On Feb.13th 2014, more than 400 students and teachers of Park Street School got together to celebrate Chinese New Year. Prof. Yang Jianhua, the Chinese Director of CINB was also invited to join the event.

Since CINB has been offering Chinese culture and language teaching in the Park Street, every year, Park Street holds the activity to celebrate Chinese New Year. In this school, Chinese language and culture has gained popularity among the students and teachers. They attached great importance to the activity. At the start, all the students went into the gym with the different Chinese Lanterns made by themselves, which brought a strong Spring Festival atmosphere to the activity.


The event started with a dragon dance led by Mr. Treadwell, the principal of Park Street School. And then the music teacher Mr. Zaat and Park Street Quartet performed a Chinese folk music <Molihua>; grade 2 students sang a Chinese song <Two Tigers>; the Volunteer Chinese Teacher of CINB Cao Xi with her dance club students show a dance <I learn Dizigui>. Prof. Yang Jianhua, the Chinese Director of CINB also invited several guests who have performed in Chinese New Year’s Gala of Fredericton to come to Park Street School to give some performances including playing flute, Chinese songs and Chinese national dance. During the activity, Mr. Treadwell also chose 10 lucky students by drawing a lottery, and gave them Chinese Red Envelopes. At last, after a grade 5 student has recited a Chinese ancient poetry <Chun Xiao>, Park Street School teacher Mme Aubé and her class performed a Chinese song <Chun Tian Zai Na Li> to draw a satisfactory conclusion for the activity.

During the activity, the Chinese songs, Chinese ancient poetry and dance performed by Park Street students have showed their rich Chinese learning achievements, and the performances come form the Chinese guests also attracted every student. This wonderful Chinese cultural feast has left every student and teacher of Park Street a deep impression.


-- by CAO Xi


Park Street小学庆祝中国新年