(Written by CINB teacher Guan Yuqi)

Martial arts is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, is a rich connotation, various forms, with independent system and a variety of social functions of the sport. In 2015, I had the privilege of being touched by the project that promoted the traditional culture of the Chinese people - the teachers of the Confucius Institute were deeply touched by this emotion. Because as a martial arts heritage, have the opportunity to stand outside the country, the most philosophical movement to share with others.

At the end of October 2016, arrived at the first city of Moncton, began teaching at the West Riverview Element School. West Riverview Element School is small school, P.E. teacher Mr. Taylor has allocated some of the courses to me. From the basic style of Chinese martial arts, from hand gesture and stance gesture to beginning, the school's popularity. Because the students are aggressive with me, in the celebration of the Chinese New Year Gala, the performance was very successful.

 Through the Chinese class of Bernese MacNaughton High School, combined with PowerPoint, video, etc., interact with high school students, so that they feel the difference between the internal styles and the external styles, with five students in 2016 Christmas Assembly received more than 500 people warm applause.

In order to spread the traditional culture and communicate with the volunteers, went to their schools, such as Riverview Middle School, Queen Elizabeth School, Edith Cavell School and Harrison Trimble High School. Room teacher helped me to students the order of management, the successful completion of the classroom tasks. Among them, P.E. Teacher of Edith Cavell School is particularly enthusiastic about me, allowing unlimited lectures, and I have learned a lot of valuable experience.

Park Street Element School's multicultural night of Fredericton City, which is one of the important annual events of the NB province, I taught five students before the show five steps of Chang Quan, who were on the stage with me on a show, and then Fredericton Mayor A high evaluation! The next day, the vice president of the Park Street Element School told me that there was a boy in the performance team who did not attend any collective activity, and that the martial arts had filled him with the courage to stand on the stage.

In early February, move to the second city Fredericton, Park Street Element School has also become my NB province in full teaching to work the second school. Sign in the day, Mr. Meesters, with boy who was on the stage with the courage, went to the office and sent a welcome letter to the student's signature. I felt the beauty of the body language was invisible. Outside the warmth. Then, after communication, developed two sets of detailed schedules. During the first two months of the GYM, P.E. teacher was accompanied by the help of the classroom. After entering the classroom, Room Teacher actively helped me manage the order, put the tables and chairs in advance, and provide large space for class. Students also learned from the happy routines and simple self-defense.

Mrs. Teng Jing, foreign director of CINB, who received an invitation from the Moncton City Education Bureau and held a sports experience day at Forest Glen School on February 28th 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., I patiently led the parents and children to work together, from the peaceful heart and relax body of TaiChi Quan, stretch generous of Chuang Quan, hardness and softness of TangLang Quan, and mastery of Kung Fu fan, etc. To share with them. Whole 2 hours, it was deeply felt the martial arts of the profound, more into the field experience, a long time refused to leave. Event organizer Forest Glen School presented a gift with school characteristics, and I am very touched by the opportunity to come and teach me again.

 Jacqueline Firlotte, Multicultural Affairs Officer of the Fredericton Education Bureau, has traveled many times to the classes when I  taught, and have made a couple of pertinent suggestions and comments after class, and have helped to contact Devon Middle School until the summer before the observation and lectures so that Into the NB province of this family to pay a lot.

Six months, I real feel the prosperity of the world of different cultures, into the heart of the humanistic care, such as family to build that must be rooted in the traditional culture here, blossom everywhere vision. This brilliant life course will always be kept in mind!




      2016年10月底,抵达了第一站Moncton,开始了在West Riverview Element School的教学工作。West Riverview Element School规模不大,P.E. teacher Mr. Taylor分配了部分课程给我。从中国武术的基本手型、基本步型入手,进行了全校的普及。因为学生们的积极磨合,在庆祝中国新年活动上,表演很成功。

      通过在Bernice MacNaughton High School的中文班教室上课,结合POWERPIONT、视频等方式,在高中生进行互动,让他们零距离感受到了内家拳和外家拳的区别,从而与5名学生在2016年圣诞前学校的assembly活动上获得了500多人的热烈掌声。

      为了更广泛的传播传统文化,和志愿者老师沟通,去往她们所在的Riverview Middle School、Queen Elizabeth School、Edith Cavell School、Harrison Trimble High School四所学校进行体验式武术教学,Classroom teacher协助我对学生进行秩序管理,圆满的完成了课堂任务。其中Edith Cavell School的P.E. Teacher对我特别热心,允许无限制听课,我从中汲取了许多宝贵的经验。

      Fredericton市Park Street Element School的多元文化夜是NB省每年重要的活动之一,在表演前教授五名学生五步长拳,他们在舞台上一板一眼的和我一起进行了展现,而后Fredericton市长现场也给予了高度评价!第二天Park Street Element School的副校长告知其特别感动,表演队伍中有一个男孩儿平时任何集体活动也不参加,是武术让他充满了站在舞台上的勇气。

      2月初,入驻第二个城市Fredericton,Park Street Element School也成为了我NB省全面展开工作的第二所学校。报到当日,校长Mr. Meesters与充满勇气站在舞台上表演的那男孩儿一起到了办公室,送上了多名学生联合署名的欢迎信,我瞬间感受到了肢体语言的美是无形的,从内而外的温暖。而后,经过沟通,制定了两套详细的课表。前两个月体育馆内教学中,有P.E. teacher在一边协助陪同,课堂效果很好;在进入教室内上课后,Room Teacher积极协助我管理秩序,提前摆放桌椅,提供大空间进行上课。学生们也从快乐中学会了套路以及简单的防身自卫术。

      外方院长滕菁女士收到Moncton市教育局的邀请,于2月28日在Forest Glen School举办体育体验日活动。晚上6点到8点,我耐心的带领着前来的家长及子女一起武动,从太极拳的心静体松、长拳的舒展大方、螳螂拳的刚柔相济,以及功夫扇的融会贯通等,一一与之分享。2个小时的时间里,有人深切感受到了武术的博大精深,多进入现场体验,久久不肯离去。活动主办方 Forest Glen School赠送了具有学校特点的礼品,并且欢迎我有机会再来教授功夫,令我十分感动。

      Fredericton教育局多元文化管理官员Jacqueline  Firlotte多次前往我授课的班级,在课后提出了许多中肯的建议和意见,还帮忙联系并敲定了Devon Middle School直到暑假前的听课和授课安排,让我尽快融入到NB省这个大家庭来付出了很多。