On the morning of September 17, Teng Jing, the foreign director of CINB, and the Chinese director, Dai Zunfeng drove the Chinese teacher Wang Jingli and the volunteer Liang Jiayi to Rexton in the Northern Education School District. They continued to expand Chinese cooperation project in the school district according to the needs of the Northern Education Department.
In the morning, the four people met with the principals of Eleanor W. Graham Middle School and Rexton Elementary School to discuss the Chinese language teaching cooperation project. The principals expressed warm welcome to the Chinese teachers and look forward to the Chinese teaching project. During the meeting, Teng Jing introduced the development of Chinese teaching in the New Brunswick in the past 10 years, and mainly focused on the innovative international development model, trilingual school Park Street Elementary School received extensive attention from all walks of life in the province. She said that with the support of the Education department of NB and the Chinese Hanban, it provides a platform for the development of the Confucius Institute Chinese program. In response to the teaching needs of the NB provinces, it will continue to deliver excellent teachers, expand and strengthen local teaching and cooperation to promote the diversity of education in the province. During this meeting, Wang Jingli briefly introduced her Chinese teaching experience and harvest of 6 schools in 2 cities of NB. Liang Jiayi introduced her professional martial arts skills and years of martial arts teaching experience. The two teachers were very satisfied with the host family arranged by the school and expressed their gratitude.