October is the harvest season and grateful season. Gathered in the harvest time with the thankful heart, New Brunswick Confucius Institute and Jasmine Art Troupe performed a fabulous Chinese dance feast at St. Mark's United Church Saint John on October 21, 2017. This wonderful performance attracted hundreds of local people come to watch, while kept the warm applause and praise lasting for 3 hours.

Confucius Institute students from Harbor View High School presented a wonderful tai chi performance with the CINB kongfu master, Guan Yuqi. Dressed in Tai chi suit, preformed Tai chi, in this way, the students showed the great enthusiasm of Chinese culture with their persistence, interpreted the profound understanding of Chinese culture with precise action. The show was met with thunderous applause. The audience not only exclaimed the charm of Tai Chi, but also expressed gratitude to CINB for sharing Taichi and other amazing Chinese culture to students in this small city, which is thousands of miles away from China.

At the tenth anniversary of New Brunswick Confucius Institute, we will always hold on original will, strive to break new ground and make great progress.

Local time September 26, at 9 am, Hanban Beijing Normal University art troupe arrived in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, presented the first fantastic Chinese traditional art performance. The performance took place at Park Street Elementary School which has the Chinese program for six years and also has a Confucius Classroom. On the day of the show, more than 500 teachers and students wearing colorful school uniforms watched the show. In order to welcome the Hanban art troupe, the students produced the "welcome" sign in three languages , showing the students’ enthusiasm for Chinese culture and the arrival of the Hanban art troupe. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB), the performance is also the celebration for CINB.

The government officials and Education Departmant officials of New Brunswick attended this event with Ms. Teng Jing, director of CINB. The Honorable Stephen Horsman, Deputy Premier of New Brunswick, Mr. Chris Treadwell, Assistant Deputy Minister, and the respectively Councilor Bruce Grandy gave a speech before the performances started, affirmed the positive role of this art troupe in promoting cultural exchanges between China and Canada and he expressed sincere gratitude for the efforts made by the Confucius Institute in various fields over the past decade.

At the beginning of the show, Chen Junfeng, a volunteer teacher of CINB at Park Street Primary School, led the whole school to greet to all performers in Chinese, and the enthusiasm of the children also infected them. From the Beijing Normal University Art Department, the actors offered one after another wonderful performances for everyone, at the beginning of the show, the martial arts performances made the audience exclaimed, beautiful traditional instruments, magnificent dance performances surprised all the audience .  

On May 21st, to celebrate the 40th anniversary, the Chinese Culture Association of New Brunswick (CCANB) held a spectacular performance in the local Play House Theater. This year is also the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute of New Brunswick(CINB). Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated CCANB on a video, showing concern and attention to the Chinese association in New Brunswick. The Mayor of Fredericton, Mike O'Brien, and the Assistant Director of Education Department in New Brunswick, Chris Tradwell , gave speeches at the beginning of the show. Ms. Teng Jing, Dean of CINB, was invited to attend this grand event. Mr.Chris Tradwell congratulated the 40th anniversary of CCANB on behalf of the Education Department of New Brunswick. He said that the Confucius Institute of New Brunswick that was established in 2007 has been working closely with the Chinese Cultural Association for the past 10 years. They added bright Chinese colors to New Brunswick.

This event was presented in musical form, told the story of the poetic Huaxi legend, the theme was minorities of China, the actors dressed in colorful ethnic costumes presented stunning dances and songs. The whole theater was packed. The magnificent stage performance and fascinating story of the Huaxi legend deeply touched the audience. Confucius Institute volunteer teacher Chen Junfeng, Wang Jingli led Park Street primary school students presented the elegant Dai dance for the audience, the girls dressed in lake blue Chinese traditional Dai dress in the stage dancing like a beautiful little Peacocks, boys were also dressed in bright traditional costume presented their handsome and lively dance, this wonderful match won the warm applause from the audience. Confucius Institute teacher Zheng Xiaochan sang a moving  song.

On the morning of July 13, 2017, the delegation from New Brunswick of Canada visited Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters and participated in the important meeting. This delegation was led by Mr.John·McLaughlin, Deputy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development of New Brunswick, President of Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB) and joined by Mr. Francis Pang, president of Jiahuang Co. Chairman of CINB, Mr. Zhixiong Zhang, Executive Director of BCCSC and Ms. Teng Jing, the Foreign Director of CINB. 

Ms. Jing Wei, Deputy Director of the Hanban, Deputy Executive Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Ms. Shifang Ren, Division Chief of American and Oceania Affairs of Hanban, and Mr. Songming Qu, Supervisor of American and Oceania Affairs of Hanban and Mr. Zhaoxi Meng, Program officer of American and Oceania Affairs of Hanban met with the delegation of Education and Early Childhood Development Department of New Brunswick, Canada and attended the meeting. Ms. Jing Wei expressed her welcome to Mr. John McLaughlin, thanked the Education Department in New Brunswick for its consistent support to the Confucius Institute and congratulated CINB on becoming one of the global advanced Confucius Institute last year. She pointed out that the Hanban would like to provide Confucius students with Chinese language and culture learning conditions and development opportunities which are more suitable for the local education system and enhance the quality of teaching so as to promote development of the program and Sino-Canadian collaboration. Hanban will spare no effort to support the Confucius Institute for the good development and contribute to the friendship between China and Canada.

Hundreds of Cultural Flowers Contend in Beauty with Chinese One Outshining


Every year, May is the Asian Heritage Month in Saint John, when all the major Asian cultural associations will organize a series of activities to display exotic culture, and promote multi-cultural exchanges. Grasping the mainstream opportunities and carrying forward the Chinese culture are the persistent development policy of Confucius Institute of New Brunswick (CINB). This year is no exception. At the opening ceremony of the "Asian Heritage Month" held in May 7th, CINB prepared the Chinese cultural exhibition tables to explain and demonstrate various cultural objects to the audience who came here to experience it. Under the guidance of language teacher Zhang Xiaoyu and Volunteer teacher Li Nannan, the whole team of CINB presented a visual feast--- world-renowned Chinese folk music "Two Springs Reflect the Moon" and beautiful fan dance "Chun Xiao" to Saint John.

This year is the fifth year of CINB to offer Chinese courses in three high schools in Saint John city, and the first year to open Chinese courses in elementary and middle schools. With the full support of the Education Bureau and the principals, Chinese curriculums have formally entered the school teaching system of Millidgeville North School and Barnhill Memorial School since February and received a warm welcome from both teachers and students. For this big celebration, CINB volunteer teacher Li Nannan, together with 11 students from local schools, read an ancient poem Chun Xiao to the audience and presented a wonderful fan dance, accompanied by cheerful music, dressed in the colorful costumes, which got warm applauses and cheers again and again.  The chairman of Asian Cultural Association gave a high praise to children's dance.

CINB language teacher Zhang Xiaoyu's father came to New Brunswick for a visit and participated  in the "Asian Cultural Heritage Month" activities to support the patriotic promotion of Chinese culture. He and a local musician presented an Erhu and dulcimer ensemble--- "Two Springs Reflect the Moon". Everybody has been touched by its exquisite and soft melody, and lingering sadness. Languages are different, but music is beyond boundaries. The traditional Chinese melody played on the other side of the ocean is not only an enjoyment of music, but also draws closer the friendship between China and Canada. It accords with the spirit of " shared harmony and beauty” advocated by Confucianism.