Confucius Institute in New Brunswick held teaching and research meeting in Moncton city on New Brunswick Professional Day, January 5th .

The meeting was chaired by CINB foreign director Ms. Teng Jing, All the Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers participated. Ms. Dawn Weatherbie, Vice-president Operations of AEI, the Executive Director of CINB attended and gave the welcome words and introductions on the meeting.

Every Chinese teacher talked about their work and life situations, and shared the teaching experience during the meeting .They discussed the teaching methods in order to carry out better teaching for different age and degree students.In addition ,they also shared the best experience in New Brunswick ,explored the similarities and differences between the Canadian and Chinese cultures, to make sure adapting to the local life in Canada.

This meeting not only shows the achievement of teaching , but also improves the teaching communications between teachers and make them to determine the target for the next teaching.

At present, there are three Chinese teachers and three Chinese teacher volunteers from Qufu Normal University China in CINB, who are teaching Chinese and Chinese culture around New Brunswick province .


 --Minjiang University Troupe wows New Brunswick Students



Commissioned by the Headquarter of Confucius Institute, Minjiang University Troupe presented 5 fabulous performances in New Brunswick.

The first stop of the tour was in Fredericton,the capital of New Brunswick. Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau, governor of New Brunswick, Senator Mike O’Brien and Nancy Boucher, official of New Brunswick Education attended the show and each delivered a speech. After the show, all the students in Park Street School sung the Chinese song Two Tigers together as an acknowledgement for the amazing performance of the troupe under the guidance of CaoXi, the Chinese teacher in Fredericton.

After that, the troupe went to Bliss Carman Middle School, which has no history of offering Chinese lessons. Both the teachers and the students enjoyed the show very much and they were looking forward more cooperation between CINB and Bliss Carman Middle School.

Minjiang University Troupe presented another three Chinese shows on 19 Nov 2014 and 20 Nov 2014 in Moncton. The officials of Anglophone East School District attended the show and delivered a speech.  

Fantastic magic shows and eye-catching acrobatics, and fascinating singing and Chinese traditional instruments were performed on Wednesday, not in China, but the Birchmount School, attracting all the staff in that school. Happy time passes so quickly. After the show came to an end, the students could not bear the performers to leave and they were eager to see more amazing Chinese shows. White Gerhardt Heather, Principle of Birchmount School, made a speech showing appreciation to the troupe and CINB and introduced Miss Mou, the new Chinese teacher to all the staff. All the students were looking forward to meeting Miss Mou again in January. 

Minjiang University Troupe performed three shows in Birchmount School, Hill crest School and Bernice McNaughton High School. The students and students all enjoyed the amazing performance. 

“The singing is so beautiful that I cried,” said one of the teachers in Birchmount School.

“I read on the newspaper about the show. It was awesome. I wish my students could have the opportunity to enjoy such an amazing show.” said Webster Karla, principle of West Riverview School.

(By Cheng Yingchao)




To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute worldwide, CINB held an unique celebration on Sept.27th, 2014 at Officers’ Square in Fredericton. Miss Sandra Mackinnon, the representative of Education Department of NB, Miss Yan Suli, the Consul of the Chinese Consulate-General in Montreal and Miss Heather Wallace, the representative of CINB addressed remarks. They congratulated the first Global Confucius Institute Day, and thanked to the efforts made by CINB in spreading Chinese Language and culture in NB.

In the event, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance and other colorful performances attracted more than 200 people to watch. The Volunteer Chinese Teacher Xi Cao with her Chinese Dance Group in Park Street Elementary School gave a wonderful performance called "I Learn Dizigui" which combined Chinese dance and Kung fu. 

CINB also exhibited many Chinese stuff through 4 booths which included the Chinese books, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese paper-cutting, Beijing Opera mask and Chinese musical instruments. The audience understood the charm of Chinese culture very well by their first-hand experience on Chinese paper-cutting, writing and painting.

During the event, Roger Lord, a famous pianist in Canada, also a student of CINB played some pieces of Chinese traditional classic music. His wonderful performances aroused lasting applauses from the audience. This October, Roger Lord will go to China for exchange programs in Qufu Normal University and Xiamen University, and will participate in the Shanghai International Music Festival on Oct.23th. This is also one of the series of activities for celebrating Confucius Institute Day. 

This celebration was a great success, the reporter of local newspaper Daily Gleaner also came to have a interview about it. The event not only helped the local people understand more about Chinese culture, but also promoted cultural exchange and friendship between Chinese and Canadian people. 






    Saturday,22 November,2014 the annual Christmas Parade of Moncton rolled in the sight of people at 5pm. And one of the highlights of the Parade with audiences of over 100,000 people was “Giant Pandas”of CINB(Confucious Institue of New Branswick).

    大蒙克顿圣诞花车游行是由民间机构发起组织的大型活动,其组委会成员全部是义工,其费用全部来自本地企业、个人和政府的捐款。这个始于1967年的圣诞节花车游行,每年吸引100多辆花车参加 ,在11月份的最后一个星期六晚上举行。经过47年的发展,现在已经成为本地区规模最盛大的节庆游行活动。

    The Majesta Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade is the large-scale activities organized by non-governmental organizations and members of the organizing committee are all volunteers, its cost are all from local enterprises, individuals and government contribution. The first Santa Claus Parade was held in 1967, since then it had been held each year on the last Saturday in November night. After 47 years of development, the Majesta Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade, which  attracts more than 100 floats every year, has now become the largest festival parade region. 

    今年是新不伦瑞省孔院第四年参加迎接圣诞花车游行,今年的主题是熊猫。参加此次活动的大熊猫们可谓中西合璧。化身大熊猫的有,孔院外方院长滕菁女士,两名孔院志愿者牟春晓和程颖超以及来自Harrison Trimble High School的志愿者们。外国志愿者们都是中文学习的爱好者,他们是藤菁女士的学生,只见他们始终举着庆祝孔院十周年的横幅,手执中国结及京剧脸谱,并用中文向家乡的人们送去圣诞快乐的祝福。

On May. 28th ,2014, CINB attended “Multicultural Day” of Nashwaaksis Middle School of Fredericton. Prof. Yang Jianhua, the Chinese Director of CINB and the Volunteer Chinese teacher Cao Xi were invited to be the activity.
During the activity, Chinese culture exhibition booth had aroused wide concern, they are filled with Chinese paintings, “the Scholar’s four jewels”, Chinese kites, fans, “I-go”, facial make-up of Beijing Opera and so on, which attracted many students coming to see and play. Many students like Chinese Calligraphy very much and have tried to write it. Miss Cao Xi also explained the culture about Chinese allegro, “I-go” and Tai chi fan to the students, which has left a deep impression to them.
Nashwaaksis started Chinese teaching from October, 2013. Many teachers didn’t know about Chinese culture and language teaching program of Confucius Institute a lot, so just 50% classes in the whole school started Chinese teaching. But, this “Multicultural Day” is a good opportunity for CINB to disseminate Chinese culture in a large scale in Nashwaaksis. And the photos of Chinese culture and language teaching activities of Miss Cao Xi in Nashwaaksis in last 8 months have let more teachers know more about Chinese culture and language teaching program of CINB. The principal of Nashwaaksis, Mr. Atkins , also hope there will be more classes start Chinese teaching next year.
No doubt, Chinese culture and language teaching program of CINB will run better and better in Nashwaaksis through the joint efforts of both sides.

By Miss CAO Xi