1. "The Fifth CINB Teaching Seminar Has Been Held Successfully"
From 5th to 7th, the Confucius Institute of New Brunswick held the 5th Seminar on Chinese Teaching in Fredericton. Chris Treadwell, assistant of the vice Minister of Education of New Brunswick, Dawn Weatherbie, the vice president of Atlantic Education International (AEI) and executive director of CINB, Jennifer Graham, the director of policy and public relations of AEI, Dean Mutch, the deputy director of the Bureau of Education of North School District, and Joanne Williams, the international project officer of the Bureau of Education of West School District, attended the meeting. Yang Jian, a Jinghu performing artist, and Pei Yan, a famous Yue opera actress, were invited to attend the meeting. From 5th to 6th, Teng Jing, the general teaching supervisor, presided over the meeting. Chinese teachers reported on the theme of "I am in cross-cultural communication" and talked about frustrations and growth in their work and life. They also had in-depth exchanges on three teaching topics: how to effectively explore Chinese teaching, how to carry out teaching activities in accordance with their own characteristics, and how to select teaching materials for different age groups in a school. Afterwards, Teng Jing shared her own cross-cultural experience, emphasizing that teachers of CI should handle problems with an international perspective and deal with them in a more inclusive and intelligent way.

(Yang Jian is giving speech)
On the 6th, Yang Jian gave an account of the greatness of Chinese quintessence history of nearly 300 years and Peking Opera art through contrasting the four areas of performance: singing, speaking, acting and acrobatic fighting of Peking Opera with world music, dance, acrobatics and make-up. Pei Yan trained all Chinese teachers in body etiquette through a "Qipao Show". Liang Jiayi popularized Wushu knowledge and taught "Wushu gymnastics" which was easy to learn. Yang Jian and Pei Yan were engaged as the first batch of artistic consultants of CINB, and they would offer more professional guidance in Chinese teaching and cultural communication activities in the future.

(Dawn Weatherbie awarded them a letter of appointment at the scene)

On the 7th, representatives of teachers of CINB from different school districts reported on their work. Liu Xiaowei, a Chinese teacher, won the title of "Excellent Chinese Volunteer Teacher in Canada" and shared her feelings and gains. Li Nannan, the first Chinese teacher converted from a volunteer teacher in CINB, who had been in service for three and a half years, also expressed her reluctance on the verge of leaving the post.

(Li Nannan is giving speech)
During the guest speech, Joanne Williams affirmed the achievements of the Chinese teachers of CINB and pointed out that their hard work was well received by the local teachers and students.
Dawn Weatherbie thanked all the teachers of CI for their contribution to the education of New Brunswick. In her speech, she pointed out that the front-line teachers set an example for students. They provided many opportunities for teachers and students in New Brunswick to learn about the world.

Jennifer Graham announced on the spot that the Chinese syllabus of CI had been approved by the Education Syllabus Committee of New Brunswick, which meant that Chinese course would become an official elective course for all schools and join the National Education Series of New Brunswick in an all-round way. Chinese teaching would start a new journey.

Teng Jing showed all the participants the certificate of "Advanced Individual of Confucius Institute" obtained by John McLaughlin, the vice Minister of Education of New Brunswick. She thanked all the teachers of CI for their efforts, and thanked the Headquarter of Confucius Institute/Hanban, the Department of Education of New Brunswick, the Department of Education of Shandong Province and Qufu Normal University for their strong supports. She pointed out that in the past eleven years, Chinese teachers had cultivated numerous messengers for Sino-Canadian cultural exchanges.
The official website of Hanban also reported on the event:

2. " Welcome the Chinese New Year with Delicacies "
On the 15th, Oromocto High School held a Chinese Delicacy Experience Event to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2019. Joanne Williams, the International Program Officer of the Bureau of Education, came to the scene to share with the students the happiness and felicity brought by Chinese traditional culture.
All kinds of Chinese delicacies with long history and unique flavor, especially dumplings, wonton and Tangyuan, brought people a feast of vision and taste. High school students practiced and appreciated the charm of the Spring Festival. In the process of making dumplings, some students said that although they had no way to make them at the very beginning, it was not as difficult as they imagined after practicing. Like learning Chinese, it was a gradual process. Chinese vocabulary such as "Jiaozi", "Rouxian", "Hundun" and "Tangyuan" were constantly passed on to students, and some of them stopped their work to consult the Chinese teacher. Li Yanmei, the Chinese teacher, introduced the cultural connotation of the Spring Festival and the traditional Chinese cultural stories while instructing them.

