On the evening of September 22nd, the Greater Moncton Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick held a Mid-Autumn festival party. Some teachers of CINB and Catherine Theriault, a teacher from Rexton Eleanor W. Graham Middle School, were invited to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival with nearly 200 Chinese compatriots. Wang Ziwei, president of the association, welcomed everyone's arrival and hoped to have more opportunities to cooperate with the Confucius Institute to promote the development of Chinese culture overseas. Chinese school principal, Zhou Yukun and several new immigrants who are keen on overseas Chinese teaching, exchanged their understanding of overseas Chinese teaching with the Dai Zunfeng, Chinese Director of CINB, and expressed the hope that they could carry out this work together with the Confucius Institute. The participants of the party also prepared their homemade Chinese cuisine, and everyone experienced the deep reunion feeling of Chinese culture between the food and fun.

      9月22日晚,新省大蒙克顿地区中华文化协会举办中秋晚会,孔院部分教师及来自Rexton Eleanor W. Graham Middle School的教师Catherine Theriault应邀出席,与近200名华人同胞共庆中秋佳节。协会会长王紫伟对大家的到来表示欢迎,并希望能够有更多机会与孔院开展合作,共同促进中国文化在海外的发扬光大。中文学校校长周育昆以及几位热心于海外汉语教学的新移民与孔院中方院长代尊峰交流了对海外汉语教学的认识,并表示希望能够与孔院一起开展好这项工作。晚会的参与者还准备了自家最拿手的中国美食,大家在品佳肴、谈趣事之间再次体会到中国文化中浓浓的团圆情。