On Feb.28th, 2018, all the teachers and students in Hillcrest gathered together in the gym to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year.

Teachers and students started doing preparations for this activity one month early, even organizing Chinese Dance Club. Different grades participated in this activity, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 8. They all brought typical performance with Chinese elements. Grade 2 sang and danced to <Little Star>. Grade 5 sang <Happy New Year> in Chinese. Grade 7/8 did Tai Chi performance. Four students from Grade 8 played violin while singing typical Chinese song <Jasmine Flower>. The last one is dance to <Youth> of TF boys. After that, all the teachers and students danced together to this song, which brought the activity to the climax. Besides, the Chinese teacher gave the Chinese Learning Award to excellent Chinese learners in order to encourage them to keep learning Chinese. 

This activity not only offers a good opportunity for students to show their talents, but also brings Chinese culture to teachers and students and let them experience the charm of Chinese and Chinese culture. it is much appreciated by everyone present.



      2018年2月28日,Hillcrest学校体育场内热闹非凡, 全校师生共庆中国农历新年。