1 “Team cooperation and ideas sharing ”
CINB collected the teaching logs of CI teachers from September to October and put them into the CI working group for exchange and learning. Meanwhile, six teaching teams took shape including: Chen Junfeng and Chen Zhisheng in Fredericton district, Li Yanmei in Oromocto district, Liu Xiaowei and Xu Mengke in Riverview district, Sun Xiaojiao and Li Shanshan in Moncton district, Li Nannan and Liu Shujie in Saint John district, Wang Jingli and Liang Jiayi in Rexton district.

2 “Supplement of teaching and cultural materials to all school districts”
CINB distributed the teaching and cultural materials donated by Qufu Normal University according to the actual needs of each teaching spot. Wushu teaching is featured in the northern school district. Opera teaching is added to the trilingual school, while Moncton district has corresponding teaching of Chinese clothes and tea art. In line with the principle of circulating and recycling, we should give full play to the maximum value of these materials. The teaching aids supplied will play an important role in the Chinese teaching and cultural promotion in NB. In particular, lion dancing, dragon dancing, Chinese drums, Taiji sword and other cultural supplies increase the diversity of cultural courses and enable the students of CI to better appreciate the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

3 “China and the West are contrasted through different shades of ink and wash paintings.”
CINB invited Liang Lixia, a local Chinese painting enthusiast, to teach Chinese traditional painting at various teaching spots. In primary schools, Ms. Liang introduced the differences between Chinese ink painting and Western oil painting to children, and showed some of her works, which aroused students’ gasps in admiration. Then she demonstrated how to draw a crab with a brush in an easy-to-understand way. The crab’s belly, whisker and legs are very lifelike with a few strokes. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students carefully tested the color on the edge of Xuan Paper, adjusted the shades and drew the pictures under the teacher’s instruction. The students who comprehended faster had already drawn a crab family excitedly. In high school, Ms. Liang taught students to draw bamboos and Chinese calligraphy. The students wrote “中国”and“加拿大”on real Xuan Paper for the first time. After drawing bamboos-the food for pandas, they were full of accomplishment.

4 “Creating Chinese cultural boutique with joint efforts”
On November 6th, Ms. Pei Yan, the first-class actor of the National Yue Opera, visited the trilingual school accompanied by the teachers of CINB. CINB welcomed Ms. Pei Yan and introduced the development and achievements of CI in recent years. Ms. Pei Yan thanked CINB for its invitation and talked professionally on the functions of teaching aids including lion dancing, dragon dancing, Taiji sword and Chinese drum, etc. then she gave instructions on Chinese dance and opera to the triplet sisters-Dingmei, Dingju and Dinglan. Ms. Pei Yan said the triplet sisters had good image, good temperament, solid dance skills, they could quickly grasp the essentials of action and they were talents that could be shaped. Ms. Pei also gave instructive suggestions on stage design, basic dance essentials etc. according to actual situation. She would give full cooperation to CINB to create brand-new spokespersons for the trilingual school and Chinese culture.

5 “Teachers of CI went to St. John’s Southern District Education Bureau for a meeting”
On the morning of November 9th, teachers of CINB attended a meeting in St. John’s Southern District Education Bureau and presented an atlas of the events of CINB, introduced the relevant projects to the officials of the Education Bureau: Lynn, Gary and Jennifer from AEI. The Officials of the Education Bureau said they would introduce the Chinese language teaching program to all St. John’s schools and ask them for their willingness. CINB also discussed with the officials the forms of class development in senior middle schools, junior middle schools and primary schools and the two sides agreed that language and culture teaching should be the main part of teaching and various activities should be supplemented, reflecting the characteristics of cross-culture and multi-culture, so that students could broaden their horizons and learn happily.

In that afternoon, teachers of CINB visited professor Yang Jian and Ms. Pei Yan and discussed the education of the triplet sisters in the trilingual school in Fredericton. Professor Yang and Ms. Pei gave feasible plans and detailed implementation rules from a professional point of view. Director Teng Jing said that she would invite them as CINB art consultants to tailor the repertoire for the triplets and create high-level opera talents.

6 “Chinese teacher Li Shanshan reported to her position.”
On November 13th, Li Shanshan, a Chinese teacher from No. 5 Middle School in Tianjin, went to Evergreen School to start her teaching.

7 “Multicultural exchange and blending”
On the evening of November 15th, Liu Shujie and Li Nannan, Chinese teachers of CINB, were invited to attend the annual International Night of St. John High School. They had a multicultural collision with many other community organizations from different countries. CINB was the only unit invited to show Chinese culture that evening. It consisting of the award-winning lantern riddle area, the fragrant tea art area, the calligraphy area for exhibiting one’s skills, and the interesting game area. The distinctive features of eating, drinking, playing and learning had attracted many audiences to stop and experience.

