On November 25th 2013, Confucius Institute in New Brunswick hosted the launch of Moncton’s world-renowned pianist Roger Lord’s CD Chinese Treasures at the Moncton Community Peace Center. The Mayor of the City of Moncton, Mr. George LeBlanc, the Consul General of the Chinese Consulate - General in Montreal, Ms Zhao Jiangping, and the Provincial Minister of Education, Ms Marie-Claude Blais attended this launch and addressed remarks.
The launch started with a wonderful Chinese traditional lion dances, followed by a Tai-chi Fan performance by Chinese volunteer teacher An Yang and her students. Dr. Roger Lord introduced the recording process of the Chinese Treasures CD in China, expressed his love of Chinese music. Then he played “Autumn Moon over a Clam Lake ", " Liuyang River", "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon" and some other pieces of Chinese traditional classic music. His wonderful performance aroused lasting applauses from the audience for many times. After the performance, the audience tasted the Chinese traditional food and bought the CDs, enjoying both physically and spiritually. CBC shot the whole progress and interviewed the Confucius Institute students.

Roger Lord is the first non-Chinese pianist in the world to press a CD dedicated entirely to Chinese traditional music. Hailed as “The Piano Prince of Canada” by the China Daily in Beijing, Mr. Lord played his first concert in China in 1999. Since then, he has travelled to perform in most of the major cities around China for about 24 times. 

 The launch not only enhanced the Canadian public understanding of Chinese culture, especially Chinese traditional music, but also strengthened the cultural exchange between China and Canada. 


    2013年11月25日晚,加拿大新布伦瑞克省孔子学院承办了素有“加拿大钢琴王子”之称的著名钢琴家、蒙克顿大学教授罗杰•罗德(Roger Lord)先生的"中国音乐瑰宝"CD发布会。此次发布会在蒙克顿市著名的Community Peace Center举行。包括新布伦瑞克省前省长在内的当地各界名流共二百多人来到发布会现场。中华人民共和国驻加拿大蒙特利尔总领事赵江平女士、蒙克顿市市长George LeBlanc先生、加拿大新布伦瑞克省教育部长Marie-Claude Blais 女士应邀出席并致辞。

On November 23rd 2013, the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick attended the Santa Claus Parade in Moncton.

This yearly parade began at 6:00PM. Hundreds of gorgeous floats started from Vaughn Harvey Street and proceeded along Main Street until its arrival at Champlain Mall, Dieppe. The parade took more than two hours and was attended by several thousand spectators from across New Brunswick and neighboring provinces. Supervisor Teng Jing, with the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, attended the Santa Claus Parade. They held the banners of the Confucius Institute and the national flags of China and Canada, walking in front of the bright Harrison Trimble Hill School float, greeting and waving enthusiastically at people on both sides of the street. 
The teachers and students of the Confucius Institute showed Chinese enthusiasm to everyone attending this activity. At the same time, we participated in a typically Canadian event that marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Moncton.



23日晚六点,一年一度的圣诞节花车游行在蒙克顿市举行,百余辆装饰绚丽的圣诞节花车从Vaughn Harvey街出发,通过市中心主要街道Main Street,历经两小时到达Champlain Mall结束,活动吸引了整个新布伦瑞克省以及周边省市的数千参观者。外方院长滕菁女士带领孔子学院教师蒋洁,汉语志愿者安阳和孔子学院学生一起参加了花车游行活动。他们手拿孔子学院的横幅,中国和加拿大国旗,走在美轮美奂的Harrison Trimble Hill School花车队伍前,亲切地与街道两旁的参观人群挥手。

在这次圣诞节花车游行活动中,孔子学院师生向大家展示了中国人的热情, 同时与当地人们一起拉开了圣诞节这一重大节日的序幕。

1. 2013年2月Park街小学师生在弗莱市华人春晚表演舞蹈《读唐诗》,该节目被评为“网络春晚”优秀节目。Park Street School students performing a dance at the local Chinese New Year Gala

