From July 3rd to 6th, the Principal Delegation of New Brunswick, Canada visited Qufu Normal University. This delegation consists of Teng Jing, the superintendent of Chinese teaching, foreign director of the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (hereinafter referred as the “CINB”), and eight primary and secondary school principals and teachers from the various school districts of NB.
During the visit, the principal Zhang Honghai met with Teng Jing, Teng Jing introduced the development status and future planning of the CINB. Zhang Honghai fully recognized the achievements of CINB, and expressed his continued support for the development of CINB. The principal delegation also visited the affiliated middle school and the Hulu Museum. In the affiliated middle school, the principal delegation and the teachers had a cordial exchange with the teachers and had friendly interactions with the students. By visiting the Hulu Museum, the principals learned about the Chinese unique culture, art and its rich cultural connotations.