Local time September 26, at 9 am, Hanban Beijing Normal University art troupe arrived in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, presented the first fantastic Chinese traditional art performance. The performance took place at Park Street Elementary School which has the Chinese program for six years and also has a Confucius Classroom. On the day of the show, more than 500 teachers and students wearing colorful school uniforms watched the show. In order to welcome the Hanban art troupe, the students produced the "welcome" sign in three languages , showing the students’ enthusiasm for Chinese culture and the arrival of the Hanban art troupe. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB), the performance is also the celebration for CINB.

The government officials and Education Departmant officials of New Brunswick attended this event with Ms. Teng Jing, director of CINB. The Honorable Stephen Horsman, Deputy Premier of New Brunswick, Mr. Chris Treadwell, Assistant Deputy Minister, and the respectively Councilor Bruce Grandy gave a speech before the performances started, affirmed the positive role of this art troupe in promoting cultural exchanges between China and Canada and he expressed sincere gratitude for the efforts made by the Confucius Institute in various fields over the past decade.

At the beginning of the show, Chen Junfeng, a volunteer teacher of CINB at Park Street Primary School, led the whole school to greet to all performers in Chinese, and the enthusiasm of the children also infected them. From the Beijing Normal University Art Department, the actors offered one after another wonderful performances for everyone, at the beginning of the show, the martial arts performances made the audience exclaimed, beautiful traditional instruments, magnificent dance performances surprised all the audience .  

At the end of the performance, Ms. Teng Jing expressed her gratitude to the performers of the Beijing Normal University and to the smooth cooperation with Park Street Elementary School on the Chinese Program. Finally, the Chinese dance club members in Park Street Elementary School wearing traditional Chinese clothing presented a gift to the actor sand took pictures with them.

After giving the performance at Park street elementary school, Hanban Beijing Normal University art troupe came to River View, New Brunswick, River View High School in the afternoon, presented the second fantastic Chinese traditional art performance for local students, teachers and Chinese. The performance took place at River View High School Arts Center which has a professional equipment, modern stage. This made people look forward to coming to enjoy the performance. On the day of the show, with the support of the local school teacher and the support of the local Chinese, nearly a thousand of the theater was packed. Some students who came late just sit on the ground without hesitation. Everyone's eyes are full of excitement and expectation.

Before the start of the performance, the teacher who is also the person in charge of this event Chad Dominie gave a speech which was on behalf of the school teachers and students welcome the arrival of the Beijing Normal University tour group, and also introduced the guests - the Ministry of Education, Ms. Katharine Arsenault, art troupe instructor Mr. Xiao Kai, and Ms. Teng Jing, Director of the Confucius Institute of New Brunswick. Ms. Arsenault, who was on behalf of the local education department, gave a speech which said the point of this performance is not only to give students a quiet new type of a show, but also to inspire multicultural teaching. This is an important opportunity of communication between different cultures, and it is also a conversation between different world.

With a beautiful turning somersault on the stage, the show was opening. Peking opera actor's looking , martial arts performances, beautiful Chinese classical dance brought the East's unique soft and moving, these amazing performances lead to students' wave after wave of applause and cheers. When the Chinese traditional music is playing radiant, the audience began to applaud the temptation to follow the rhythm, people did not only immerse in the appreciation of the show instead of participating in the performance. When the last performance "see you again" melody sounded, the audience chorus was the highlight of this night. This moment of shock deeply printed in the hearts of every audience. Not only the local students shocked in the splendor of Chinese culture and art, leaving the local Chinese moved in a foreign country to hear the accent. The audience's long-awaited applause is the best proof of culture and the arts without borders.

After the performance, Ms Teng Jing on behalf of CINB gave a speech, expressed thanks to Hanban Beijing Normal University performers for bringing the wonderful performances, and thanks to the local education department for supporting CINB Chinese programs, and also thanks to RHS secondary school teachers and students for the smooth conduct of this event to provide support and help. Finally, the two sides exchanged gifts and took pictures.

