1. CINB teachers meeting with Chinese school teachers in Moncton"
On September 2nd, four CINB teachers had a meeting with some teachers from the Chinese school in Moncton. CINB teachers Liu Xiaowei and Wang Jingli introduced the characteristics of the local classrooms and teaching methods apt for local students. The teachers from both sides discussed the problems encountered in classrooms, which made them feel quite rewarding. The Chinese school also hoped to have more opportunities to cooperate with and learn from CINB in the future. Meanwhile, the meeting strengthened the friendship between CINB and the Chinese-Canadians in Moncton.

2. CINB teachers visiting RES
On September 4th, Teng Jing, Dai Zunfeng and Liu Xiaowei visited Riverview East School (RES) to further discuss the details of the implementation of the Chinese project. Adam Rogerson, the principal of RES, participated in this summer's "Educators' China Tour". He talked about how he felt about the China Tour and expressed his expectations for the Chinese project again. He showed them the classroom particularly equipped for Chinese classes. Both sides hoped that more classes and students in the school would get involved in the Chinese project and get to know Chinese culture.

3. CINB directors supervising Chinese classes
On September 6th, St. John High School and Harbour View High School in St. John welcomed Teng Jing and Dai Zunfeng to supervise Li Nannan's classes in the new semester. After class, they met with Pei Yan, a famous Yue Opera actress and new immigrant, discussing how to discover and cultivate talents from local students and establish an opera team for CINB.

4. Four new CINB teachers visiting AEI and meeting with Dawn Weatherbie
At 2 o'clock on the morning of September 11th, Chinese volunteers Sun Xiaojiao, Liang Jiayi and Xu Mengke arrived in Moncton. They went to Fredericton at 10 am. Together with Chen Junfeng, a Chinese teacher, and Chen Zhisheng, another volunteer who arrived on the same day, they visited the AEI office and had a cordial meeting with AEI Vice President and CINB Executive Director, Dawn Weatherbie. She warmly welcomed the new volunteers to join the CINB family, thanked Hanban for sending high-quality teachers to NB, and encouraged them to adapt to the working and living environments in Canada as soon as possible. The four volunteers briefly introduced themselves and expressed the hope that they would share their strengths and tell the stories of China well. Meanwhile, they would learn the local excellent culture. After the meeting, they visited Park Street Elementary School, the Confucius Classroom and the first trilingual school in NB.

5. Two teachers taking office in Rexton
On September 17th, Wang Jingli and Liang Jiayi went to Rexton and continued the Chinese program after Bathurst in the northern school district. They met with Principal Greg Theriault in Eleanor W. Graham Middle School (EWG) and Principal Diane Wilson in Rexton Elementary School. Both principals extended their warm welcome to the arrival of the Chinese teachers and expressed their expectation for the Chinese project. Greg Theriault said that Rexton was a relatively secluded small town. He was glad to see that the children there could enjoy high-quality Chinese education and learn the colorful Chinese culture at home. He thanked the Confucius Institute for providing them such a valuable opportunity. He hoped that the Chinese project would go deep into the community and benefit more local people. Teng Jing ensured they would send excellent teachers continuously, strengthen the cooperation with local schools, and meet the demand of the school districts in NB. During the meeting, Wang Jingli and Liang Jiayi introduced their teaching experience and teaching plans. They were satisfied with the host family arranged by the school and expressed their gratitude.

6. CINB teachers celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese-Canadians in Moncton
On the evening of September 22nd, some teachers from CINB and Catherine Theriaul from Rexton Eleanor W. Graham Middle School participated in the Mid-Autumn Evening Party held by GMCCA and celebrated the holiday with nearly 200 Chinese-Canadians. Wang Ziwei, president of GMCCA, welcomed all the participants and hoped to have more opportunities to cooperate with CINB to jointly promote Chinese culture overseas. Zhou Yukun, principal of the Chinese School in Moncton, and several new immigrants who are keen on overseas Chinese teaching, exchanged their understanding of overseas Chinese teaching with Dai Zunfeng, and hoped that they could carry out this work together with CINB. The participants of the party also prepared their best Chinese cuisine. All the people present at the party experienced the strong reunion deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture savoring delicious food and talking about fun

7. Chinese curriculum to be completed
On the morning of September 24th, Teng Jing, Dai Zunfeng and Liu Xiaowei went to the Ministry of Education of NB in Fredericton and met with Ms. Kathy Whynot and Ms. Fiona Stewart, officials of the Ministry of Education, to discuss the formulation of the Chinese curriculum. At the meeting, the two sides discussed in detail the draft outline proposed by the Confucius Institute. The officials put forward constructive ideas on the grading standards, the applicable targets, the specific teaching contents and so on. On the 25th, they held a follow-up online meeting to further discuss the unresolved questions the day before and finally reached a consensus. The formulation of this curriculum is of great significance, and the Chinese teaching work of CINB is about to start a new stage.