The link of report on the event in the official website of Hanban:

3. “The students from Chinese classes shine brilliantly by hosting bilingually and singing in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala of St. John."
On the afternoon of January 27th, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala in St. John began with the bursts of drum-beating. Mr. Chen Xueming, Consul General of China in Montreal, Canada, was invited to attend the Gala and delivered a speech. Leaders at all levels of local province and municipalities, friendly local Chinese and overseas Chinese from different regions also attended the gala. All earnings from the performance would be donated to Saint John Regional Hospital to support the development of the local medical system.

High school students of Chinese classes in St. John sang "Dedication of Love" in Chinese with local Chinese children and college students, which fully demonstrated the theme of "mutual affection, integration and prosperity" in the pluralistic community, between China and Canada.

MacLean Preston, a student from Chinese class of CI in Harbour View High School, was one of the hosts of the Spring Festival Gala. As the curtain slowly rose, Preston stood in the middle of the stage. The moment he saluted the audience in proficient Chinese, the audience uttered a great surprise. The inherent concept of "Chinese is difficult to learn and is difficult to be understood" had been broken. Preston's brilliant performance set an good example for countless Canadian friends who wanted to know more about China!
MacLean Preston was not only the first Canadian to host the Spring Festival Gala in St. John in Chinese and English on the stage in recent years, but also the only male presenter to undertake most of the announcement work. While getting proficient in the Chinese introduction of the programs, he also compiled authentic English lines according to the Chinese meaning.

4. "Teachers and students in North School District are busy with the rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala."
On the 27th, the first rehearsal of the Spring Festival Gala in Moncton went smoothly. The program Huo Yuanjia of CINB was successfully adopted. Performers from two places converged for the first time.
Huo Yuanjia took Jay Chou's homonymous repertoire as the background music and combined Chinese Wushu with popular hip-hop dance, cheerleading and singing, etc. Liang Jiayi, the volunteer teacher of Wushu, started the show by making a stage pose of a sword dance. After the students came on stage, they went through the whole show in the form of acrobatic fighting and dancing and highlighted the show with classic acrobatic fighting, acrobatic display, lift in cheerleading and other difficult movements.
For this Spring Festival Gala program, CI gathered three parts of the manpower: North School District, Riverview East School, and Riverview High School. Liang Jiayi, a martial arts teacher in North School District, completed her teaching course in advance and trained ten performers. Afterwards, She spent a week in Moncton RES to train eight students, who were the most suitable candidates selected with the support of the school. The school arranged a special classroom for them to rehearse during lunchtime and one hour after lunch. Two students in the RHS Chinese class took the singing part. Liu Xiaowei, a Chinese teacher, was responsible for correcting their pronunciation and rehearsing Chinese lyrics.
Liu Xiaowei and Xu Mengke supervised the later training on the basis of Liang Jiayi's video. In North School District, Wang Jingli took the place of training students during Liang Jiayi's visit to Moncton. Students from Canada wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the local Chinese through this form of performance in order to convey their best wishes and express their love and yearning for Chinese culture.

5. “CINB visited the Trilingual School”
CINB visited the trilingual school on the 28th to exchange views with Rein Meesters, the principal, on the teaching achievements of Confucius classroom in the school and future cooperation.
Rein Meesters said that since the establishment of contacts with the sister Elementary School Affiliated to Qufu Normal University, the two sides had exerted their respective geographical and cultural advantages to enhance mutual understanding through students’ sharing of their daily campus life and building a “Sino-Canadian Friendship Gate”.
Teng Jing suggested that when the Chinese New Year was approaching, the two sides could take “Chinese New Year” as the theme. The students of Trilingual School could experience the authentic Chinese New Year through pictures and videos, and introduce it into the classroom. At the same time, other cultural exchange activities could also be introduced to the sister school in a similar way.
In addition, the principal once again expressed his gratitude for his trip to China last July. His own insights on his trip to China were also published in Journal of Confucius Institute.

6. "The Chinese classes of CI in High Schools complete the courses successfully"
On the 30th, Li Nannan and Liu Shujie successfully completed the teaching task of the first semester of 2018-2019 in three high schools in St. John including Saint Malachy's Memorial High School, Saint John High School and Harbour View High School through concerted efforts. They received high appraisal from the students on Chinese classes and Chinese teachers. Although the students came from three different high schools, they agreed that they had not only learned the basic knowledge of Chinese and the similarities and differences between Chinese and Canadian cultures, but also highly acknowledged the value of Chinese language programs for the development of local communities. Just as one student wrote in his letter: “I’m glad the Chinese and Canadian government make this privilege available to us because it expands my classmates and my knowledge greatly.”
In addition to the high schools in St. John, the other five high schools in Fredericton and Moncton and the evening class at UDM University also completed their courses successfully and started the course selection in the new semester.

