1. On July 2nd, Beijing time, People's Daily (overseas version) published a news article entitled “Telling Chinese Stories to Open the Door of Communication”. The article focuses on the development of CINB, and the contribution of the directors of the Confucius Institutes like Teng Jing to developing a friendly relationship between China and foreign countries and promoting the world's understanding of the real China. It is as Teng Jing said: "More and more people want to know China, and the Confucius Institutes are their bridges to China."

2. From July 2nd to July 12th, Teng Jing led an eight-member delegation consisting of primary and secondary school principals and teachers from four districts of the NB province to visit China. They arrived at the hotel at 8:00 pm on July 2, then went to Beijing South Railway Station at 6 am on July 3rd. They arrived at Qufu at 11:00 in the morning, visited Gourd Culture Museum of Qufu Normal University at 2 pm. Without having a rest they visited a middle school at 3:30, and a Chinese medicine school at 5:00 pm. They started their trip to China at the rate of "high-speed rail".