On February 15th,the Chinese new year festival activities was held in Park Street Elementary School.

The activities was separated into six display tables, and they were set up to help kids make dumplings,use chopsticks, write Chinese calligraphy, guess lantern riddles, know about Chinese zodiacs and sing new year songs.The students would participate in the activities by grade. When finishing one activity, they can get a stamp as souvenir.

The most creative invention in the activity was two Chinese doll, which were painted by students in grade five. These two dolls’ face were empty, and had the similar height with kids, so everyone could put their face into the blank and take pictures.This innovation also appealed teachers in the school, they also took photos with it.

The activity was held in the cafeteria, and we accepted various help from teachers and assistants at school.They helped us move the table,thus we could decorate our cafeteria, and they also take kids to the cafeteria on time,when students were playing the games, they took many pictures. After the activity, the event was reported on the school district website.

This celebration can definitely build a tight connection between us and schools, and the success of the celebration showed that the friendship between Chinese and Canadians can live for a longtime.