7. "CINB attends the donation ceremony of St. John's Spring Festival Gala"
On the 31st, Liu Shujie, as the representative of the Chinese teachers of CINB, was invited by the Chinese Association of St. John to attend and witness the charitable donation ceremony of the Spring Festival Gala. All the money from the Spring Festival Gala would be donated to Saint John Regional Hospital. This was the first time over the years that the Chinese community had joined hands with charities to contribute to the development of the local medical system.

8. "Visit alumni and send good luck during the Spring Festival"
On the 31st, Teng Jing visited members of CINB Alumni Association on behalf of CINB. As a former student of CI, Renee Turcotte was cordially called as Dr. Su. For five years, she persisted in learning Chinese with Teng Jing every Tuesday and participated in the Spring China Trip Project as the first member of the Student Association. As the Spring Festival approached, Teng Jing went to visit her on behalf of CINB and told her about the recent situation of the volunteer teacher in China who had been living in her home. Teng Jing brought her the white tea as the hometown specialty sent by the volunteer teacher, and issued her an invitation to watch the Spring Festival Gala.
It is countless students who have witnessed the development of CINB over the past ten years. They are also the most solid backing of CI family. No matter where they are, the members of the Alumni Association are walking side by side with us.

Special: Decorate the campus with colorful lights, welcome the New Year with joy and delight
Led by Wang Jingli, the Chinese teacher, the teachers and students of Rexton Elementary School are preparing for the Spring Festival Art Exhibition in full swing. Different grades set different themes around the Chinese New Year. Students from kindergarten to the fifth grade make "dancing dragon ", "fish pattern every year", "my Spring Festival cotton jacket", "Chinese lanterns" and "Year of blessing", "Paper-cut in the Year of Pig", hand-painted lanterns, Chinese characters of “ruixue zhao fengnian”, Spring Festival couplets and other works of art.

Before making "fish pattern every year", Wang Jingli explained to the students an indispensable dish on Chinese New Year's dinner table, that is fish, with the Chinese character “鱼” is read as “yu” in Mandarin which has the same pronunciation with another character “余” meaning "surplus", which symbolizes the wish for a better life. This not only trains the children's practical ability and creative ability in art class, but also makes this handicraft work richer in cultural meaning.

In Hillcrest Middle School, Sun Xiaojiao, the volunteer teacher, leads the students to make cute pigs and colorful dragons.

In Riverview East School, with the help of Xu Mengke, the volunteer teacher, K-3 students complete decorating the wall of the Year of Pig with their own works.

All the children's names in the class are written on the part of lucky fish and the small firecrackers. On the character “福” cards with Chinese knots are the names of the classes which start Chinese course in this semester. They contain the wishes of reunion for the New Year. The activity of hand-painted Chinese costume is divided into two parts: paper folding in senior grades and coloring in junior grades, each of which is a unique design work. Children design clothes with the concepts of maple leaf, rainbow, sea, flowers, Pikachu and single-player games with their creativity. The combination of traditional Chinese clothes and Canadian local characteristics ignites unexpected sparks after colliding with each other.

In Evergreen School, Li Shanshan, the Chinese teacher, leads the students to decorate the door for the Spring Festival meaning a long-lasting friendship between China and Canada.

In West Riverview Elementary School, Liu Xiaowei, the Chinese teacher, leads the students to decorate a wall with Chinese character “福” implying happiness and joy.

      5日至7日,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院在弗莱市(Fredericton)举行第五届汉语教学工作研讨会。新布伦瑞克省教育部副部长助理克里斯·特雷德韦尔(Chris Treadwell),大西洋国际教育集团(AEI)副总裁、新布伦瑞克省孔子学院执行理事道恩·韦瑟比(Dawn Weatherbie),大西洋国际教育集团(AEI)政策和公共关系主管珍妮弗·格雷厄姆(Jennifer Graham),北部学区教育局副局长德安·穆奇(Dean Mutch),西部学区教育局国际项目官员乔安妮·威廉姆斯(Joanne Williams)等出席会议。中国京胡表演艺术家杨健、著名越剧演员裴燕应邀参会。
      滕菁向与会人员展示了新布伦瑞克省教育部副部长约翰·麦克劳克林(John McLaughlin)所获得的“孔子学院先进个人”证书。感谢孔院全体教师的付出,感谢孔子学院总部/国家汉办、新布伦瑞克省教育厅、山东省厅与曲阜师范大学的大力支持。她指出,十一年来,汉语教师已为中加人文交流培养了不计其数的使者。

      15日,奥罗莫科托高中(Oromocto High School)为迎接2019中国新年,举办了中华美食体验活动。教育局国际项目官员乔安妮·威廉姆斯(Joanne Williams)亲临现场跟同学们一起尽情分享中国传统文化带来的幸福和快乐。

