On Feb.18th,2015, Park Street School held Chinese New Year Gala, more than 450 teachers and students were involved in this joyful activity. Miss Heather Wallace, the representative of CINB was invited and addressed remarks. She also taught the students how to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese in the process of her speech which won a warm applause.

Chinese New Year is a big event for Park Street, every year they attach great importance to this. This event was organized by Miss Xi Cao, the Volunteer Chinese Teacher of CINB and three local teachers in Park Street.

At the beginning of the event, the two MC who are the students in Grade 5 introduced some Chinese typical custom about Chinese New Year. And then Miss Xi and her dance club students performed a Chinese traditional umbrella dance titled <Jasmine Flower> and a handkerchief dance called <La Meizi> which sparked a very joyful atmosphere. The music teacher, Mrs. Wilson led the students perform two songs titled ‘Yangtze River’ and ‘Feng Yang Song’. Both of them were about Chinese culture. The highlight of the show came from Mr. Fazhou Fei, the Kung Fu Teacher of CINB, who performed Tai Ji sword and won a warm applause and cheers. Also, he was joined by Mme. Aube and a group of Park Street Students performed  <Tai Ji> which had been performed in the Play House for Chinese New Year Gala of Fredericton.

At last, the small trivia quiz about Chinese New Year culture done by Miss Xi set off the last upsurge for the activity. The students who answered the question won the Chinese red envelops with special gifts inside. The whole event got a complete success.


——written by Cao Xi


Park Street小学庆祝中国新年


    2015年2月18日,Park Street小学450多名师生共同举办了庆祝中国新年的联欢活动。大西洋国际教育集团Heather Wallace女士代表孔子学院出席了本次活动并发表讲话。

    庆祝中国新年活动一直是Park Street小学一年一度的大事件,学校非常重视。本次活动由在Park Street小学已任教近一年半的志愿者教师曹曦与三名当地教师共同筹划。

    活动开始主持人配合着大屏幕向学生们介绍了中国新年的重要习俗,加深了孩子们对中国新年的印象。之后,教师曹曦带领其舞蹈俱乐部里的学生分别带来了油纸伞舞《茉莉花》与手绢舞《辣妹子》。Park Street小学音乐教师Wilson女士带领三年级四年级的学生们演唱了乐器合奏的歌曲《长江》和《凤阳歌》。孔子学院武术教师费发洲老师不仅与Park Street小学教师Bryanna Aube 和11名学生再次表演了综合类节目《太极》,也为本场活动带来了精彩的太极刀表演,让Park Street小学师生对中国的武术文化有了更丰富的了解。