Time flies quickly, following the footsteps of dream, I have been teaching Chinese in New Brunswick of Confucius Institute as Chinese teachers volunteer more than seven months. My inaugural city, the capital of New Brunswick - Fredericton City, has changed from the lush and colorful maple trees paradise into a snow and ice world. And we finally spent the long winter, the Canadian spring is just around the corner. I look forward to enjoying its beautiful very much.              

Seizing the opportunity to go out and see the world, and to experience the real overseas classroom. My working places are three local schools from kindergarten to Middle school, I am mainly responsible for the Chinese teaching work in these schools. Actually, I always taught foreign students Chinese in College and University before I came here , it’s easy for me to control the classroom discipline. However, after I came here, my teaching object is kindergarten, primary school and middle school students, for me, this is really no small challenge. I still remember how nervous I was when I attended the first Chinese class. But I quickly adapted to the life and work environment here, to understand the local teaching model and student characteristics. I began to design and enrich my Chinese teaching content, classroom activities and cultural experiences, figure out effective classroom management techniques, how to improve students’ learning interests, make them like learning Chinese and understand Chinese culture well. To meet difficulties and overcome challenges make me understand well adjust measures to local conditions and the profound meaning of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

Every Chinese teacher as a "live card" of China, on behalf of the image of China, is supposed to be strict to self-discipline and to be patient to others. Meanwhile, how to strengthen communication with the school principals, teachers and students has become an important part of my work, I learned to integrate into the school's work and life, to enhance the school and the feelings between teachers and students, soon we have become friends. Under their encouragement, support and help, I successfully held in the school a few "Chinese Culture Day" activities, "The Chinese New Year Celebration" activities, all the teachers and students enjoyed very much, we had a great teamwork. After the event, the principal and all the teachers and students expressed their gratitude and praise to me that made me very excited, all the efforts and pay were worthwhile, and I also got a happy time and learned a lot. The most happy things are that every time I come into the classroom, all the children expose their naive and beautiful smile, open their arms to give me a sincere and warm embrace, and they even don’t let me go when the class is over. Every day is full of love and meaning.

"Canadian family" took me to experience the culture and customs of Canada. Homestay life makes me forget the loneliness of my homesick, and make me feel at home. My new family brought me to their hometown in Nova Scotia, where has the historic buildings, the beautiful natural scenery of the farm, the tranquil lifestyle. They make me experience, feel the local lifestyle and characteristics culture, which is indescribable precious mark in my life. 

This time of my volunteer life make me learn about the independent, self-reflection, thinking and thanksgiving. It not only tempers my will, but improves my ability to cultivate me gradually to be courage to accept all kinds of challenges to be a qualified Chinese teacher.

It was encouraging that the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Confucius Institute" at the Confucius Institute Conference in 2016, where the Director of Mrs. Teng Jing shared the grand occasion to us and we were extremely excited for that. This is the great support and encouragement for our Chinese teaching work. And I am very proud of becoming one member of CINB. There are so many excellent Chinese teachers and talents who worked here before, they have set great examples for me.

Our CINB is a big family. From the beginning to the present, Mrs. Teng Jing always tirelessly encourage us, give us a lot of Chinese teaching advice, cheer and train us into good talents. As long as we are willing to work hard, willing to pay and willing to endure hardship, I believe that the final harvest will be more fruit. We have taken the baton of Chinese teacher predecessors, to continue our Chinese teaching work here so that more and more children can feel the charm of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Confucius said: "Never be content with your learning and never be impatient with your teaching." This famous words have spread through the ages, also be my school motto of Qufu Normal University, have been engraved in my heart to inspire my morale to make my Chinese teaching tour meaningful, leading me to go further, fly higher on the dream road.

(CINB——Written by Jingli Wang)








      我们新省孔院是一个大家庭。这一路走来,感谢院领导不厌其烦地鼓励我们,为我们汉语教学工作出谋划策、加油打气,为把我们培养成优秀的人才。我相信只要肯努力、肯付出、肯吃苦,相信最终会收获更多的硕果。我和其他两位2016年到这里的志愿者都申请了再续一年 ,大家齐心协力,一起接过汉语教师前辈们的接力棒,愿把这里的汉语教学工作做的更好,让越来越多的孩子们感受到汉语语言和中国文化的魅力。

      孔子曰:“学而不厌,诲人不倦。” 这流传千古的警世名言,镌刻在母校石碑上的八字校训,早已在我心底留下了重重一笔。鼓舞了我的斗志,使我的汉语教学之旅意味深长,引领我在梦想的道路上走得更远,飞得更高。

(新布伦瑞克省孔子学院 王静丽供稿)