After performance in high school, the art troupe immediately rushed to the Moncton University Art collage to do music cultural exchange with the Canadian piano prince Professor Roger Lord and his music students. The Chinese folk music students presented a cheerful Chinese traditional repertoire "xi yang yang and full moon with blooming flowers" first.  Then the students gave an introduction of all the traditional Chinese instruments. This is the first time for the local students to see closely and touch real Chinese instruments, which bring a brand new experiment for the students. After the exchange with students and professors, Chinese folk music students and Professor Roger ensemble a Chinese song "Cai yun zhui yue". Western piano and Chinese instruments sound harmony and perfect fusion together. It is also a symbol of the two cultures blend and harmony.

In just one day, the performance and cultural exchange of Hanban Beijing Normal University art troupe have completed successfully at three schools and two cities of New Brunswick. In this event, local government officials, school teachers and students, and Chinese compatriots have received a great response. And the Confucius Institute has received many letters of thanks from the education bureau, principals, teachers and students. The visit of the art troupe kicked off the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Confucius institute, which has brought great impetus to the expansion of China's cultural communication field and the development of teaching scale.





       众多新布伦瑞克省的政府、教育局官员以及新布伦瑞克省孔子学院院长滕菁女士共同出席了此次盛会。新省副省长Stephen Horsman、教育部副部长助理Chris Treadwell以及市政议员Bruce Grandy分别为此次展演致辞,肯定了本次巡演在增进中加两国文化交流方面所发挥的重要与积极作用,并对新省孔院这十年来在各方面做出的努力表示由衷的感谢。

       演出开始,新省孔院志愿者汉语教师陈俊锋带领全校师生用中文向巡演团问好,热烈欢迎他们的到来。孩子们的友好与热情,也感染了在场的每一位演员。为大家献上了一个又一个精彩的表演,开场的武术表演,演员们一个个英姿飒爽、孔武有力,表演刚柔并济,令在场观众惊叹不已,优美的中国传统乐器演奏、美轮美奂的舞蹈表演也都着实令全场观众陶醉其中,献上了一阵又一阵热烈的掌声。 最后一个中国功夫拉向高潮。全体起立,从副省长到幼儿园小朋友跟着演员们合练——相信这美好的一幕深深嵌入了孩子们的心灵。



       表演开始前,此次活动负责人Chad Dominie致辞,代表学校师生欢迎北师大巡演团的到来,同时介绍了到场的嘉宾,教育部负责人Katharine Arsenault女士、巡演团团长肖铠先生以及新省孔院院长滕菁女士。Katharine女士代表当地教育局致辞,她指出,此次巡演的意义不仅仅是让学生观看到一个完全不同的表演形式,更是启发当地学校的多元化教学,这是文化的交流,这是与世界的对话。

       随着一个个漂亮的跟斗海浪般掠过舞台,演出的序幕由此拉开。京剧演员的亮相,刀枪棍棒的虎虎生威,女子舞蹈带来的东方专属的柔美动人,这些精彩的表演带动了全场观众一波又一波的掌声和欢呼声。伴着中国传统乐曲喜洋洋的演奏声响起,全场学生不由自主地随节奏鼓掌,由沉浸专注于欣赏转为参与到表演之中。当最后一曲由中国传统乐器演奏的《See you again》旋律响起时,全场观众集体大合唱将晚会气氛推向了高潮。这一刻的震撼在每一位在场观众的心中刻下深深的烙印,那种激动之情久久不能平息。不仅是当地师生震撼于中国传统文化艺术的美好与灿烂,也让当地华人感动于身处异乡听到的久违的乡音。全场经久不息的掌声就是文化艺术无国界最好的见证。


       结束了高中的表演,巡演团又随即赶往蒙克顿法语大学艺术学院,与加拿大钢琴王子Roger Lord教授以及他的音乐专业的70名学生进行了一场中外文化交流会。巡演团的民乐专业的四位女生,首先为在场的各位带来了欢快的中国传统曲目《喜洋洋与花好月圆》,随后向大家深入介绍每一个中国传统乐器。琵琶、二胡、古筝、竹笛,这是加拿大大学生们第一次零距离接触和观察中国传统乐器,给他们带来了前所未有的文化体验和音乐享受。民乐团与Roger教授应师生的邀请,合奏了一首中国名曲《彩云追月》,西方的钢琴乐与中国的筝笛、琵琶声和谐完美地交融在了一起,令所有人如痴如醉,这就是中西方文化擦出的绚丽火花。