On October 5th, Guo Zhaoyang, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute at St. Mary's University (CISMU), with three teachers visited the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick(CINB). According to the plan, CINB set up a one-day visit and teaching exchange for the guests. They were divided into two groups and attended some Chinese classes at Hillcrest School, West Riverview Elementary School (WRES) and Riverview High School, accompanied respectively by Teng Jing and Dai Zunfeng. They also visited the Chinese learning corner at WRES and had classes with kindergarten, elementary and high school students. The volunteer teacher, Sun Xiaojiao sang and danced with kindergarten children, using Chinese Kungfu fans and oil paper umbrellas to teach them to say colors in Chinese. In another class, she taught students to paint Chinese maps so that the students could learn about Chinese geography and Chinese vocabulary of colors.

The most beautiful season, Red maple leaves along the way
CINB teachers often need to have classes across all grades. Therefore, they must have professional teaching skills for students of different ages. Liu Xiaowei, a Chinese teacher, had Chinese classes in kindergarten, elementary and high school. In the kindergarten art class, the abstract Chinese cloud was shaped into triangles, circles and squares. The children used these geometries to design T-shirts pandas. The children deepened their understanding of graphics and Chinese culture in the process of painting. For the 5th graders, she compared Canada Day with China National Day and introduced their national flags and national treasure animals integrating China, Canada, five-star red flags, pandas, beavers and other vocabulary into the introduction. Liu's Mandarin class in high school focused on language learning. She used a question, "How many people do you have in your family?", to inspire the students to study the Chinese vocabulary of family members. Her classes were well organized and full of fun. After the classes the visitors went to the art classroom and appreciated the three-meter dragon painting by Liu Xiaowei and three high school students.

In the evening, some CINB teachers and three teachers of the delegation watched the football game between Harrison Trimble High School and Bernice McNaughton High School and had a better understanding of the Canadian campus sports culture.

During the interview, Guo Zhaoyang expressed his appreciation for the professionalism of CINB teachers. The two Confucius Institutes exchanged views on their respective development status and prospects. At present, CINB's Chinese program has covered all the grades from K to 12. The Chinese curriculum will be included in the local education system soon. After the exchange event, Guo Zhaoyang wrote a letter to Teng Jing to express his gratitude as well as his admiration for the development of the Chinese program in NB province. He said that he and his colleagues learned a lot from the visit and would definitely discuss further after returning. Teng Jing said she was inspired by CISMU's teaching practice in the local Chinese medicine hospital and would prompt CINB to cooperate with local enterprises to further promote the Chinese program. To enhance communication, mutual trust and benefit, mutual learning and assistance between CISMU and CINB will effectively overcome the limitations of distance, expand the scope of bilateral cooperation, consolidate the quality of Chinese teaching and improve the influence of Chinese program in the east region.


      10月5日,圣玛丽大学孔子学院中方院长郭朝阳携三名教师赴新省孔院,对孔院展开首次实地访问,开展教学交流活动。根据计划安排,我院设置为期一天的户外行程,带领代表团考察汉语课堂。在我院中外方院长的陪同下,代表团分成两队,参观了Hillcrest School、West Riverview Elementary School和Riverview High School三所学校。走进汉语教室欣赏汉语学习园地,和学生们同上汉语课。志愿者教师孙小皎唱跳结合,利用中国功夫扇和油纸伞,教幼儿园孩子用汉语说颜色;在小学课堂,带领学生做画地图游戏,在游戏中学习中国地理和汉语颜色词汇;随后播放数字歌,教学生识认数字。
      晚上,CINB教师陪同圣玛丽孔院三位教师一同观看Harrison Trimble High School和Bernice McNaughton High School之间举行的高中生橄榄球赛,共同领略加拿大校园体育文化。