January 30, in West Riverview Elementary School, with the Chinese characteristics of the poster, paper cutting, blessings, lanterns and other decorations are carefully put in every corner of the school gymnasium.

On 2 pm, children were under the leadership of teachers in the stadium neatly sit, with the opening speech of the principal, the New Year Gala began.

Some of grade 4 and grade 5 children brought the opening performance with a Chinese song "Wish You A Happy New Year" for everyone. Then, they brought us a lively and lovely song "Two Little Chickens", each child wearing the chicken mask which is the symbol of the year of the rooster, the New Year's blessing and vitality through the song dedicated to everyone here.

Dathen from grade 4 and Macy from grade 5 were the MCs of the day. They shared with the students the Chinese New Year pattern learned in the class. At this point, a small dragon dance team suddenly appeared, as the children were excited. The small dragon dance team, composed of the boys of grade 4. They made the hand-made cloth dragon performance vivid. The warm cheering of the scene brought the atmosphere of the party up.

Subsequently, the Confucius Institute martial arts teacher Yu Qi Guan with his kung fu team brought everyone a wonderful KongFu performances. The children's serious and wonderful performances won the applause of the audience.

We also prepared an interactive question and answer session for the students who attended the show. Mrs. Teng Jing, the foreign director of CINB, and MS Webster, the principle, presented the new year gift "Lucky money" to the children. The party ended in a happy atmosphere.

Mrs Teng Jing, Director of the Confucius Institute, was invited to participate in the event, she gave everyone New year’s wish and hoped to strengthen the cooperation with WRES. The Principal Ms Webster expressed her high praise for the Chinese New Year show and expressed her admiration for the work of the Confucius Institute volunteer teachers in the past three years.

The Chinese New Year celebration, attracted every teacher and student involve in and understood the Chinese New Year culture. They said, whether it is hand-made work or stage performances, they all experienced a real Chinese New Year !


West Riverview Elementary School新年联欢活动

      1月30日,West Riverview Elementary school 内,具有中国特色的鸡年海报、剪纸、福字、灯笼等装饰被精心地布置在学校体育馆的各个角落。





      我们同时为到场观看节目的同学们准备了关于中国新年的问答互动,由新省孔院外方院长滕菁女士及校长MS WEBSTER 给小朋友送上新年礼物“Lucky money”。联欢会就在这一片欢声笑语中结束了。

      新省孔院外方院长滕菁女士应邀参与了本次活动并发表讲话,祝愿大家新年快乐,希望能够继续加强与WRES学校的合作。校长MS Webster对本次中国新年活动表示了高度的赞许,并对三年来孔院志愿者们在学校的工作给予了充分肯定。