8 “CINB Participated in Chess Promotion Forum”
On Nov. 16th, director of CINB was invited to attend the chess promotion forum of CI in Quebec. Dong Bo attended it and made a speech. This event aimed to promote the development of Canadian Chess Campus Activities in conjunction with relevant Confucius Institutes and Chess Clubs. CINB would make every effort to improve the promotion and dissemination of chess in accordance with local conditions.

9 “CINB supervised Chinese class”
On November 20th, Dai Zunfeng went to Fredericton to supervise volunteer teacher Chen Zhisheng’s Chinese class. Dai affirmed his teaching and put forward further guidance on class management.

10 “Chinese lions dancing with Christmas float parade”
On November 24th, CINB took part in the annual large-scale Christmas float parade in Moncton. The official website of Hanban reported this event.

During the activity, the square array composed of teachers and students of CI and Riverview High School was particularly eye-catching. The Chinese dancing lions, with their golden coats and brilliant appearances, echoed the mascot lion of Riverview High School on the float. Seven “pandas” and twelve zodiac animals followed them. On the way, the parade team actively interacted with the audience. The children around cheered or clapped hands with pandas, zodiacs, or danced with lions. Eason, a high school student from Riverview High School who took part in the parade with CI for the first time, said excitedly, “It’s so interesting! Next year I will definitely attend it again. I want to learn Chinese too!”

The success of this parade was not only due to the help of cultural and educational materials presented by Qufu Normal University, but also the result of the careful planning and full cooperation between teachers and students of CI. Participation in the Christmas parade is an annual essential project of CINB. It is a good opportunity to show the local people the style of CI and Chinese culture as well as a chance for CI to expect Christmas with local people together and to merge into the multi-culture.

11 “ Accumulate steadily and break forth vastly, CINB receive the laurel again.”
Liu Xiaowei, a Chinese teacher of CINB, won the honorary title of “Excellent Volunteer in Canada” in 2018.

12 "Charming Shadow figures entering Chinese classroom"
In November, the primary school of Oromocto School District launched a theme activity of Chinese culture. Charming shadow play, magical Chinese characters, Peking Opera facial masks, color matching ribbon dance and so on entered the classroom one after another. The Chinese class became richer and more interesting, especially the charming shadow play, which was warmly welcomed by children. Chinese teacher Li Yanmei, introduced the production process and artistic features of shadow play, and then let the children watch the shadow play videos “Journey to the West” and “Wu Song Fighting Tigers”. The wonderful and vivid shadow play, together with interesting music effects and vivid language, aroused the students’ great interest and curiosity. Children vividly arranged and performed their own shadow stories in both English and Chinese, learning and experiencing Chinese excellent traditional culture in cheerful chatting and laughing.

13 “Food activities yielded a lot”
On the afternoon of November 26th, Wang Jingli, a Chinese teacher, and Liang Jiayi, a volunteer teacher, were invited by Ms. Cheryl Warman, coordinator of the community school, to hold a Chinese food experience for the students of the culinary club at Eleanor W. Graham Middle School. Dumpling banquet and fried rice in Chinese style brought different cultural experiences of delicacies to students. The students were guided by the Chinese teachers to make dumpling wrappers, make dumplings and boil dumplings step by step, and finally they tasted and enjoyed their cooking achievements together. After the “first experience” of dumplings, they said they tasted like their favorite, local Perogies. Ethen, a sixth-grade student, said, “Now I have tasted Chinese dumplings. They are delicious and I like them very much. I also find that Chinese and Canadian cuisines are similar, and I want to try more Chinese cuisine in the future.”

On the evening of the event, Ms. Cheryl Warman posted the news on Facebook. Parents and school principals in the community commented on it and gave their thumbs-up.

14 “Chinese Song Contest”
On the morning of November 30th, Sun Xiaojiao, a volunteer Chinese teacher, held the first Chinese song contest in Hillcrest Middle School, which was a school-wide competition covering K-8 grades. Even the students of English class of Grade 8 who did not have Chinese courses were voluntarily enrolled in the competition. Sun Xiaojiao chose songs suitable for each grade, and matched them with dances conforming to the theme. The lyrics were relaxed and joyful, and the dances were interesting and easy to learn. Lively and lovely “Little Star” in Kindergarten, “Two Tigers” in the second and third grades, the wonderful “Learning Cat’s Call” in the fourth grade, “Seaweed Dance”, “The Youth Training Manual”, “Sorry for My Dad Chinese”, “Our Time" in the senior grades, together with other wonderful singing and dancing performances, won the applause of the whole school teachers and students. Through the practice of nearly a month, the students had shown the best of themselves.
Finally, the top three were selected by the school teachers. The school principal, Chinese director Dai Zunfeng and volunteer teacher Xu Mengke presented awards and prizes to them on the spot. The principal highly praised the event and affirmed the work of the CI. He considered it fully mobilized the enthusiasm of all people, made the performers more passionate, and the onlookers had a strong sense of participation, which was the proper way to show multi-culture.

