On March 1, the Headquarters of Confucius Institute/Hanban hosted the successful camp of the "Chinese trip• Chinese dream", jointly organized by Qufu Normal University and Confucius Institute in new Brunswick, Canada. Members of the visiting delegation who came from mandarin credit class of high schools and university night class visited, studied, experienced and exchanged Chinese culture in Beijing and Qufu. The schedule included Chinese culture and language learning and Chinese traditional culture. The cultural and practical explorations of Chinese and foreign student exchanges and folk-custom experience activities were included on this journey. This showed the Chinese and foreign parties' distinctive thinking on Chinese culture and education and the profound friendship between the Chinese and Canadian peoples.
New Brunswick is located in eastern Canada and has always attached importance to the exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada. Since the Confucius Institute has been operating for 11 years, under the joint efforts of Chinese and foreign cooperative agencies and the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, it has actively explored and dared to innovate. The vertical education in the primary school cultural class, the high school secondary school class, and the university Chinese class has formed a horizontally extended learning model accompanied by Chinese cultural and educational activities.

In 2014, the first “China trip” project was formally launched in New Brunswick. Although only 5 people participated, it received a very enthusiastic response. The mainstream newspapers have done a lot of publicity. In the past four years, the Confucius Institute in New Brunswick, Canada, has continuously accumulated successful experiences and used the advantages of the Confucius Institute to expand its influence. The number of “China trips” projects reached 17 in 2018, covering students, government officials, and companies. Different groups such as executives have received positive responses from local people from all walks of life.
Feel new world, have something to say
In March, Beijing’s spring was strong. The delegation visited China to admire traditional artworks in Wangfujing, taste Chinese food, and experience the extensiveness and romance of Chinese civilization in the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. In Qufu Normal University, Qufu Normal University was full of quaint architecture and flourish. Ancient Chinese characters have deep cultural connotations......
Sam Jones, a member of the visiting Chinese delegation, said that whether it is walking in the streets and alleys, or traveling by city to make inter-city trips, the rapid development of China's economy, the warm reception of the Chinese people, and the daily life of the high-tech service people left him with a deep impression.
During the visit to Qufu Normal University, Qufu Normal University and the Confucius Institute organized a special exchange event for the members of the delegation. 500 students gathered in the conference hall to welcome the visit of the Canadian delegation to China. Brennen Lane recalled that seeing the auditorium filled with people, each member was very nervous. He tried to break through and bravely demonstrated the Chinese he had learned. The enthusiasm of the Chinese students encouraged him to gradually walk on the stage. He talked with the students and answered questions they asked. He said, “What a wonderful experience I could have with one-on-one conversations with Chinese students. There were no language barriers to hinder our exchanges and dialogues."
Another “China Trip” member, Jimmy Theriault, is an Ottawa government IT officer who shared his growing experiences with students and interesting events in the Chinese language learning process. He frankly stated that to continue to improve our relations, it was important to remain patient of our differences and allow time to learn and adapt. The quality of our future depended on our willingness to accept and learn about each other.
New insights, new insights, new ideas, new impetus. At the time of departure, each member was deeply moved by the culture and characters encountered by the trip to China. All of them were amazed at the development of China and the profoundness of Chinese culture. “Education is lifelong and lasting. On March 1st, I passed my 18th birthday. This first trip to adulthood made me strive to shape myself better. In September I was going to Saint Mary’s University to read. In international politics, I will definitely continue to learn Chinese and work for my future embassy in China" Liam Buchanan felt excited.
After the successful completion of the itinerary, the responsible officer of the international project of the New Brunswick District School District Education Bureau sent a letter to Ms. Teng Jing, the foreign dean, and gave the “China trip” project a great affirmation. After they returned, they sent “China trip” thank-you notes and thousands of words to express their gratitude to Hanban and Confucius Institutes, as well as the benefits of this trip to China and their far-reaching impact on their lives. One of the students in the social class had assembled all the photos of the Chinese bank into a video and shared their moments in China. At the same time, the Confucius Institute official website published an article of CINB on the “China trip • Chinese dream”.
Spread the positive energy of culture
The friendship between China and Canada is warm and lasting. President Teng Jing said that although she has been living in different regions and facing different students, she shoulders the mission of educating people and has far-reaching significance. The China trip project is a large platform for Sino-Canadian humanities communication. It disseminates the positive energy of culture and carries a new concept of education. It runs through education and pleasure and learns new explorations. It is hoped that each member can take the opportunity of the Bank of China to witness the great development and improvement of China, understand China's splendid cultural history, enhance professional pride and happiness, lay a solid foundation for Chinese learning, and strive to be a disseminator of Chinese culture. The inheritor of China-Canada friendship.
The Confucius Institute will continue to strengthen exchanges between elementary and secondary school students and undergraduate students in the future. Under the main theme of peaceful development, it will enhance understanding, promote mutual benefit and mutual trust, and achieve win-win cooperation. It will build a solid foundation for friendship between China and Canada.

Source: Confucius Institute in New Brunswick

全新体验中国行 展开实地探索

      感受异国新见闻 成员有话要说
访华团成员Sam Jones说,不管是行走在大街小巷,还是搭乘交通工具进行城际旅行,中国高速发展的经济,中国人民热情的接待,高科技服务民众的日常生活都给他留下深刻印象。
      在曲阜师范大学参观访问的过程中,曲阜师大和孔子学院为参观团成员举办了一场特殊的交流活动,500名学生齐聚会议厅,欢迎加拿大访华团的到来。Brennen Lane回忆道,看到礼堂里坐满了人,每名成员都很紧张,他尝试突破自己,勇敢地展示自己学过的中文。中国学生们的热情让他逐渐进入状态,他与学生们畅谈,回答他们提出的问题,他说:“多么奇妙的一次经历啊,能够与中国学生进行一对一的交谈,没有语言障碍来阻碍我们之间的交流和对话。”
      另一位“中国行”成员Jimmy Theriault,是渥太华政府IT官员,他与学生分享了自己的成长经历和汉语学习过程中发生的趣事。他坦言,持续发展中加两国关系,重要的是要对我们的差异保持耐心,有足够的时间去相互学习和适应。我们未来发展走向都取决于我们是否愿意了解和接受彼此。
      新见闻,新感悟,新思路,新动力。离别之际,每位成员深深不舍,被中国之行遇到的文化、人物所感动,无不惊叹中国的发展,中华文化的博大精深。“教育是终生而持久的,3月1日我才过了18岁生日,这成年后的第一次旅行,让我努力塑造着更好的自己。9月我要去上圣玛丽大学,读国际政治专业,我一定会继续学习汉语,争取未来到中国的大使馆工作──”Liam Buchanan有感而发。
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