To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute worldwide, CINB held an unique celebration on Sept.27th, 2014 at Officers’ Square in Fredericton. Miss Sandra Mackinnon, the representative of Education Department of NB, Miss Yan Suli, the Consul of the Chinese Consulate-General in Montreal and Miss Heather Wallace, the representative of CINB addressed remarks. They congratulated the first Global Confucius Institute Day, and thanked to the efforts made by CINB in spreading Chinese Language and culture in NB.

In the event, Dragon Dance, Lion Dance and other colorful performances attracted more than 200 people to watch. The Volunteer Chinese Teacher Xi Cao with her Chinese Dance Group in Park Street Elementary School gave a wonderful performance called "I Learn Dizigui" which combined Chinese dance and Kung fu. 

CINB also exhibited many Chinese stuff through 4 booths which included the Chinese books, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese paper-cutting, Beijing Opera mask and Chinese musical instruments. The audience understood the charm of Chinese culture very well by their first-hand experience on Chinese paper-cutting, writing and painting.

During the event, Roger Lord, a famous pianist in Canada, also a student of CINB played some pieces of Chinese traditional classic music. His wonderful performances aroused lasting applauses from the audience. This October, Roger Lord will go to China for exchange programs in Qufu Normal University and Xiamen University, and will participate in the Shanghai International Music Festival on Oct.23th. This is also one of the series of activities for celebrating Confucius Institute Day. 

This celebration was a great success, the reporter of local newspaper Daily Gleaner also came to have a interview about it. The event not only helped the local people understand more about Chinese culture, but also promoted cultural exchange and friendship between Chinese and Canadian people. 




On May. 28th ,2014, CINB attended “Multicultural Day” of Nashwaaksis Middle School of Fredericton. Prof. Yang Jianhua, the Chinese Director of CINB and the Volunteer Chinese teacher Cao Xi were invited to be the activity.
During the activity, Chinese culture exhibition booth had aroused wide concern, they are filled with Chinese paintings, “the Scholar’s four jewels”, Chinese kites, fans, “I-go”, facial make-up of Beijing Opera and so on, which attracted many students coming to see and play. Many students like Chinese Calligraphy very much and have tried to write it. Miss Cao Xi also explained the culture about Chinese allegro, “I-go” and Tai chi fan to the students, which has left a deep impression to them.
Nashwaaksis started Chinese teaching from October, 2013. Many teachers didn’t know about Chinese culture and language teaching program of Confucius Institute a lot, so just 50% classes in the whole school started Chinese teaching. But, this “Multicultural Day” is a good opportunity for CINB to disseminate Chinese culture in a large scale in Nashwaaksis. And the photos of Chinese culture and language teaching activities of Miss Cao Xi in Nashwaaksis in last 8 months have let more teachers know more about Chinese culture and language teaching program of CINB. The principal of Nashwaaksis, Mr. Atkins , also hope there will be more classes start Chinese teaching next year.
No doubt, Chinese culture and language teaching program of CINB will run better and better in Nashwaaksis through the joint efforts of both sides.

By Miss CAO Xi


On Apr. 23th, 2014, Birchmount School held "Night of Art". The volunteer Chinese teacher AN Yang organized the students in Chinese dance club and Art class to perform Taichi fan dance and Dragon dance. These typical Chinese traditional art performances were part of the whole "Night of Art" and bought the night a unique feature of China.

The "Night of Art" started at 6pm. Lots of parents came and watched the show. The Principal Mrs. Gerhardt made the opening speech to welcome all the audiences and parents. Then the students performed choir, drama and dance. Chinese traditional dances also added a different color to the whole show. When the curtain opened the students with Taichi costumes and fans played Taichi skillfully and confidently in front of the audiences, and the audiences were very surprised and cheered for the dancers. The students in art class made the beautiful dragon and also performed the dragon dance.  

The Chinese traditional arts gave the show a special part, and also surprised all the audiences and the parents.

Birchmount School"艺术之夜"上演中国传统艺术表演

2014 May Asian Heritage Month Opening Ceremony of Saint John,New Brunswick was held at Market Square on May4th . Ms Jing Teng, the Director of CINB and Prof. YANG Jianhua ,the Chinese Director leading all teachers and students attended this activity .

The Chinese culture exhibition of CINB filled with Chinese knitting,writing brush papers,Taichi Fan ,facial mask and so on,which attracted people coming to see. Many people tried to write Chinese calligraphy, put on facial mask, and read the books .  Mr. Bernard J. Cormier , the cultural Affairs officer of Saint John and the City Counselor also came to the exhibition to acknowledge  and talked about Confucius  and  Chinese culture with Chinese teachers.The students of CINB performed the Choir  Tomorrow will be better  on the opening ceremony and  won warm applause and praise .Tevvin, who won Confucius Institute scholarship and learned in  China,taught people Chinese calligraphy as a volunteer.

May was declared Asian Heritage Month by the government of Canada in December 2001,acknowledging the long and rich history of Asian Canadians and their contributions to Canada. Attending this activity not only enhanced the visibility of the Confucius Institute publicity,  but also offered local Canadians more opportunity to touch and learn traditional Chinese culture.

孔院参加亚洲月活动  揭开庆祝孔院10周年序幕


1.On Jan.22nd 2014, Ms Teng, Professor Yang and Miss CAO Xi attended the Multicultural Evening of Park Street Elementary School. We set up an Chinese culture booth with Chinese cultural elements and the photos of the Chinese culture and language teaching activities. The booth attracted the Provincial Governor and his wife. They tried to write some Chinese characters with the brush. An interview of the Principal was also conducted during the event. Miss CAO Xi performed a dance with 14 kids of Park Street School.

2.On February 2nd, CINB organized Park Street School students to perform a Chinese dance at the Chinese New Year’s Gala of Fredericton.

3.On February 13, Miss CAO Xi helped to organize a Chinese New Year Assembly at Park Street School. She organized the students to perform Chinese songs and dances. One French teacher conducted a whole class chorus of a Chinese song Where is the spring. It’s really impressive.

Professor Yang brought 5 programs to the Assembly, a flute performance by a high school student, a song by two UNB students, a Kongfu performance by a UNB student, a Chinese traditional dance by a UNB student, a Chinese song by a Canadian lady Carolyn which was really amazing and cheering, and the big program was the dragon dance.



1.Jan. 26, 2014, Miss AN Yang organized the students to perform a Chinese dance at the Spring Gala of Chinese Cultural Association of Moncton.

2.Jan. 31, 2014, Miss AN Yang organized a Chinese New Year Assembly in Birchmount School. The students sang Chinese songs, performed Chinese dances. They also made a big Chinese dragon and performed a dragon dance. TJ made a speech and presented some gifts to the school on behalf of CINB. Local media reported the event.