8. CINB students winning prizes in the contest of Chinese poetry recitation
On September 28th, Teng Jing was invited to attend the National Day Dinner of 69th anniversary held in Vancouver Consulate. The next day, she visited the Confucius Institute in Coquitlam (CIC) and exchanged views on the 10th anniversary CIC. On the evening of the 29th, CINB participated in the “Confucius Institute Cup” Chinese Classical Poetry Recitation Contest and won big prizes. The contest was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CIC. It was hosted by CIC and co-organized by eight Confucius Institutes including CINB. All Canadian students of K-12 who are studying Chinese can sign up for the competition.

9. CINB participating in the Tiktok competition
“Singing the Chinese Style, Dancing around the World – Global Confucius Institute Short Video Challenge” is being held by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The competition is held to celebrate the 5th Global Confucius Institute Day. CINB has carefully prepared for it. Wang Jingli and Liang Jiayi shot a video named “Kungfu Dream”, which subtly integrated the martial arts elements with Chinese teaching. Its novelty has attracted wide attention since it was released on September 28th and won a lot of praise. Chen Junfeng and Chen Zhisheng produced a video, in which triplet sisters danced and sang Three Character Classic. The western faces' interpretation of Chinese classics has produced unexpected results. The fresh and childlike specialty of the three sisters combined perfectly with the simple and profound temperament of Three Character Classic.

9月4日,滕菁、代尊峰、刘晓唯一同到访Riverview East School,进一步商讨落实开设中文项目的细节安排。校长Adam Rogerson先生参与了今年暑期的“校长团中国行”活动,他讲述了此次中国行的感受并再次表达了对中文项目的期待。他带领孔院一行三人参观了他为中文课堂单独配备的教室。双方都希望全校能够有更多班级和学生进入汉语课堂,接触了解中国文化。刘晓唯就具体的教学安排谈了自己的计划。
9月6日,St. John High School和Harbour View High School欢迎滕菁、代尊峰到访圣约翰,对汉语教师李楠楠所在汉语课堂的新学期授课情况进行督导。课后三人与著名越剧演员新移民裴燕会面,商讨如何借助海外艺术家的才华与能力,从当地学生中发现培养戏曲人才,成立孔院戏曲团队。
4.“四位志愿者接受孔子学院执行理事Dawn Weatherbie的岗前培训”
9月11日凌晨2点,汉语教师志愿者孙小皎、梁嘉怡、许梦可顺利到达蒙克顿,上午10点奔赴弗莱,与汉语教师陈俊锋和同日抵达的志愿者陈志圣汇合后大家一起拜访了AEI办公室,与AEI副总裁、新省孔院执行理事Dawn Weatherbie进行了亲切会面。她热情欢迎新志愿者们加入CINB大家庭,感谢汉办为新省输送高质量的教师人才,鼓励大家尽快适应加拿大的工作和生活环境。四位志愿者作了简短的自我介绍,表示希望可以在工作中不断学习当地优秀文化,同时分享自己所长、讲好中国故事。会后,大家一起参观了新省首个三语学校、孔子课堂——公园街小学。
9月17日清晨,汉语教师王静丽、志愿者梁嘉怡到Rexton赴任,这是继三月在Bathurst开设中文项目后的又一个北部学区的城镇。一行人分别与Eleanor W. Graham Middle School (EWG)?校长Greg Theriault和Rexton Elementary School校长Diane Wilson进行了会面。两位校长都对汉语教师的到来表示热烈欢迎,并表达了对中文项目的期待。Greg Theriault说Rexton是一个很小的镇子,环境相对闭塞,他为这里的孩子足不出户就能享受到高质量的中文教育,了解到多彩的中国文化感到高兴,同时也感谢孔子学院为他们提供了这样宝贵的机会。他还希望中文项目能够深入到社区,让当地更多的人受益。滕菁表示,新省教育厅与国家汉办是我们坚强的支持与后盾,会应新省各学区的教学需求,不断输送优秀的师资,拓展和加强与当地教学点的合作。王静丽和梁嘉怡作了简要的自我介绍,并对学校安排的住宿家庭表示满意和感谢。一行人还在EWG教师Catherine Theriault的带领下参观了中学。
?9月22日晚,孔院部分教师及来自Rexton Eleanor W. Graham Middle School的教师Catherine Theriaul参加GMCCA举办的中秋晚会,与近200名华人共庆中秋佳节。协会会长王紫伟对大家的到来表示欢迎,并希望能够有更多机会与孔院开展合作,共同促进中国文化在海外的发扬光大。中文学校校长周育昆以及几位热心于海外汉语教学的新移民与代尊峰交流了对海外汉语教学的认识,并表示希望能够与孔院一起开展好这项工作。晚会的参与者还准备了自家最拿手的中国美食,大家在品佳肴、谈趣事之间再次体会到中国传统文化中的浓浓的团圆之情。
9月24日上午,滕菁、代尊峰和汉语教师刘晓唯奔赴位于弗莱的新省教育部办公室与教育部官员Kathy Whynot女士和Fiona Stewart女士会面,商讨中文大纲的制订。会上,双方就孔院拟出的大纲草案进行了详细讨论,教育部官员从大纲分级标准、大纲适用对象、具体教学内容等方面提出了建设性意见。25日,代尊峰与刘晓唯与两位官员进行了后续视频会议,就昨日未解决的疑问进行进一步讨论,并最终达成共识。本次大纲制定意义重大,孔院的汉语教学工作即将进入一个新阶段。