1. Sharing and learning from each other.
CINB Seminar on Chinese Teaching and Asian Cultural Heritage Month was held in St. John.
On May 3rd, the teachers shared their experiences and puzzles in their teaching. They
mainly focused on learning from local teachers and how to use effective methods to
activate the classroom. Chinese teacher Chen Junfeng shared her report that she made
during the Edmonton conference and systematically introduced what she knew about
the teaching situation and what could be learned there.
On May 4th, volunteer Sun Xiaojiao introduced her game experiences accumulated
during meeting out and teaching in Korea with the theme of game application in
Chinese teaching. She also shared the applicable games on Chinese teaching based on
North American games.

Teng Jing inquired about the teaching situations and the living conditions of
volunteers in local families in detail. After summarizing the work in the past two
semesters, she first affirmed the contribution each one made to the CI and expressed
her gratitude. Then, she expressed her hope that everyone’s work experience in the CI
could provide reference and help for future career planning. At the same time, she
proposed to establish a resource-sharing Library of teachers’ courseware which could
become an open and shared teaching platform. Finally, she urged the promotion of
chess teaching once again.

2. Listening to Masters of Chinese Opera, Appreciating the quintessence of
Chinese culture
On the afternoon of May 4th, Professor Yang Jian, the art director of CINB, and Pei
Yan, the first-class actress of the National Yue Opera, gave the second lecture in the
series of Chinese quintessence lectures. Yang Jian made a detailed comparison
between Chinese operas and Western drama, pointing out the characteristics of
Chinese operas, headed by Peking Opera, were to depict people’s lives with virtual
reality, to deduce truth by exaggerated, beautified and explicit void, and to use art
abstraction to surpass life reality. Pei Yan introduced the overseas dissemination of
Yue Opera with her previous experience in overseas theatrical performances. They
made it clear to all that art had no boundaries, and the opera art had eternal and vivid