15 “Moving black and red chess pieces to compete in military strategies”
On November 30th, the High School in Oromocto School District launched the Chinese chess experience activity. Chinese teacher Li Yanmei, first introduced the history of chess and the evolution of chess culture. She narrated the cultural origin of Chinese chess from the comparison of general, soldiers, ministers and guards in Chinese chess with king, queen, bishops and knights in World chess. After understanding the rules of Chinese chess, the students had a real experienced of the “competing for hegemony” on a chessboard, and felt the unique charm of Chinese chess culture. Finally, the activity ended in a wonderful game. The students were still lost in the scene and said, “This is a game full of wisdom”. Another student said, "Today is the first time I come into contact with Chinese chess, but I have already fallen in love with chess. I want to buy one to play with my parents."

      新省孔院收集教师9月、10月的教学日志并整理合集,放入孔院工作群中供大家交流学习。同时形成弗莱地区(fredericton)陈俊锋、陈志圣,奥罗莫托地区(Oromocto)李艳梅,河景地区(Riverview)刘晓唯、许梦可,蒙克顿地区(Moncton)孙小皎、李珊珊,圣约翰地区(St. John)李楠楠、刘淑杰,雷克斯地区(Rexton)王静丽、梁嘉怡六个教学团队。





      11月13日来自天津五中的汉语教师李珊珊赴evergreen school开启教学活动。
      11月15日晚,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院汉语教师刘淑杰、李楠楠受邀参加圣约翰高中一年一度的“多元文化夜(International Night)”,同来自不同国家的社区组织开展了一场精彩的多元文化交流。新布伦瑞克省孔子学院是当晚唯一受邀展示中国文化的单位,答题得奖的灯谜区,茶香四溢的茶艺区,大展身手的书法区,益智有趣的游戏区……吃喝玩学一条龙的鲜明特色吸引了众多观众驻足体验。



      活动中,由孔院师生与河景高中(Riverview High School)组成的方阵尤为亮眼。中国舞狮身披金色氄毛,神采奕奕,与花车上河景高中的吉祥物雄狮遥相呼应。七只“熊猫”与“十二生肖”紧随其后。途中,游行队伍与观众积极互动。围观的小朋友们雀跃着或与熊猫、生肖击掌,或与狮子共舞。第一次随孔院参加游行的河景高中学生伊森(Eason)兴奋地说:“太有趣了!明年我一定还要参加。我也要学习中文!”



12 “魅力皮影进入汉语课堂”

      11月26日下午,汉语教师王静丽,志愿者梁嘉怡受社区学校协调员Cheryl Warman 女士邀请,在Eleanor W.Graham 中学为烹饪俱乐部学生举办了一场中华美食体验活动。饺子宴、中式炒饭给学生们带来了不同的美食文化体验。学生们在汉语教师的引导下一步一步地做饺子皮、包饺子和煮饺子,最后一起品尝、享受自己的烹饪成果。作为饺子的“初体验”,他们表示品尝像极了他们的最爱——当地Perogies(传统馅饼)。一名六年级学生Ethen说,“现在尝到了中国的饺子,很美味,我很喜欢。还发现了中加美食是有相通的,以后我想尝试更多的中国美食。”

      活动当晚,Cheryl Warman 女士把此次活动消息发表到了Facebook,社区家长和学校校长们纷纷点赞留言。

14 “中文歌曲大赛进行时”
      11月30日上午,汉语教师志愿者孙小皎在Hillcrest middle school举办了首届中文歌曲大赛。这是一场覆盖K-8年级的全校性质的比赛,就连没有开设中文课的8年级英语班学生也自愿报名参加。孙小皎为每个年级挑选了适合其年龄的歌曲,并配以符合主题的舞蹈动作,歌词轻松欢快,舞蹈易学有趣。幼儿园活泼可爱的《小星星》,二三年级活蹦乱跳的《两只老虎》,四年级惟妙惟俏的《学猫叫》,高年级的《海草舞》、《青春修炼手册》、《对不起我的中文不好》、《我们的时光》等精彩的唱跳演出,博得全校师生喝彩,近一个月的练习学生们展现出了最棒的自己。