On December 1st, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Liang Jiayi, a Chinese teacher volunteer and Wang Jingli, a Chinese teacher were invited to participate in the annual large-scale Handcraft Fair held by Rexton Elementary School. Rexton Elementary School publicly recruited stall owners from all over the province to provide a convenient space for them to sell local handicrafts, agricultural products and snacks. This “school fair” attracts more than 1,000 people each year.
Teachers and students of CINB brought a wonderful first show of Chinese culture to the audience. The campus displays all students’ works in Chinese art classes, the unique works of art highlight the theme of winter and Christmas as well. The students from Liang Jiayi's Chinese dance class performed a dance with combination of the Chinese music "Xingyue Myth" and western pop music "Panama", and they wore Chinese classic long-sleeved costume with fan and umbrellas, the wonderful performance won the audience's warm applause. Later, Liang Jiayi performed the dance "Oriental Charm", combining the ethnic dance with the Chinese Tai Chi. It was a combination of softness and flexibility, and the audience was fascinated by it. They really enjoyed it and felt the charm of Chinese dance art.