Once a time a year, the beautiful lanterns catch the eyes, the glutinous rice balls tempt the tongues. New Brunswick Confucius Institute at Saint John campus held attractive Lantern festival celebrations. The Lantern Festival celebrations lasted for half a month, and has successfully concluded on March 19th, 2018. Thanks for all the supports and helps of school leaders and CINB leaders and teachers.

This event includes four parts respectively, Lantern Festival custom experiencing, lantern producing, lantern riddles guessing, and online "CINB Lantern Star" voting. Students from the mandarin class researched the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival, and tasted the glutinous rice balls as well. Additionally, with the help of the art teachers and mandarin teacher, they designed and completed producing of lanterns. The Students combined Chinese pinyin, Chinese characters and the essence of Chinese traditional culture with the lanterns and turn them into vivid traditional Chinese lanterns. Combined with the old traditions and innovative ways, the ancient culture comes to life again.

This time, New Brunswick Confucius Institute at Saint John campus came up with an innovative idea, to display the lanterns both in the school and online. When in the school, the lanterns are displayed in the hall way and library of their schools, where all the students can appreciate lanterns and participate in the Lantern Riddle guessing easily, thus the three schools are all immersed in the Festival atmosphere. Besides that, online voting for CINB Lantern Star is also started.30 different lanterns are displayed online, and everyone can vote for the best one, with the voting results, the top three will be chosen.

Online "CINB Lantern Star" received a lot of attention. 30 students participated in the online voting program. In only 5 days, the Website has been visited for nearly 8000 times, the lanterns earned almost 1000 “likes”. Myles St. Pierre and Brittney Gallant from St. Malachy's Memorial High school student won the first place and the third place, Mexican students Sergio Hernandez Ramos from Harbor View High School got a second with 228 “likes”. Mandarin students passed along the festival spirit to their families, friends, classmates, teachers via the internet, the spirit has even been spread to every part of Saint John, Canada, China, the United States, even Mexico. The whole world are celebrating the Lantern festival together!

For carrying forward the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and respecting the Chinese nation and to raise awareness of social responsibility and devotion, Confucius Institute In New Brunswick combined with Jasmine Art Troupe performers went to Saint John Loch Villa, Parkland Saint John Retirement Living and Kennebec Manor Nursing homes to give a series amazing performances entitled ‘Celebrating the Chinese New Year’ on Feb. 6th, Feb. 20th, Feb. 27th 2018, for sending Chinese-style care and warmth to the local elderly.

The lion dance kicked off these events; Jasmine art troupes performed Chinese folk dances accompanied by beautiful Chinese music, twin sisters played the piano together, and the music made everyone joyful; CINB teacher Yuqi Guan had a KungFu show, which got a round of applause from the elderly; the singer sang a song which expressed the care and love for the elderly; at the end of events, everyone spoke perfectly "Guo Nian Hao" in mandarin.

The activities brought happiness to the elderly, expanded the local influence of the NB hospital and enhanced the teachers' social responsibility and the ability of cooperation with local social teams.


On Feburary 17th, the Chinese spring festival gala was held in the playhouse of Fredericton. The Park Street Elementary School, which is the first three-language school in New Brunswick,gathered teacher and students and brought us an amazing show. Vice president of AEI, Executive Director of Confucius Institute Mrs. Dawn Weatherbie, Assistant Deputy Minister of Department of Education and Early Childhood Development arrived at the gala, and celebrated the spring festival with us.

The violin teacher,also a famous violinist Katherine Moller player the song The Red River Valley,which deeply moved everyone.After the song, kids went to the stage and recited the famous paragraph in Three-Character Classics.They have done an excellent job, after reciting the classic, everyone felt deeply motivated and clapped their hands to show their love for the children.

Inheriting culture is an important task for everyone.When preparing for the show,teachers and students provided efficient support for actors.When inviting the violin teacher, she showed her willingness to join the show, and participated in the dress rehearsal with others.As for kids, they made great effort in practicing the dancing and reciting the classics.And when talking about their parents,they sent their kids to the playhouse and waited for there for many hours.These are all the reason why this show can be so successful. When Mrs. Weatherbie was interviewed, she almost cried, she said she was deeply moved by the kids and their show, that was really a big gift for her.She didn’t imagine that they can speak Chinese so fluently, and she was so proud of them.

 For the all Chinese people, "Spring Festival" means a busy year, the desire for home; it means looking forward to the future. This means that the auspicious festival was officially in Canada in 2017.

On the Feb. 23th and 27th 2018, the Spring Festival performance entitled "Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings and Happy Dag Year" and the performance of at the Princess Elizabeth School and assembly of Harbor View High School were held in Saint John, both performances were given School principals and responsible teachers attach great importance. Also, it’s a periodic presentation of the traditional Chinese culture and Chinese martial arts course held by CINB teacher Yuqi Guan since September 2017.

The opening ceremony of the New Year's Day 2018 Spring Festival video was kicked off by the new Provincial Academy of Culture. After that, the lion dance performed by Teacher Yuqi Guan and teachers and students brought another feeling of happiness. The Demonstration gathered their eyes ; and interactives of martial arts with all the teachers and students ,promoted the Kung Fu spirit once more. In the end of events, all the teachers and students wishing each other“guo nian hao” in Mandarin, brought the whole event to the climax!

 On Feb.28th, 2018, all the teachers and students in Hillcrest gathered together in the gym to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year.

Teachers and students started doing preparations for this activity one month early, even organizing Chinese Dance Club. Different grades participated in this activity, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 8. They all brought typical performance with Chinese elements. Grade 2 sang and danced to <Little Star>. Grade 5 sang <Happy New Year> in Chinese. Grade 7/8 did Tai Chi performance. Four students from Grade 8 played violin while singing typical Chinese song <Jasmine Flower>. The last one is dance to <Youth> of TF boys. After that, all the teachers and students danced together to this song, which brought the activity to the climax. Besides, the Chinese teacher gave the Chinese Learning Award to excellent Chinese learners in order to encourage them to keep learning Chinese. 

This activity not only offers a good opportunity for students to show their talents, but also brings Chinese culture to teachers and students and let them experience the charm of Chinese and Chinese culture. it is much appreciated by everyone present.