      27日下午,加拿大新布伦瑞克省圣约翰市华人春晚在阵阵擂鼓声中正式拉开序幕,中国驻加拿大蒙特利尔总领事陈学明先生受邀出席晚会并致辞,与其一同出席的还有省市区各级领导、当地友华爱华人士以及来自不同地区的华人华侨。本次演出所有善款均将赠与圣约翰地区医院(Saint John Regional Hospital)以支持当地医疗体系发展。
      来自海景高中(Harbour View High School)孔院汉语班的学生麦顿(MacLean Preston)是本次春晚的主持人之一,随着幕布的徐徐升起,麦顿站在舞台中央,用熟练的中文向观众致敬的一刻,引得全场一片惊叹,“中文难学,外国人难懂”的固有观念被打破,麦顿的精彩表现为无数想加深了解中国的加拿大朋友树立了榜样!
      他不仅是圣约翰近些年春晚舞台上首位中英双语主持的加拿大面孔,也作为全场唯一一位男生主持人承担着舞台大部分的报幕工作。在熟练掌握节目中文介绍的同时, 更是根据中文意思编写出地道的英文台词。
      本次春晚节目孔院共集结了北部和河景东校(Riverview east school)、河景高中(Riverview high school)三部分的人力。北部武术教师梁嘉怡提前完成任教学校课程及北部十名演出人员训练后,利用一周时间来到蒙克顿RES为八名学生进行训练。这八名学生是在校方支持下筛选出的最合适人选,并特意安排了专门教室利用午餐及午餐后的一个小时练习彩排。歌唱部分由RHS汉语班的两名学生完成,汉语教师刘晓唯负责中文唱词的纠音及排演。

      28日,CINB访问三语学校,同三语学校校长瑞恩·米斯特斯(Rein Meesters)就三语学校孔子课堂的教学成果与今后合作交换意见。

      30日,圣约翰市三所高中——圣马拉奇纪念高中(Saint Malachy’s Memorial High School)、圣约翰高中(Saint John High School)和海景高中(Harbour View High School)在李楠楠和刘淑杰两位汉语教师的通力合作下顺利完成2018-2019年度第一学期的教学任务,并且收到学生对汉语课堂和汉语教师们的高度评价。虽然来自三所不同的高中,但学生们一致认为通过汉语课他们不仅学到了基本的汉语知识,了解了中加文化间的异同,更是不约而同地高度认可中文项目对当地社区发展的价值。正如一个孩子在信中写到:“I’m glad the Chinese and Canadian government make this privilege available to us because it expends my classmates and my knowledge greatly.”

      31日,新省孔院汉语教师代表刘淑杰受圣约翰华人协会邀请一同出席见证“春晚慈善捐助仪式”,所有来自春晚的款项都将赠与圣约翰市地区医院(Saint John Regional Hospital)。这是华人社区历年来首次与慈善机构携手为当地医疗体系发展贡献一份力量。

      31日,滕菁代表CINB看望新省孔院校友会成员。作为曾经的孔院学员,Renee Turcotte被大家亲切地称为苏大夫,在五年的时间里坚持每周二和滕菁学习汉语,并作为第一个学生团成员参加了春季中国行项目。春节临近,滕菁代表CINB前往拜访,并讲述了去中国所见到的原来住在她家的志愿者老师近况,带给她志愿者送的家乡特产白茶,还发出了观看新春晚会的邀请。


       Rexton 小学全校师生在汉语教师王静丽的带领下,正如火如荼地为春节艺术展活动做准备。围绕着中国新年各年级设定了不同的主题,幼儿班到五年级学生分别制作了“舞龙”,“年年有 ‘鱼’”,“我的春节小棉袄”,“中国灯笼”与“年来送福”,猪年剪纸,手绘灯笼,瑞雪兆丰年和春联等艺术作品。

      Hillcrest Middle School志愿者教师孙小皎带领制作的俏皮猪和彩色飞龙

      Riverview east school K-3年级的学生在志愿者教师许梦可的帮助下用自己的作品完成了“开门大吉”的猪年装饰墙。
      Lucky fish 和小鞭炮的部件上写有班级里每一位小朋友的名字。坠有中国结的福字卡片是本学期开课班级的名称,寓以团团圆圆过大年的祝福。手绘汉服主题分为高年级折纸与低年级涂色两种,每一幅都是一个与众不同的设计作品。小朋友们发挥天马行空的创造力设计了枫叶、彩虹、大海、鲜花、皮卡丘、单机游戏等理念的衣服,传统汉服与加拿大本土特色结合,碰撞出了意想不到的火花。

      Evergreen school 教师李珊珊带领制作的寓意中加友谊长长久久的新春装饰门

      West Riverview elementary school教师刘晓唯带领制作的福字墙