--- Shaanxi Shadow Play Put Extraordinary Splendors at Local School

(written by Zhang Xiaoyu)

An old saying of Chinese shadow play goes like this: on the three feet stage, narratives go on through ages; with a light and both hands, millions of soldiers were commanded. Manipulated by some Canadian students, the ancient oriental art---Shaanxi shadow play is a new vogue at Bliss Carman Middle School (BCMS).

Since last September, after saying goodbye to Harkins Middle School in Miramichi, I’ve been working at Bliss Carman middle school, a key school in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick. As the first Chinese language teacher at this school, I initiate the first Chinese enrichment project in order to attract more students and teachers to accept and understand Chinese culture. This project got strong supports from the city bureau of education and all the teachers and students, being part of school’s regular curricula, with the best students picked up from different classes and different grades. It provides an absolutely new train of thought for the wide spread promotion of Chinese language and culture.

June 14, 2016, the Closing Ceremony of Chinese Enrichment Project was held at BCMS. First, students in groups took turns to present their research results of the Chinese culture and language. They were divided into seven topics: the evolution of Chinese characters; the history and development of Chinese Garments; Chinese dragon; Chinese cuisine; Chinese knot; Introduction of the Great Wall; Peking Opera. Through exquisite slides, all the students made a wonderful presentation, which gave all of us a chance to review what we have done in this unforgettable experience. 

Then, comes the most important event---Shadow Puppet Show in individual classes. This shadow puppet show script was adapted from one of the classic stories of Journey to the West, Monkey King Subdues the White-bone Demon. All the eleven students were assigned their own tasks: two narrators, two responsible for the screen, one responsible for the lighting, and the others playing the roles of Tang monk, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha monk, the white-bone demon and her three fake forms (young girl, old lady, old man) respectively. The whole audience was deeply impressed by this fantastic combination of traditional Chinese folk art and English-dialect background voice. All the teachers and students were fascinated with this ancient art treasure, asking questions about it again and again, repeatedly acclaiming "fantastic!" "unbelievable!" “incredible!”           

Official from bureau of education Mrs. Firlotte, BCMS principal Mr Hamilton and vice principal Mrs. Cloutier attended the presentation show and actively got involved in. Last but not the least important part of today’s event, Mrs. Firlotte and Mr Hamilton issued the recognition certificate for the students. As well, they gave a high praise to my work in the past period and expressed a desire for the continuation of the Chinese enrichment project in the next semester.

This event means the completion of all my jobs at BCMS, and after that I’ll be confronted with another challenge, three high schools in St. John. I still believe the more challenges I take, the better I’ll become!

Bliss Carman中学汉语加强班结业


(新布伦瑞克孔院教师 张晓宇 供稿)

      三尺戏台,一口叙说千古事;一盏灯影,双手舞动百万兵。古老的陕西皮影在Bliss Carman中学大放异彩,金发碧眼的洋学生全新演绎古老的东方艺术!

      2015年9月至2016年6月, 我从磨尔磨什的Harkins中学转战新省首府Bliss Carman中学,首创汉语加强班,由全校最优秀的学生组成,占用正常上课时间的兴趣加强班,并成功创办两届。这一全新的课程模式得到市教育局及全校师生的大力支持,并为汉语语言文化的推广开辟了新的思路。


      随后,我们进行了今天的重头戏——-皮影戏各班巡演。我们改编了之前学过的“西游记之三打白骨精”,11名学员分工明确:两名叙述者,两名负责举幕布,一名负责灯光,其余孩子分别饰演唐僧,孙悟空,猪八戒,沙和尚,白骨精(女孩,老妇,老夫)。经典的故事配上青涩的洋腔洋调让人感慨万千!师生们被这古老的艺术模式深深吸引,不住地提问,一遍遍地赞叹“棒极了!”“ 太不可思议了!” 新省教育局官员Firlotte女士,BCMS校长Hamilton先生,副校长Cloutier女士观赏了表演并积极参与互动。最后,Firlotte女士和Hamilton先生为孩子们颁发了结业证书,对我的工作给予高度评价并表达了想要延续汉语加强班的愿望。