2. 2013年2月中国驻蒙特利尔总领事赵建平会见蒙克顿市教育局官员及当地中小学校长。Consul General Ms ZHAO Jianping meeting with the School District Superintendent and the principals in Moncton area

3. 2013年5月新布伦瑞克省省长及高教厅厅长长参观孔院图书展并与中外方院长及志愿者合影。The provincial Prime Minister and the Minister of High Educaiton visiting the Chinese books exhibition

4. 2013年7月新省教育厅副厅长一行参观汉办并向马箭飞副主任递交新省孔院第二个五年的续签协议。The Deputy Minister of Education Mr. John McLaughlin presenting the Agreement to the Deputy Dean Mr. MA Jianfei.

5. 7月夏令营学生在汉办合影留念。The Summer Camp students in Hanban

孔子学院走进Liverpoor Street小学“多元文化之夜”

2013年11月21日,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院参加了弗莱市Liverpoo了 Street小学举办的“多元文化之夜” 活动。这是中国文化第一次真正走进Liverpoo了 Street小学,之前这所学校并没有开设过汉语课。新布伦瑞克孔院也正想借此机会为这所学校开启传播中国文化的大门。
新布伦瑞克孔院中方院长杨建华与志愿者曹曦组织了此次活动,他们用“灯笼”、“中国结”、“京剧脸谱”、“文房四宝”等多种中国元素精心布置了展台,同时也展示了孔子学院在Park Street小学三年来的汉语教学和文化推广成果。在活动中,中国文化展台备受关注,孩子们跟着志愿者教师学习用毛笔书写中国字,体验了中国的书法艺术,中方院长杨建华老师也与孩子们踢起了毽子。
活动结束后,Liverpool Street小学副校长Peter Wiggins先生对孔子学院的此次参与表示了由衷的欢迎,并表达了想将汉语与中国文化教学引进Liverpool Street小学的愿望。尤其是在听了杨建华院长对Park Street小学开展的各种中国文化教学活动的介绍之后,他更是迫切的希望这一天能早日到来,并表示他会和孔子学院为此共同努力。

CINB Joined the "Multicultural Evening" of Liverpool Street Elementary School

CINB attended the “Multicultural Evening” held by Liverpool Street Elementary School in Fredericton on Nov. 21st , 2013. This was the first time for CINB to spread Chinese culture in this school. There is no Chinese class offered there so far, so CINB also want to take this chance to open the door of spreading Chinese culture to this school.
Professor Yang Jianhua, the Chinese Director of CINB and the Volunteer Chinese Teacher Miss Cao Xi took part in the event. They decorated Chinese culture exhibition booth with “Chinese lanterns”, “Chinese knots”, “facial makeup of Peking Opera”, “the Scholar’s four jewels” and so on. They also exhibited the Chinese culture teaching achievements in Park Street Elementary School in the past two years. Chinese culture booth had gained much attention, and many students came to try write Chinese characters with the brush under the direction of the volunteer Chinese teacher Miss Xi Cao, experiencing the Chinese calligraphy art. Professor Yang kicked the shuttlecock with the students.
Professor Yang gave a detailed introduction about the cultural activities CINB has done in Park Street Elementary Schools for the past two years, and suggested that CINB could arrange a Chinese teacher to their school if they hope to open Chinese culture and language class. The Vice Principal Mr. Peter Wiggins thanked CINB for their attendance, and expressed the thought of starting Chinese culture teaching in their school. He said he would work with CINB in a joint effort for this target.

Confucius Institute Performance Tour in Canada which is organized by Hanban arrived in Fredericton on October 29 at the invitation by CINB. They made three performances respectively at Park Street Elementary School, Fredericton High School and UNB Fredericton at the request of CINB. Their performance mainly focused on Chinese traditional dances and Chinese traditional music instruments playing. Mayor of Fredericton, the local superintendant and the Deputy Minister John McLaughlin attended the three performances respectively and addressed welcoming speech.