1. “Mandarin teacher parts reluctantly with the old school, principal and teachers say farewell and wish him a good new journey”
April 2nd, volunteer teacher Chen Zhisheng completed his six-month course in Chinese culture and language at Connaught Street School in Fredericton. Barb Corbett, the principal, on behalf of the school and all the teachers, thanked Chen Zhisheng for the rich and colorful experience of Chinese language and culture curriculum he brought, which helped the students understand Chinese language and culture and enrich their classroom activities. Meanwhile, the principal also expressed good expectations for Chen’s upcoming Chinese course at George Street Middle School. The principal said that through one semester of Chinese learning, students gained a lot. He believed that the students of the new school would also like Chinese language and culture courses, and he wished everything went well.
2. “Multicultural schools embrace multiculturalism and Mandarin teachers take root again”
Earlier this month, Chinese teacher Chen Junfeng and volunteer teacher Chen Zhisheng met with the principal Pierre Plourde at George Street Middle School. They exchanged views on the opening of Chinese language and culture courses, future cooperation between the school and Confucius Institute, language learning and student training, etc. The Principal said: “I am very grateful to Confucius Institute for providing such an opportunity, not only to enrich students’ classroom activities, but also to broaden students’ multi-cultural horizons. As far as education itself is concerned, understanding and benefiting from multiculturalism is conducive to enhancing students’ international perspective. The school is the most multicultural school in the province. It has students from all over the world. Other excellent Mandarin teachers from Confucius Institute are also welcome to work in the school.”

The principal appreciated Confucius Institute’s cultural exhibition with Chinese characteristics in the multicultural night in the Trilingual school. During the more than one hour meeting, the principal personally led the two teachers to visit the school, and met with some teachers. He also showed the school’s distinctive classrooms, laboratories, music classrooms and student interest groups. That evening, the vice principal and the principal invited two Mandarin teachers to attend the campus drama performance in the school’s gymnasium.
3. “Self-improving promotes learning, communicating and discussing make co-growing”
On April 5th, St. John’s Educational District of New Brunswick held a special lecture on “Teenagers’ Mental Health Problems” with four high schools. On the day of the activity, Dr. Chorney, a famous psychologist, was invited to give the lecture. More than 100 teachers and staff from the four high schools attended the lecture. Li Nannan and Liu Shujie, teachers of Confucius Institute, jointly attended the lecture as high school Mandarin teachers, and shared what they learned with Dr. Chorney after the lecture. This lecture provided teachers with very important help in understanding teenagers’ personality and controlling the class.

4. “In the past ten years, we have cultivated the flower of Chinese language and made great achievement in private school in this spring.”
On April 11th, at the invitation of Touchstone Academy, CINB appointed Li Nannan, a Chinese teacher from St. John’s School District, to start a Chinese Club. On the day of the event, the number of students enrolled by parents increased from 6 to 12, and the students ranged from grade 2 to grade 5. Students showed great interest and enthusiasm in Chinese language and culture in class. After class, they were eager to show their Chinese to their families. Some parents exclaimed “such a big class here” after they saw the students in the Chinese Club. Presumably, this is the charm of multiculturalism, and it is also the manifestation of the educational concept of the new era under the background of globalization.

5. “The scholar’s four treasures are marvelous; ink painting portraits the national treasure”
On April 12th, a unique experience of traditional Chinese ink painting was launched in Oromocto School District. On the spot, Li Yanmei, the Mandarin teacher, introduced the four treasures of the study: pen, ink, paper and inkstone. The students appreciated the famous ink and wash paintings Bamboo Forest and Panda. They understood the particularities and perceived the characteristics of ink and wash paintings.

After understanding the basic painting skills, the students rushed to pick up the brush to draw in the way of Chinese Ink Painting. They outlined and colored their painting little by little with mild Xuan paper and fragrant ink. In a moment, charmingly naive pandas stood vividly on the paper. Chinese ink painting has a long history and is world-famous. Through the exhibition on that day, the students understood the connotation of ink painting. More importantly, they had the opportunity to pick up brushes and experience the painting personally and fully felt the unique charm of Chinese ink painting.
6. “Supervise the classrooms, understand the students, plan the future”
On April 18th, CINB teaching supervisor Teng Qing and Chinese director Dai Zunfeng came to St. John’s School District to inspect and guide the teaching work. The two directors of Confucius Institute first listened to Liu Shujie’s work report, and then drove to Beaconsfield Middle School, where Li Nannan worked. They listened to the class. The students warmly welcomed the arrival of the two directors and bravely greeted and introduced themselves in Chinese. Before the bell rang, they gathered around to exchange greetings. Subsequently, the two directors and Li Nannan went to Touchstone Academy, a newly cooperative private school from this month, to discuss with the principal about launching a Chinese language project in the new school year. The principal highly recognized Li Nannan’s work and said that “the Chinese club is the largest class in recent years”. Therefore, she looked forward to more in-depth cooperation with Confucius Institute.

7. “Easter also has a Chinese style”
From 15th to 18th, Mandarin teacher Li Nannan held lectures and cultural activities on the theme of “Chinese Culture Day? Easter” in three schools where she worked. High school students not only learned Easter-related vocabulary and sentences, but also experienced an interesting Chinese version of “Easter Auction” combined with Chinese monetary culture. Junior high school students integrated small animals related to Easter into the study of the twelve zodiac signs, the whole school together attended the activity-“guess the Easter riddles and win prizes”, the whole class together handmade DIY rabbits, not to mention how lively it was. Pupils were more active because they liked to do exercises and fold paper with their teacher Ms. Li. We spent a very happy Easter-theme class together.

