On May 21st, to celebrate the 40th anniversary, the Chinese Culture Association of New Brunswick (CCANB) held a spectacular performance in the local Play House Theater. This year is also the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute of New Brunswick(CINB). Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated CCANB on a video, showing concern and attention to the Chinese association in New Brunswick. The Mayor of Fredericton, Mike O'Brien, and the Assistant Director of Education Department in New Brunswick, Chris Tradwell , gave speeches at the beginning of the show. Ms. Teng Jing, Dean of CINB, was invited to attend this grand event. Mr.Chris Tradwell congratulated the 40th anniversary of CCANB on behalf of the Education Department of New Brunswick. He said that the Confucius Institute of New Brunswick that was established in 2007 has been working closely with the Chinese Cultural Association for the past 10 years. They added bright Chinese colors to New Brunswick.

This event was presented in musical form, told the story of the poetic Huaxi legend, the theme was minorities of China, the actors dressed in colorful ethnic costumes presented stunning dances and songs. The whole theater was packed. The magnificent stage performance and fascinating story of the Huaxi legend deeply touched the audience. Confucius Institute volunteer teacher Chen Junfeng, Wang Jingli led Park Street primary school students presented the elegant Dai dance for the audience, the girls dressed in lake blue Chinese traditional Dai dress in the stage dancing like a beautiful little Peacocks, boys were also dressed in bright traditional costume presented their handsome and lively dance, this wonderful match won the warm applause from the audience. Confucius Institute teacher Zheng Xiaochan sang a moving  song.

This event was not only a memorial to the development of the CCANB for the past four decades, but also a great witness for a decade’s development of the Confucius Institute of New Brunswick. The close cooperation between CINB and CCANB has been expanding the influence of Chinese traditional culture in New Brunswick . They make more and more people understand the Chinese culture and like Chinese culture in different ways, and promote the further exchange between Chinese and Canadian culture.


      当地时间5月21号,新不伦瑞克省孔子学院成立十周年之际,也是新不伦瑞克省中华文化协会成立四十周年,在弗莱市剧院举行了盛大的庆祝活动。加拿大总理特鲁多以视频的方式表示祝贺,显示了对新不伦瑞克省华人团体的关注和重视。弗莱市市长Mike O’Brien,教育局局长助理Chris Tradwell均上台致辞,新不伦瑞克省孔子学院院长滕菁女士应邀出席。Chris Tradwell代表教育局对新布伦瑞克省中华协会四十周年表示祝贺,同时表示新不伦瑞克省孔子学学院从2007年建立,十年来与中华文化协会紧密合作,共同发展,为新不伦瑞克省增添了鲜艳的中国色彩。