moncton University now. Before he learned music in Canada and France, and received the Doctorate of McGill. Hailed as “The piano Prince of Canada” by the China Daily, some of his performance took place in world renowned venues such as Great Hall of the People located on Tiananmen Square and the Zhongshan Park Concert Hall in Beijing. 

 He has a particular interested in Chinese Culture and music and has released a CD named “Chinese Treasures” recording of Chinese piano music in 2012 with the help of CINB and China national radio studio. Mr. Roger Lord has been to many places in China, he enjoys his trip and love China very much. As the Chinese learner of CINB, he hopes that there are more and more people can listen to his music and his playing Chinese music as well. To promote China-Canada friendship is what he wants to do. 

1. First Show in Canadian International School of Beijing

 On the October 12, 2016, Mr. Roger Lord came to the Canadian International School of Beijing for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the school. Even the premier of Canadian province of New Brunswick, Mr. Brain Grant who was on his friendly visiting in China specially came here to celebrate with them. They met each other and got warmly talking. He expressed his sincere thanks to Confucius Institute to bring great Chinese Programs and promoted the development of culture diversity. And thanks to Mr. Roger Lord for what his doing to pass China-Canada friendship. In the Evening of concert, Mr. Brain Grant, the school leader and all the student with their family watched the pianist show and enjoyed it a lot.

2.Concert in Qufu Normal University for promoting China-Canada Friendship

 On the October 13, Mr. Roger Lord with the Foreign Director of CINB, Jing Teng, was going to Qufu Normal University to have a performance for commemorating the establishment of China-Canada diplomatic ties 46 years ago. The secretary, Mr. Jing warmly welcomed them to come here. About the concert, it was great and special to attract many people. Mr. Roger Lord prepares very well and played the beautiful melody to make them impressed deeply. After the concert, Mr. Roger Lord warmly talked to teachers and students and took pictures with them. And Mr. Roger Lord spoke highly of those young students for their high quality. This was a wonderful concert for all the people. 

 After the concert, Foreign Director of CINB, Mrs. Jing Teng happily talked with school leaders, teachers and students, “As one member of CINB, we held this concert with Qufu Normal University today as a great gift for commemorating the establishment of China-Canada diplomatic ties 46 years ago. Leave a great mark on history of CINB.”

 This trip to Qufu, there was another great thing for Mr. Roger Lord to visit Confucian Temple, and he got a great looking around there and personally felt the profound and charm of Confucius culture. 

3. Lecture of “Chinese Piano Works” held in Shandong University

 On the afternoon of October14, all the teachers and students of piano major from arts academy in Shandong University came to the small theater together and warmly welcomed Mr. Roger Lord to come here to carry out academic lecture.   

 Theme of this lecture was mainly focused on the “Chinese Piano Works in Western Pianist Eyes”, share his experience, art life and thought to make all of students deeply feel the special charm of Chinese piano music in the collision between Chinese and Western Culture. At the same time, Mr. Roger Lord put forward to some special ways to help them practice their piano skill. They got a lot of unexpected benefits.

 Words and deeds were necessary for teaching. Mr. Roger Lord had a piano recital there. What he played were familiar Chinese music for them and erupted in applause.

Then, Mr. Roger Lord engaged interactions with students and exchanged experience with teachers to make the whole atmosphere peaked. They took a group photo to mark the occasion. And the lecture came to a successful end.

4. The Piano Recital of Canadian Piano Prince in Xiamen University

 In the evening of October 20, the Center Music Hall of Xiamen University were totally full and burst into thunderous applause. Another great piano recital was going on.  

  At the beginning of the concert, Mr. Roger Lord brought them the “Swan” of Saint-Saens. Then he played three Canadian classic music and Chopin Waltzes.The top of the show was Chinese melody from Mr. Roger Lord, and he talked to them about his love for Chinese music and the first Chinese folk music he learned.

  Mr. Roger Lord returned to the stage to have a first teamwork with Yangqin performance artists Pro. Yanfang Zhao and the student Han Hu from Flute Major. To show another Chinese music “Rosy Clouds Chasing the Moon” under the strong demands of audiences. And he A combination of Chinese and Western music brought a new feeling to audiences. They left the stage to rapturous applause.

 When Mr. Roger Lord talked with teachers and students of Xiamen, he said he particularly interested in Chinese Culture and Chinese Characters. He read dozens of Chinese novels in French version, Hu Yu was his favorite Chinese writer, and his “Brothers” was his favorite novels. All teachers and students of Xiamen hoped that he would come here again and share with them about his love story with Chinese music.

5. Visiting the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing

  Music without borders passes the friendship of China-Canada. Mr. Roger Lord loves China very much. As one member of CINB, he said he would make great efforts to promote deeply the friendship of China-Canada by music forever.

  Before he went back to Canada, he visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Hanban and saw himself in the documentary film. He felt very excited and said with deep emotion:“I have a dream that I can play the Chinese music in the Global Conference of Confucius Institute someday. All people were moved by his true love for China and believed that he could make it.”

(Written by Jingli Wang of CINB)


——记罗杰· 罗德先生的中国巡演



   罗杰·罗德(Roger Lord)现任加拿大蒙克顿大学的钢琴教授,曾在加拿大和法国等地学习,拥有加拿大麦吉尔大学的音乐博士学位。被《中国日报》誉为“加拿大钢琴王子”的罗杰·罗德曾在中国人民大会堂和中山公园音乐堂进行演出,诸多知名评论家称他为“富有演奏技巧的天才,精妙之至,情感真挚”。罗杰·罗德对中国文化非常感兴趣,更是对中国的音乐情有独钟。2013年他参加了新布伦瑞克省孔子学院的汉语学习班,努力学习汉语。学习之余,钻研中国乐曲。多年来,罗杰·罗德应邀出访中国26次,先后到北京、上海、天津、深圳、长沙、厦门、济南、青岛、哈尔滨和乌鲁木齐等20多个城市进行演出。他的足迹已遍布了中国的每个角落,一次次的中国之行,使他对中国留下了极为深刻的印象,结下了深厚的感情。

   2012年,罗杰·罗德在新布伦瑞克省孔子学院的大力帮助下,与中国国家广播台中央工作室合作,录制发行了首张名叫《中国音乐瑰宝(Chinese Treasures)》的个人中国钢琴曲CD。2013年11月新省孔院联合市政府为他举办了一场《中国音乐瑰宝(Chinese Treasures)》CD发布会,加拿大法语电视台全程录制,并刊登在了报纸上。时至今日,他的中国音乐CD畅销海内外,使得越来越多的人听到了中国音乐,感受到了中国音乐的独特魅力。2013年,罗杰·罗德应北京电视台的邀请,作为国际客座艺术家之一在北京参加了著名的中国环球春节晚会电视节目的录制。也再一次让他感受到了中国人民的热情。作为新布伦瑞克省孔子学院的“金牌学员”,他表示非常荣幸能够作为中加文化交流使者中的一员,促进中加友谊的发展。他希望有更多的人能听到他弹奏的中国音乐,一起感受中国的音乐的魅力,了解古老而美丽的中国。















   言传仍要身教。钢琴家还为该学院师生们演奏了自己拿手的中国乐曲,随着耳熟能详的中国音乐旋律从钢琴琴键中流淌出来的时候,在座的师生们响起了一阵阵热烈的掌声。随后,罗杰· 罗德先生与学生们热情互动,与教师们悉心交流,使讲座气氛热烈而融洽。学术讲座结束之后,罗德教授与全体钢琴专业师生合影留念,圆满结束了山东大学艺术学院之行。








5. 孔院行,情真意切寄梦想