At 2:00 a.m. on September 11, Chinese teacher volunteers Sun Xiaojiao, Liang Jiayi and Xu Mengke arrived in Moncton smoothly. After his class at 10:00 a.m. Chinese director of CINB Dai Zunfeng drove to Fredericton with foreign director Teng Jing and the three volunteers. They, together with Chinese teacher Chen Junfeng and volunteer Chen Zhisheng, who arrived on the same day, visited the office of AEI and had a cordial talk with Dawn Weatherbie, vice president of AEI, executive director of CINB, and Lilian Ketch, secretary of AEI. Dawn Weatherbie warmly welcomed new volunteers to the family of CINB, thanked Hanban for assigning qualified teachers to NB province, and encouraged them to adapt to the environment of work and life in Canada as soon as possible. She believed that they would inject new vitality into CINB. She repeatedly said that AEI was their home in Canada, and they were welcome any time. Teng Jing asked four volunteers to introduce themselves. After a brief introduction, the young volunteers said that the journey of CINB was a new stage in their life. They hoped they could learn from the excellent Canadian culture in their work, share with the local people their own knowledge and tell wonderful stories of China.