31st, January 2014, a Chinese New Year Gala has been held in Birchmount School for the year of horse.

At 10:00, on the first day of Chinese New Year, all the students and staffs got together and celebrated the Chinese New Year. The principle Mrs. Gerhardt wore Chinese traditional dress Cheong-sam went on the stage. She made a speech to welcome all the people and announced the celebration begins. On the Gala, students performed variety of Chinese traditional programs. The drama group adapted and performed the popular Chinese story<Monkey King>; the students in Chinese Club performed the song<Happy New Year>and< Crescent moon>.the Chinese dance Club performed a wonderful Taichi Fan dance, and also performed Chinese traditional dance<Happy Chinese New Year>; the art teacher lead the students made a beautiful dragon, and did a Chinese Dragon dance on the stage, as soon as the big dragon appeared on the stage, all the students gave a big cheer for it. The Chinese traditional performances surprised all the teachers and guests that attended in this Gala. The whole school filled with the atmosphere of Chinese New Year, people seems like they were in China. 

In the end of the Gala, The director of Confucius institute Ms. Teng Jing made a speech and give the Best wishes to all in the new year, she was on behalf of the Confucius Institute gave the present to School.

After the Gala, all the students and teachers tasted the Chinese traditional food Fried rice and Fortune cookie to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The Local medium also came to attend this celebration and reported on the Newspaper.