8. “They are deeply touched through China-trip and the soul of friendship is buried in their hearts”
On April 28th, CINB received a special gift in the evening Chinese class at the French University of Moncton. Nine students who returned from a visit to Qufu Normal University in March carefully selected pictures of the China trip and made them into a book, then they dedicated their full memories and hearts to Confucius Institute, expressing their desire to become friendly envoys of Sino-Canadian friendship.

9. “Practice martial arts, listen to silk bamboo, fresh vitality is injected into classrooms”
On April 30th, Liang Jiayi and Wang Jingli went to Evergreen School and Harrison Trimble High School from the North to Moncton School District to offer students a unique martial arts and music lesson. In addition, in preparation for the forthcoming “Asian Cultural Heritage Month” in St. John, volunteer teachers Liang Jiayi and Chen Zhisheng were also actively preparing. The new combination of Erhu and Wushu was bound to add luster to the performance.

Students devoted themselves wholeheartedly and practiced the movements conscientiously in PE class. PE teacher showed great enthusiasm for the cooperation.

Students in Grade 2 listened to the Oriental music with their heads crooked and were eager to try the instrument. Music teacher also suggested that if there were performances in the future, they could cooperate.

Senior high school students in Mandarin class practiced every gesture and motion carefully. Many of them also wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge a “master” so as to become Wushu talents.
10. Tantalizing glimpses: Daily activities of Confucius Institute
In addition to normal teaching, Chen Junfeng holds an after-school dance club in the trilingual school and sticks to teaching at the local Chinese school on weekends.

After-class dance club of trilingual school: make a stage pose

After-class dance club in trilingual school: “Dance” plays a decisive role in my childhood

Chinese School in Fredericton: I am a little orator

Chinese School in Fredericton: We’ve finished the course
Canadian spring might be late, but we would never miss it. Liu Xiaowei and Xu Mengke designed classroom teaching activities in combination with spring theme.

Riverview East School: Spring is coming. Let’s make flowers together.

Riverview West School: I love my parents
Xu Mengke set up a Traditional Culture Club in Riverview High School. The members experience Chinese clothes, talk about makeup and hair decoration, try to make tea and distinguish tea. DIY’s hairpins are also very exquisite.

Riverview High School: Traditional Culture Club

Riverview High School: Many of them are masterpieces by boys.

      2日,志愿者教师陈志圣结束了在弗莱市弗雷德克里顿小学(Connaught Street School)为期6个月的中国文化与语言课程,校长Barb Corbett代表学校和全体教师感谢陈志圣为学校带来的丰富多彩的汉语语言文化课程体验,让该校学生了解了关于中国的语言和文化知识,丰富了孩子们的课堂活动。同时,校长也对其即将在乔治街初中(George Street Middle School)开设的汉语课程表达了美好期许。校长表示,通过为期一个学期的汉语学习,学生们收获颇多,相信新学校的学生们也一定会喜欢中国语言文化课程,并预祝一切顺利。
      月初,汉语教师陈俊锋、志愿者陈志圣在乔治街初中(George Street Middle School)同该校校长Pierre Plourde进行了会面。就中国语言文化课程开设、未来该校与孔院的合作、语言学习、学生培养等问题进行了交流。校长表示:十分感谢孔子学院能提供这样的机会,不仅可以丰富学生的课堂活动,而且开拓了学生的多元文化视野。就教育本身而言,了解多元文化并从中获益,有利于提升学生的国际化眼光。该校是新省最具多元文化特色的学校,学校有来自世界各地的学生,也欢迎孔院其他优秀的汉语教师来学校工作。
      11日,受塔奇斯顿私立学校(Touchstone Academy)邀请,CINB委派圣约翰学区汉语教师李楠楠前去开展中文俱乐部。活动当天从前期家长们报名的6名学生增加到12名,年龄层遍布2-5年级。课上学生们对中国的语言及文化表现出了非常大的兴趣和很高的学习积极性,课后更是迫不及待地向前来迎接的家人展示自己学到的汉语。有的家长在看到中文俱乐部的学生后直呼“such a big class here!”想必,这就是多元文化的魅力,也正是当今全球化背景下新时代教育理念的展现。
      18日,CINB教学总督导滕箐、中方院长代尊峰前来圣约翰学区视察指导教学工作。两位孔院负责人先是听取了刘淑杰老师的工作汇报,再驱车赶到李楠楠老师任教的贝肯斯菲尔德初中(Beaconsfield Middle School)课堂听课。学生们对两位负责人的到来表示了热烈的欢迎,并勇敢地用汉语打招呼介绍自己,下课铃还未响就纷纷围上前问好交流。随后,两位负责人与李楠楠老师一同去到本月新合作的私立学校——塔奇斯顿私立学校(Touchstone Academy)与校长商讨新学年开办中文项目等事宜,校长对李楠楠老师的工作表示了高度认可,称“现在的中文俱乐部是近几年人数最多的班级”,由此非常期待能与孔院有更多更深入的合作。
      4月30日,汉语志愿者梁嘉怡、教师王静丽从北部到蒙克顿学区为学生们展开别开生面的武术课与音乐课,先后去了Evergreen School和Harrison Trimble High School。此外,为准备圣约翰市即将举办的“亚洲文化遗产月”活动,志愿者教师梁嘉怡与陈志圣也正在积极筹备当中,二胡与武术的全新结合势必将会为演出活动增添一抹亮色。