On Jan. 22nd 2014, CINB attended the “Multicultural Evening” of Park Street Elementary School.

“Multicultural Evening” is a big event for Park Street which always attracts many immigrants from different countries to show their own culture every year. Since CINB has been offering Chinese culture and language teaching in the Park Street School almost 3 years, it was invited to attend this event to present Chinese culture. Ms Jing Teng, the Director of CINB, Prof. YANG Jianhua, the Chinese Director of CINB and the Volunteer Chinese Teacher Cao Xi decorated Chinese culture exhibition booth with many kinds of Chinese cultural elements. Paper-cut, tea utensil and traditional Chinese painting aroused great interest of audiences; however, the most popular item of Chinese character was calligraphy. The Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, Mr. Graydon Nicholas, with his wife, also came to try to write Chinese characters with the brush under the instruction of the volunteer Chinese teacher to experience the Chinese writing art.

During the event, CINB also had an interview with the Principal of Park Street School, Mr. Treadwell. 

At last, the volunteer Chinese teacher Cao Xi, with 14 students from Park Street performed the last program, I am learning Dizigui. The wonderful performance which combined Chinese traditional dance with Kung fu win warm applause from the audiences and also showed a rich achievement of Chinese teaching in Park Street. 

新布伦瑞克省孔子学院参加Park Street小学“多元文化之夜”活动

2014年1月22日,新布伦瑞克省孔子学院参加了弗莱市Park Street小学的“多元文化之夜”活动。




“多元文化之夜”是Park Street小学一年一度的重大活动,每一年都会吸引来自多个国家的移民在此展示各自的文化。而新布伦瑞克省孔子学院在Park Street小学已开设了近三年的汉语课程,在如此重大的活动中,孔子学院所代表的中国文化必是不可缺少的一员。孔子学院外方院长滕箐女士、中方院长杨建华先生与志愿者教师曹曦共同参加了此次活动。他们用多种中国元素精心布置了展台。在活动中,中国的剪纸、茶具、国画等每一种带有中国特色的物品都引起了参观者的浓厚兴趣,不过最受欢迎的还是书法。新布伦瑞克省总督及夫人也来到了中国展台前跟随志愿者教师一起学起了书法。

同时,新布伦瑞克省孔院也借本次活动对Park Street小学校长Mr. Treadwell 进行了专访,问及了关于最初在小学开设汉语课程的想法以及将来如何继续传播中国语言文化的打算。

最后,志愿者教师曹曦与Park Street小学的14名学生带来了本次活动的压轴表演——《我学弟子规》,这个结合了中国传统舞蹈和武术的精彩节目博得了观众的阵阵掌声,也充分展示了孔子学院在Park Street小学的丰富教学成果。