--CINB held the Chinese Teaching Seminar On the January 9, 2017, at the beginning of the new year, Confucius Institute in New Brunswick held a teaching and research seminar in Fredericton. The meeting was chaired by CINB foreign director Ms. Teng Jing, inviting the Deputy Minister of Education of New Brunswick, President of AEI, Director of CINB, Mr. John· McLaughlin, Assistant of Deputy Minister, Chris Treadwell, Vice president of AEI, Executive Director of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie, Western and Northern Education Bureau Officials and all the Chinese teachers and Chinese teacher Volunteers attended this meeting. All the teachers and volunteer teachers shared their valuable teaching experience from the past semester, discussed and made plans for teaching and culture activities for next semester.

At the beginning of the meeting, on behalf of AEI, Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie welcomed all the teachers from CINB and remarked on their hard work and joint effort in promoting Chinese language and culture all around New Brunswick. She expressed her gratitude and her New Year blessings to Mrs. Jing Teng and all the Chinese teachers.

During the meeting, every teacher made a PowerPoint presentation based on their own experience and life, working at different schools and with students from different levels. They came up with an individualized teaching method and advice. The Chinese teachers, Mrs. Xiaoyu Zhang, Tian tian and Yanmei Li shared their work experience, family life and camp up with the beneficial suggestion for Chinese teaching of CINB. As a Kung fu teacher, Mr. Yuqi Guan put forward his own suggestion about how to let Kung fu come into Chinese class. Combing with local conditions, the music teacher, Miss. Xiaochan Zheng shared a great plan about writing out a teaching syllabus of Chinese music that is suitable for local students.

The Chinese teacher volunteers, Miss. Huiying Li, Nannan Li, Jingli Wang, Junfeng Chen and Xiaowei Liu are optimistic, outgoing and creative. They are good at communicating and getting along with others. They shared their rich work experience and stories about how to make a good conversation and get along with principals, teachers and students of the school. At the same time, facing the new environment in the future, she expressed her determination to accept new challenge and strive forward. They discussed the preparatory work of Chinese New Year Gala and shared their ideas about the promotion of Chinese kung fu, music and culture. Each teacher learned each other and encouraged each other so that they won the high praise and achieved a big warm applause.

In the meeting, Mr.John·McLaughlin and Chris Treadwell said they enjoyed this meeting every much and expressed their gratitude to all Chinese teachers and their working hard to promote the development of multi-culture.They spoke highly of CINB became “The Advanced Confucius Institute” at the 11th Confucius Institute Meeting.Mrs.Dawn Weatherbie emphasized the Policy701, Non-politics content in class and reviewed how to be a good teacher and how to get along with students. She put forward her suggestion to all teachers for the development of Chinese teaching.

After that, Mrs. Jing Teng illustrated the importance of meeting, shared her experience of “The 11th Confucius Institute Meeting” and the development history of CINB. Then, she discussed about sustainable development plan in 2017 with all teachers and expressed her New Year blessings to all teachers, hoping to maintain united to develop CINB.

This meeting was not only a summary of the past years' hard work, but also a powerful stimulation for the coming New Year.A clear plan was made in the future development of CINB, and both theoretical and practical experiences were shared to ensure carrying out teaching and culture activities.


同分享共进步 团结就是力量


      2017年1月9日新年伊始,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院(CINB)在省会弗雷德里克顿(Fredericton)教育部迎来汉语教学与工作研讨会。本次会议由CINB外方院长滕菁女士主持,新布伦瑞克省教育部副部长、加拿大大西洋国际教育集团(AEI)总裁、孔子学院理事长John·McLaughlin先生,副部长助理Chris Treadwell先生,AEI副总裁、孔子学院执行理事Dawn Weatherbie女士,北部和西部教育局官员,及全体汉语教师、汉语教师志愿者出席了会议。

       Dawn Weatherbie女士向全体与会领导及教师的到来表示热烈地欢迎,她代表新布伦瑞克省教育厅对过去一年孔子学院全体教师的工作和努力表示肯定,向为孔子学院建设与发展付出巨大努力的滕菁女士以及各位教师志愿者表达了衷心的感谢和新年的祝福。


      John·McLaughlin先生和Chris Treadwell先生在讲话中首先祝贺汉语教学研讨会的成功举办,表达了对外方院长滕菁和所有汉语教师、志愿者的由衷感谢,高度赞扬了新省孔子学院十年来对推动该省多元文化传播和发展所作出的努力和贡献,对在第十一届孔子学院大会上我们新省孔子学院获得优秀孔院表达了祝贺,祝福新省孔子学院越办越好。Dawn Weatherbie女士表示十位教师和志愿者的演讲和汇报让所有人受益匪浅、感触颇深。她在会议中强调了当地教育政策即701政策,为确保汉语教师们能够更好地发展汉语教学工作,提出了自己的建议。